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Barb tells story number two.

Stella joined me on the couch facing toward Ingrid with her left foot on the floor and her right leg bent in front of her as she leaned back against me. Max must be getting quite a shot of heaven because that skirt was much too short to allow modesty in that position. That was okay by me as I had an even better look at Stella's dual assets and it was less difficult to glance at Ingrid's gum drops, although Maria's ass was a little distracting. But it was a very pleasant distraction.

And then there were the three talking by the fireplace. Mickael and Misha were both Swedish born but long time residents of the U.S. Mike, as we called him, was sophisticatedly rugged; about 5'11" and looked to be strong as an ox. Misha was not the typical Swede. Although born there, she was Eurasian with all the positive features that one could inherit from such a union. Her father was a Swede and her mother was Thai. Misha had beautiful features and a great figure. She was small in every way, but perfectly proportioned. They were talking to Trish, born and raised in Ireland and what you might expect. She had very red hair, freckles, a great accent, and a luscious body; large breasts, small waist, flaring hips and legs that wouldn't quit. Trish was dressed in a dark green skirt that went to her knees, but was split up the front almost to her crotch. Her blouse matched the skirt but was unbuttoned nearly to her waist. Her pendulous breasts were un-tethered, undulating precariously and seductively. Misha wore a red dress that was simply unbelievable. It was diaphanous with flowing folds which did nothing to hide her perfect figure.

After a few minutes, they came over to join us, followed by Don and Maria. In dreams, things happen without explanation, so the next recall was all of us on the plush rug sitting on and leaning against huge cushions and pillows placed in a circle.

"Truth or Dare" was proposed as an activity and widely accepted. At first it was relatively tame with all taking "Truth" instead of a dare. Sexual preferences, first times, craziest time, wildest time, and so forth were asked and answered. Then, a little more risqu__ with wettest, biggest, largest load, multiple orgasms and more. Then Ingrid's turn with "who, besides your partner, would you most like to have sex with out of this group?" She looked around a second and said, "hmmm, Stella!" That seemed to get the ball rolling (so to speak). Max, then, took the first "DARE". Partners were responsible for coming up with the first 3 dares and they had to be approved by the group. Or at least the group had not to object. So, Ingrid told Max to fondle someone above the waist. All dares were limited to a minute with one of those sand timers from some game being used. Max picked Maria. It was hot with someone finally saying time was up.

Stella was next -- DARE. I told to her to kiss someone like she meant it. And she did! ME! OMG it was quite titillating. The group objected AFTER the kiss, so she picked Mike. He didn't know what hit him. She was already primed and when time was up Mike was panting.

My turn. Stella had been watching me watching others and said fondle someone's ass. The group said "not Stella's!" So, Maria got picked on again. I mean, it was readily assessable and I'd been eyeing it for awhile. She wiggled and giggled at first, but by the end of the minute the giggles were turning to gentle groans of pleasure.

Trish was next, but didn't have a partner so quiet little Misha spoke up and told her bare her breasts and stick them in someone's face. Well, Trish did just that -- to STELLA! And Stella got into it.

This all went on for awhile (to which I will gladly describe in some detail at a later writing).

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