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Besand confronts Dalia.


"Bill? It's...six-thirty in the morning, on a Saturday, no less! I thought I told you to leave me alone."

"Get me out of this fucking thing!"

"What are you talking about?"

"This belt thing is what I'm talking about."

"Belt thing?"

"Big stainless steel thing, won't let me touch my dick, as if I could with these handcuffs chained to my neck."

"Those are manacles. Why don't you get Eileen to let you out? She's the one who locked you in there in the first place."

"Because I woke up with these things on, and she left a note saying she was spending the day shopping while I cleaned the house."

"It should be cleaned, you know, and with her working while you stay at home all day, it's the least you could do."

"Fuck you! Now get over here and get this thing off me."

"No can do."

"Why not?"

"It's got two special codes. One locks the belt around your waist, the other locks the cod piece. Access codes are set by the user when it's put on. Only Eileen can take it off."

"Fuck! Why'd she put it on me?"

"Probably to keep you from masturbating all over her clothes while she was gone. Unless she's wearing them while shopping."

"She only wears them when she wants sex."

"That's just it, Bill. Maybe she got tired of you jerking off all the time, and being such an asshole. Maybe right now she's all dressed up like a fuck toy looking for a stud to fuck. Is her outfit there?"

"Wait...NO! I can't believe this. Married a month and my wife is out fucking some other guy."

"You never know Bill. Maybe she's just teasing you. Eileen loves to tease. If I were you, I'd be kissing her feet when she came home to let her know how much she means to me. The last thing I'd do is be angry, so you'd better calm down. If she walks out, you'll be stuck like that for who knows how long."

"Maybe...maybe your right. I'll show her how devoted I can really be."

"Don't forget to clean the house."

"Wait a minute. You were the one that bought this. You..."

"That's right. I bought it, but it was Eileen's decision to use it.

You told me before she was jerking you off. Did she jerk you off last week?"

"Yeah, every night. She'd tease me all night, then jerk me off at the stroke of midnight."

"You know, the more often you come, the smaller the amount. She could probably tell you'd been jerking off from the small amounts she was getting. I can't believe you. Married to a woman like that, and you can't stop jerking off. Wasn't she good enough? If I were you, I'd get cleaning, and hope she's not pissed off when she gets home. You have your work cut out for you with that big mansion and everything."

"Yeah, I guess your right."

"Bye Bill."

"Bye Tony."



"Hi Bill, this is Tony. How's it going?"

"I can't talk right now. I gotta go."

"What's the big rush? I just wanted to find out how everything went last week, and what you thought of this week's present."

"I think it sucks."

"What? That's a eight hundred dollar latex French maid outfit. Even came with a wig. I'm getting hard just thinking of Eileen dressed in it. What's wrong with it?"

"I'll tell you what's wrong. Eileen got back from shopping last week, and I did what you said, kissing her feet and everything, and she unlocked the codpiece part and put on the cockring harness to keep me hard. I though we were going to make love, but before she'd do that she wanted to check the house. She wasn't happy with my cleaning, and said I wasn't going to be set free until it was spic and span. Every day when she gets home from work she changes into her outfit, does her make-up, straps me into my harness under the chastity belt, then checks the house. She always finds some place that I missed! The she says it means no sex again that night, and she goes out. She says it just with some friends, but I think she's fucking some other guy, 'cause now she doesn't even want to touch me, except to voice her disapproval and let me out of the harness. I've been stuck with an erection I can't touch."

"Didn't she like the French maid's outfit?"

"Oh yeah, she liked it all right.

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