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A fun little zombie apokalypse story I've been playing with.

Then he threw him down onto the ground and crouched over him throwing several punches until the bell went off and people began to boo because they'd lost their bets on the champion who was now a bleeding mess. He moved off of the guy and leaned against the cage wall and looked out towards the audience as the unconscious champion was dragged out of the cage. As he looked out to the audience, he saw Piper in the crowd.

Piper was staring at him with awed eyes and a slight smile. He's good in the game. Her smile grew a little more and twinkled as she met his eyes then Piper headed for the betting booth to collect her money.

The people who lost the bet had be controlled by the workers of the fight club then they left in an angry bunch with curses and mutters. Some of them remained because they still wanted to drink their troubles away. Nikolas stepped out of the cage then walked over to the bar. "Beer. Leave the bottle," He brought his drink to his lips then he looked over at Piper getting her pay for betting on him. "Smart girl.." he thought to himself.

Piper happily got double of her money and headed back where she was sitting; sipping on orange juice since wasn't even supposed to be here, being just 18. Piper saw the winner sitting there, surprisingly, and walked to him to congratulate.

Nikolas looked up from his beer after he'd already taken a swing of it to see Piper coming towards him. He looked down for a moment then he turned his attention to her. Up close, she could finally see the scar that cut from his left cheek bone to his left eye. She didn't look like she belonged in this kind of environment though. He'd seen girls like her in schools or at malls; not at drunken fight clubs.

As soon as Piper came up close, she saw the scary scar across his face but didn't ask anything. Instead, she just said in her silvery bell-like sweet and confident voice, "Greatly game! You totally made the man taste the dirt! Good thing I placed my bet on you!"

Nikolas didn't seem moved by her statement of him earning her money. "Two things, alright? One, I didn't fight to have people bet on me. Two, you're too young to be coming to places like this," he said then he turned his gaze away from her. Then the champion who he beat up finally was conscious and came up to Nikolas and grabbed his shoulder and turned him around to look at him. "No one beats me up and doesn't pay me for it. Pay up mother fucker." Nikolas looked at the guy from head to toe and shook his head and turned away. "I don't owe you shit. You lost, so deal with it." The champion pulled out a gun.

Piper was surprised as he replied so coldly to her appreciation. She was about to say something smart like "I'm old enough to do it " but she didn't get a chance. She stepped back a little, staring as the other guy came there and threatened Nikolas and took out a gun. She gulped. Well...maybe this place IS a bad idea.

Had Piper not gulped, Nikolas wouldn't have had to look for a split second just before the champion almost pulled the trigger. Nikolas suddenly the gun out of the man's hand, and the champion was kicked suddenly down on the ground with Nikolas holding the gun in his hand. He crushed the weapon in his grasp then he tossed it aside. His eyes glowed a vicious and iridescent yellow as his grabbed hold of the champion's throat while tightening his grip and lifting him to his feet. At this point, Nikolas was letting out an inhuman growl. "I'm not in the mood to deal with people like you. Get over the fact that you lost, or I'm gonna have to kick your ass a second time. This time, you won't get up, alive." His canines grew to their full length as he snarled at the champion and now everyone that was left in the bar was looking at Nikolas.

Piper slowly started backing away from both of them, her expressions fearful. I shouldn't have come here... Her mouth hung mid-air as she stared at Nikolas' huge canine teeth. She backed away till she was against the wall.

Nikolas looked over to Pi

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