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This is the story of Jess, my sisters' best friend.

He drank the rest of his coffee as he walked up to the woman taking the tickets for the flight to Miami. He boarded the plane and took his seat.

All during the flight visions of what Laura must have gone through when her plane was crashing flashed through his mind. He was horrified for her and began to sweat profusely. His flight was non-stop, but he couldn't get off that plane fast enough as he pushed past other passengers. Once out in the terminal he asked the first person in uniform where he could find the car rental counter.

Ben ran in the direction the woman to whom he'd spoke told him. Not paying attention to where he was going, he passed the Avis car rental counter, but realized he'd went too far and turned around, backtracking his steps. Once at the counter he picked up the vehicle he reserved after speaking to Max. He picked up his keys then asked for directions to the county morgue. The sales rep drew him a map of step-by-step directions so he couldn't get lost and handed it to him along with a map of the city of Miami. Another sales rep escorted Ben to his vehicle and after the brief inspection while handing him the keys said, "Have a nice day sir."

Ben tried to be pleasant, but in his state of mind he found that difficult as he answered the woman. "I don't think that's possible today, but thanks anyway," he said with sadness in his voice as he put the car in drive and headed out of the lot.

He drove for what seemed like hours following the directions and the map the woman at Avis handed him. Actually Ben had only driven about forty-five minutes from the time he left the airport to the time he pulled up at the county morgue entrance. Ben took the first parking spot he could find, grabbed his briefcase from the back seat and slammed the car door then quickly walked to the front door.

Once in the door he glanced around the large room quickly in search of the office or information desk; something, anything, so he could take care of what he needed to take care of and get out of there. Ben was nervous and trembling as he walked up to the guard he noticed standing only a few feet away from him.
"Excuse me sir, but can you tell me where I need to go to identify a possible missing person?" Ben asked the guard as he felt his stomach churn and his face flush.

"Follow me sir." Was the man's reply as they headed to the elevators and the guard pushed the down button.

The elevator was very old and creaky as it descended to the lowest floor of the building. The guard escorted Ben to the dingy office at the end of the hall. "Someone will be right with you," he said then tapped the bell on the counter.

As Ben stood waiting for assistance a chill surrounded him and he began to feel sick to his stomach. The chill dissipated as quickly as it arrived when a man in a white doctor's coat tapped him on the shoulder. "I am the coroner on duty today how can I help you sir?" he asked.

Ben turned around to look at the man as he spoke, "Yes, I'm here to verify the identification of a woman from the plane crash last week."

"Ah yes, I remember speaking to you on the phone. Do you have the necessary documents with you today?" the man asked as Ben handed him the envelope that contained everything that was requested.

The coroner glanced over the documents then led Ben into a very cold room with metal doors all along the walls and some metal tables in the center. The coroner walked over to the wall on the right and opened one of the doors. A body covered in plastic was then pulled out just far enough so that the face could be uncovered.

Ben took one glance and then looked away quickly letting out a sigh of relief. "No, that's not my Laura," he sighed.

"Wait sir, we have three more that haven't been identified yet. Do you want to view those as well?" the coroner asked.

The joy in Ben's heart deflated as soon as it arose, "Yes," he replied as he followed the coroner to the other doors.

As each door opened with Ben not seeing Laura his heart pounded faster.

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