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Lovers caught by a sudden storm, set as a classical music.

I was enthralled watching his cock disappear then reappear each time, wanting to burn the image into my memory for the times I would masturbate dreaming back to this wonderful moment.

It is true that we were cramped in the van but the limited movement we had and the slowness and quiet we kept so added to the slow, slow fucking we did that it was just about the best sex I'd ever had. But, being in a larger bed, Adam hoisting my feet up high, driving his big, fat cock into me over and over, well, that was heavenly.

He soon had me cumming and I began focussing on his orgasm as I swept my hips around in a circle hungry for his cum. I was soon rewarded as he dove deep into me as I felt the throbbing pulses of his cum, the cum I so wanted. He fucked me a few minutes longer, then pulled out, his cock glistening with our juices.

I got up and took his happy cock and slowly licked our sexual juices off the shaft and tip as I looked up into his smiling face. Then, I took him in my mouth to suck him as hard as I could, trying to get one more fuck before we had to get dressed and resume our roles as mother- and son-in-law. I got my wish, he hardened nicely and I got my doggie fuck which was everything I was hoping for. At the end, Adam drove me down onto the mattress as he unloaded more of his cum into me.

He lay on top of me, kissing my back as I flexed my vaginal muscles around his cock.

"That was the best sex I think I've ever had, Louise, you are incredible. I just want to fuck you as much as I can."

"Well, we've got to be careful. I think if we are, we can probably do this forever or as long as you want," I told him.

"I want us to do this forever, Louise, I don't ever want to stop."

We moved to be in each other's arms as we kissed a few more minutes then quickly got dressed and tried to readjust our mental and emotional state back to what it had been before Adam's cock first slid inside my panty bottoms and began to rub along my labia. Just the thought flooded my pussy as we remade the bed and straightened things up.

We were having a glass of iced tea when Martin came in. He soon told Adam that the office was ready for network cabling and that they needed to get an early start and they decided to get up at six, have a good breakfast, then work straight through lunch.

So, I was recruited to provide breakfast which I was preparing when Adam came into the kitchen the next morning. He looked around and asked, "Where's Martin?" and I told him he was in the shower as Adam's hands slipped inside my robe to fondle my breasts as he leaned in to softly kiss me good morning. My hand was down on the large bulge in his pants, squeezing it lovingly, remembering the feel as it entered through my pussy lips and down into my deepest love nest.

I had him sit so I could serve him his breakfast and soon Martin joined us, then they were off to work. I spent my day mostly naked from the waist down with several of my toys getting myself off in that less-than-satisfactory way vibrators substitute for a warm, hard, motivated cock.

I spent most of the week being fucked by battery-powered devices, dreaming back to the slow screwing up in the bed above the driver's seat in the van or the fast, frantic coupling when we first got here days ago. It was all I had and it had to do.

Then, near the end of the week, Martin called me and told me that Adam had just gotten off the phone with Pam and that she had broken her ankle at school and it had been set and that she was now home and a fellow teacher was coming back to their house after school to cook, help her out and spend the night until Adam could get home.

As soon as Martin told me, I knew I wanted to be with my daughter to help her through this and also to help myself to a few more helpings of her husband's wonderful cock. I know, sex was making me crazy but my pussy just took over my thinking.

So, we pow-wowed over the situation and decided that Adam and I would take our car and drive back to Florida so I could stay and help out.

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