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A peeping tom has a very hot shower.

"FUCK!" Val screamed as her body convulsed with explosive pleasure as warm, sweet fluid dripped from her vagina.

I continued to lick her softly, taking in her sweet flavor and trying to extend her orgasm as long as possible. Val's body wriggled in pleasure for a few more moments before I stopped and stood up in front of her. Her juices soaking my mouth and chin. Somewhere outside, Jaime had brought herself to her own orgasm, while having witnessed the taboo sight of her husband eating his sister's pussy.
I pulled Val to me as her body, almost limply clung on to me. I kissed her deeply, the wetness from her orgasm shared as she greedily licked at my face and mouth. Our sloppy kiss turned passionate again, our tongues twirling around each other.

Val collapsed forward as I pulled her off the counter. She draped against my back as she clutched on to me, reaching around and taking my cock, which had conveniently found the hole in my boxers. Val grasped my hardness firmly as she moved up and down my shaft, trying to catch her breath.

"That was fucking amazing, and you're so hard," Val murmured behind me, in obvious satisfaction and desire as she continued to jack my cock.

"My turn," I said.

Val turned me around and looked directly at me as she switched hands and continued moving up and down my shaft.

"What do you want?" Val cooed, her blue eyes searching deep into mine.

"You know what I want," I replied.

"No. I want to hear it. I want you to say what you want your sister to do," she demanded, gripping my cock hard.

I smiled at her mischievously as I took her head into my hands, letting her continue to work my shaft.

Looking her in the eyes, I demanded, "I want my sister to get on her knees and suck my cock!"

She closed her eyes and tensed a bit as the words ran pleasurably through her.

"That is so fucking dirty, I love it," she responded, as she slowly dropped to her knees in front of me, taking my cock in both hands, looking at it hungrily.

At the side door, Jaime's orgasms had finished washing over her and she resumed watching us in the kitchen. When Val dropped to her knees, Jaime told me later that she could only think was, "Yes, suck his dick!" Jaime was so turned on by being a voyeur into this taboo tryst and that was 'her' dick after all, and not meant for sharing, but she could think of only one thing at that moment. Val sucking her brother's dick.

Val was working my cock with her hands and her arms were squeezing her tits together. From my point of view, I could see her breasts pointing up at me as she hungrily worked over my cock. With each motion, her arms pressed against those large breasts causing them to move so erotically. I was mesmerized by my sister's actions on my cock, but I couldn't wait to have her soft, wet mouth take me in.

"Put it in your mouth Val, I can't take much more of this," I begged.

Val looked up at me with a smile and then slowly, purposefully keeping eye contact, moved her mouth down to my cock.

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