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A young woman dreams of vampiric lover.

She gathered her purse and headed for the door. "Same time next week?" Her cheeks trembled with the effort to keep the smile in place.

Something hot burned in his gaze. "Yeah."

* * *

The next few weeks were sheer torture. Dean's touch was as strong and sure as ever, drawing grunts of pain from her. Lila had no idea how he did it, but he managed to keep his hands from straying.

Well, except for that time when she spread her legs and lifted her hips, allowing his fingers to slide under the sheet.

Or the time she accidentally wriggled free and the sheet slipped off her breasts.

But they played their parts, and as tempting as it was, she kept her panties on, and as a reward she got feathery caresses over her ass before he'd smooth the sheet back into place.

The really distracting times were the gentle fingers threading through her hair at the end of the massage. They'd never ended on a scalp massage before, but once he was done with her neck, finding the hideous knots at the curve to her shoulder, he'd brush her hair away from her face, letting his fingers trail through the strands. It was the time when desire took a back seat to caring, and it was more than a little unsettling.

Finally she couldn't stand it anymore and, one day, when their session was coming to an end, she caught his wrists to still him. Seeing she had his attention, she stretched up, placed her hands on either side of his head, and drew him down to kiss him.

It was awkward and not nearly as sexy as it looked in the first Spiderman movie. But there was a sweetness to it she hadn't anticipated. Wanting more, she shifted onto her stomach and arched up, not paying attention to where the sheet was going.

Now she had a good angle. Now she could slip her tongue between his lips, swallow his moan as his hands dove into her hair, tongue dueling with hers. A kiss she'd intended to be cautious and testing spun out of control, and she tried to drag him closer.

Mmph. Perfect. His mouth was perfect, and just as skillful as his hands. Long, firm strokes into her mouth with his tongue, backing off to nibble at her lips, tiny kisses at the corners until she went after him, greedy for more. Wet, hot, and delicious. Those were Dean's kisses.

Oh. He moved on without prompting to her jaw, nibbling, sucking, licking his way over the delicate line, making her gasp as he suckled the spot under her ear. A spot. Her spot, the one that revved her faster than any other. Especially when he combined it with-

He jerked away, his hand still on her breast, ready to squeeze again. No. It had been good, fantastic, he'd been into it, she knew it, he couldn't stop now. Fuck waiting until she was done with rehab. "Dean?" she whispered.

He slid his hand from her breast down to her waist, kissed her softly. "Can't wait anymore, huh?"

Laughing was the last thing she expected to do, drowning in lust as she was, but laugh she did. "How have you done it all these weeks?"

"Cold showers. Lots of them. When that didn't work, well, my right hand has gotten more of a work out than my left." He tipped his head forward until his forehead rested on hers. "You're my last appointment of the day. Wanna go somewhere? Grab a beer?"
She bit her lip. It was happening. It was going to happen tonight. Soon. "Where?" Her apartment was a twenty minute drive from the massage center; she didn't think she could wait that long.

"I live a few blocks away." She lifted a brow. He shrugged and gave her a goofy smile. "What? I like being close to work. Plus the bar's five blocks in the opposite direction. Win win." He kissed her again, slow and sweet and warm, and broke the kiss before she could drag him onto the table with her. "Get dressed," he said hoarsely.

He left her to dress, and she did so in record time, not even bothering to check for mascara smears under her eyes.

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