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Mom has to re-establish her authority.

So I could hear her moaning into my hand as I held her head still. The way her body writhed underneath me, bucking back to take me deeper took away any control I had. She felt so good, so wet and tight. It was like nothing I've ever felt. I almost came inside her after a few seconds. I don't know how I held on so long; I know it only took a minute or two and as soon as her tight little body started writhing against me, I couldn't hold on anymore. I didn't even consider that she was my sister or that neither of us had protection. I just let go inside of my sister's vagina.
Jennifer: That's not all you did.

Jake: What do you mean?

Jennifer: Just as I felt your semen fill up my tight little pussy, I heard you whisper: Take my cum, Mommy. I didn't say anything since you had one hand over my mouth and the other on my tits. But I have to ask since we're talking about this. Did you even like looking at me? I know my titties are just barely B-cups, but you made my pussy cum like no one else when you shot inside of me.

Jake reached over and hugged his sister, taking his time in fondling each breast in full view of his parents and myself. Very rarely had I seen a family so new to incest with members so open about their desires. While it is not uncommon for children to be the most adaptable (they tend to be more susceptible to hormones and less restricted by societal pressures), this level of comfort usually only exists after years of adopting the lifestyle. These children seemed fully comfortable both discussing and displaying their affection for each other and their parents.

Jake: I love your boobies, sis. I'm so glad our first times were together. I just think we were both so turned on by what we were seeing and how we feel about Mom and Dad that we got a little carried away with the dirty talk. The next time I'm inside you, everything will be all about your body.

Jennifer cooed at this and leaned against her brother's shoulder.

Proctor: Is that the full story?

Jennifer: Well we didn't have much time to savor the moment. Thank God Mom actually knocked, giving Jake enough time to pull his penis out of me. By the time she came in, I had the covers pulled up over my panties with Jake's semen already soaking them. (Giggles) We told mommy we had just been horsing around.

Sarah: I talked with both of you for nearly 20 minutes.

Jennifer: I know! It was so sexy talking to my mother only seconds after my brother took my virginity. I was so nervous... I could feel everything dripping down off my lips and onto my sheets. But I just kept smiling and making chitchat. I don't remember what we talked about.

Sara: The volleyball game!

Jennifer: Oh right! We were playing XXXXXXXXXX

Proctor: I hate to rush, but this is just an initial interview. I have one other later this afternoon. As I understand it, there was one more incident within the family which was reported to the police.

Samuel: That isn't the full story...

Samuel said this quite angrily.

Proctor: Rest assured Mr. Bloom, I'm only interested in the facts. Our foundation is only interested in helping. Please tell me about the second occurrence.

Sarah: Well I don't know if I can tell you what happened at first. Probably better ask one of the kids.

Jennifer: Not too much happened before you caught us, Mom. We were sitting on the couch watching a movie while you were at the store, and a sex scene came on. Without saying anything, Jake pulled out his penis and started getting to it. I asked if he wanted any help and then started to suck him. (Giggles) I know most girls start with the blow job. I guess I'm just my brother's whore.

Jake: I wish you had got to finish though.

Sarah: I'm sorry, honey. I didn't understand yet.

Samuel: You don't need to apologize.

At this point, there is an awkward silence.

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