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Demon Pi - Part 13

"Take me," I finally groan, giving this succubus the ultimate invitation she needed. I feel her mouth release my cock, and I suddenly feel alone and in dire need to be used again.

Her legs quickly replace her arms that were around my thighs as her arms glide up my body. Her nipples tickle my chest hair as she slithers over me. Her arms pin mine to my side as her legs tighten around me.

Looking into her eyes, I see a lust I can never fulfill. My cock is suddenly forced into her with a hard pelvic thrust. An inferno ignites inside me. A fire of lust that only she can extinguish.

She lays her head next to mine and moans with each push. My body rocks under her, with her. My hands, barely able to move, grab her waist, which is now soaked with sweat. My hands push her up and down with the motion, betraying my minds will to escape.

"I will have you many more times, and anytime I want," she growls into my ear, as if she were reading my mind.

She rises on top of me, like a goddess. Her hands slide down my chest as she sits up, still rocking in perfect motion a top my dick. As she rises higher, I feel myself going deeper and her thrust becoming harder. My cock is about to explode inside her and her moans of pleasure let me know she can tell.

I decide to give one hard drive deep inside her, and then quickly pull out. But, again reading my mind, she wraps her ankles under my thighs, holding me inside her. My thrust was already in motion, and it was all that was needed to cause my release. I can feel my fluids shooting inside her as she keeps moving up and down on my rigid body.

She lowers her warm body back onto mine, wrapping her arms around my shoulders, caressing the nape of my neck. "Sleep, now, my lover," she soothes. "Sleep!"

I awake the next morning alone. I check the apartment and find nothing of this woman's presence to be found, except the scratches on my body.

I spend the day like any other, going to work, coming home and checking the mail, watching TV. As the evening wears on, I hear her voice speaking in my head, repeating her promise. "I will have you many more times, and anytime I want."

I turn off the lights in the house and walk through the darkness to my room, turning the heat down. It felt like a furnace in the house.

I strip down to nothing and glide under the sheets. Rolling on my side, I feel her body touch mine. Her waiting arms slither around my neck as her legs pull me between them. I was enveloped in her heat.

My hands betray my thoughts and pull her on top of me. They slide up her belly to her breasts, kneading them with a nipple between my finger and thumb.

"You're mine now," she whispers in my ear. "You will always belong to me."

Her words sink into my mind as her breasts sink into my mouth. She wraps herself around me like a cocoon, giving me no chance of escape. Her body rocks back and forth, pulling her nipple from my nibbling teeth. Her moans grow more passionate as does her insatiable sex drive.

I give my fluids with an explosion, but she keeps rocking back and forth. Her legs grip tighter and fingers rake my back.

The pleasure of her heat keeps me hard. The rocking motion keeps my semen flowing. Then a quick, intense, but short-lived, bolt of pain hits my neck. I feel her sucking that same area the next second. Then ecstasy flows through my body. I jerk with convulsions of such pleasure, causing her to moan with the stronger and deeper pushes I was giving her.

I awake again the next morning alone. At least, until I looked at the clock, I think it is morning. I quickly grab the phone to call work when it rang in my hand. "Hello?" I ask.

"Oh, good, you're able to talk," comes the voice of my boss. "I called earlier this morning and your sister said that you were too ill to come in today. Do you think that you can make it in tomorrow?"

"No, I think I've got a touch of the flu," I lie. "Now that the fever's down, I plan on going to the doctor tomorrow."

"All right," he says, not quite convinced. "Take care of yourself."

I drink a lot of liquids t

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