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I thought I would die. "It was in the cache, I wondered why there was so little space on the disk." OMG, now I'm really blushing.

I'm trying to think of what to say. "What did you think?" I finally stammer. We're sitting, our knees touching, and I can hardly breathe. I can hear my pulse in my ears, and she's hardly breathing either.

"I never saw anything like that before," she finally says. "I never thought about girls like that. It was, umm, well, it was pretty hot."

I have a sheepish grin on my face. "Yeah, it was. It is. That girl Heather is my old roommate."

"Roommate or girlfriend?"

I sighed. "Roommate. We tried kissing once and she freaked out and ran away, and actually I was sort of relieved, although I was pissed off at her at the time. I didn't realize how much I was into girls until I got her video and thought about her again."

"And now?"

"Now I would definitely want to be with her."

We sat there not looking at each other for a few moments. I'm thinking maybe I should leave, like we're on forbidden territory. Then she asked, "Can we watch it again? Her video, I mean. Together?" Now we're both blushing hot pink.

"Umm, if you want..." I am breathing really hard now, my heart is pounding. I am very aware she's really turned on, as am I.

She opens the laptop. I sign into your site again and start the video. There you are at their car, and Jenny is inviting you to try on bikinis. This time I can tell she's already flirting with you, although I didn't know the first time I saw it. Amy is sitting next to me, our shoulders and hips touching so we can both have a good view of the screen. Her head comes down to rest on my shoulder, like it's the most natural thing we've always done.

Then I notice that she's stroking her thigh, right below her bikini, and her breath is coming short, as is mine. I take her hand and oh-so-casually move it to my thigh, which she continues to stroke. I'm all goosebumps by now, and really unsure what's going to happen. She slips her fingers up inside my shorts and starts lightly touching the damp spot on my panties. I drape my arm over her shoulder and stroke the side of her neck, down the top of her breast but too nervous to touch the nipple.

Amy lifts her head to look at me, grins and me sheepishly, starts to withdraw her hand, unsure what I want, what she wants. I grab her hand and put it back onto my panties, and lean in to kiss her softly on the lips. On the screen that cute blonde is kissing you and the dark haired girl is taking your nipples in her mouth, and all I want is Amy's nipples in my mouth right now.

Grabbing her hand with my thighs so she can't escape, I leaned back to lift her t-shirt over her head. I sort of expect her bra or bikini top to be there, so am a little startled to see bare breasts with hard hard crinkly nipples. As I take one in my mouth, Amy sighs deeply and closes her eyes. Her nipple rewards me with a tiny drop of milk.

I slip to the floor in front of her and untie her bottoms, now as wet as mine. A beautifully trimmed patch of almost black hair greets me, and she smells, well, like me. Like me after I've been watching you on the video, that is. I part her knees and just sit there admiring her, really unsure about what to do. I've never even looked at myself like this before. You are groaning on the screen as I lean in and rub my face on her lips, then take my first tentative lick on her clit. She thrusts forward to meet my tongue and pulls me closer. I push her legs apart and open her lips with my fingers, blowing cool air on her and breathing her scent. And then I am licking, sucking, tasting, nibbling her like there's no tomorrow, like I'm eating the best food in the world for the first time. I take long slow licks over her clit with my whole tongue, circling and sucking with my tongue, slipping a finger inside her.

"Ahhhh, ahhhh, ahhhahhhahhhahhhhh" she gasps, just able to say anything, lost in the sensation.

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