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Boyfriend takes her on the best shopping trip ever.

Perhaps it was the extra tightness of my pussy's convulsing spasms that helped to increase the strength of the thrills Greg experienced, certainly it was only a minute or two before I heard the sound of a sharper, deeper intake of breath, then felt the increasing tension in his cock as that pre-ejaculate reaction pulsed through it - then he was smashing himself hard against me; his body slamming against my thighs and buttocks as I felt him pumping a series of powerful jets of semen inside me..

Our coupling had been so drainingly intense that it probably took us as long to recover and regain our breath as it had to actually fuck - and given that we then had to almost immediately get ourselves ready to go back on stage and into that other passionate embrace, I had no time to fiddle with my soaking wet panties, so spent the last act of the play with a mix of my pussy's juices, plus much of Greg's semen, trickling wetly down the insides of my thighs.

But, I have to admit - I did rather like those feelings!

Chapter 4

Of course the tension in the car was completely different from our other times, but Greg was sensible enough to say little until we were some distance away from the theatre, when he said. 'I don't know about you Margie, but I feel as though I've been hit by something resembling an express train!'

'Oh, that's not a very flattering analogy.' I replied, rather more light-heartedly.

'Oh shit - I'm sorry! I didn't mean it to come out like that. What I meant was, well it's just that I'm sure I've never previously responded as powerfully as I did with you. You really do something quite incredible to me.'

'Ah, that's much better.' I said, reaching across to rest my hand on his knee. 'And I'll admit that I'm positive I've never come as quickly as I did then.'

'I swear I had no idea we'd actually have sex, I mean when I came round to the changing room I just wanted to be with you, be somewhere where I could kiss you - I mean properly. What followed was totally unexpected. But absolutely wonderful!' he added enthusiastically.

'For me too Greg.'

'So, are we going to try for a repeat performance - or was that merely a one-off event?' he asked uncertainly.

'I'm really not sure Greg - unlike you, I'm still married.'

'I understand that Margie - but I don't think I could bear it if I thought I'd never have a chance to make love with you - I mean properly. What happened back there wasn't something I think either of us would actually call 'love-making' - was it!'

'No - but it was nonetheless exciting.' I answered.

He grinned as he turned towards me. 'Oh it most definitely was that! But I want a chance to see you, touch you, caress you, give you a thousand kisses - everywhere! And we need a time and place in which we can do that. So at least please think about it.'

'I promise to do that Greg - just give me a little time please.'

He nodded, smiled affectionately, then we both fell into relative silence for most of the rest of the trip. Time in which I thought deeply about his suggestion - which I had to admit I did find extraordinarily tempting.

Just the thought of his lips kissing me - as he'd said, 'everywhere' - not to mention the idea of having those 'pianist's hands' caressing me, was enough to start re-stirring the juices that I'd earlier felt trickling down my thighs.

But there were more troubled thoughts too - as I'd said, I was married, and this was the first time I'd ever been unfaithful. In one way I could rationalise my behaviour - after all it was Frank who had not only grown emotionally distant from me, but for more months than I cared to remember, had not even showed any physical interest in me. I was still a relatively young woman, and still had all the desires that are an essential part of being human - feelings and pleasures that needed to be both stirred and fulfilled. And powerful needs - both emotional and physical - both of which Frank had certainly failed to meet.

So was I not more than justified in seeking consolation

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