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The gorgeous vixen lures him in and torments her prey.

However, women traditionally have seen things differently, rarely accepting that dichotomy. A husband caught in infidelity "couldn't love her anymore!" Sex had to have an emotional component. Yet, Susan's relationship with Don (and, for that matter, Jean) was one of friendship and physical excitement, with no deep emotional attachment. She did love her husband, but there still was that illicit thrill which came from combining adulterous sex with marital intimacy. Inevitably, however, qualms of guilt surfaced in her quieter moments because, while she was far more experienced sexually than before going to Maine, she had a long way to go mentally to accept her "depraved" actions and arousal as being acceptable without remorse.

In any case, over the next several days, they fell back into their normal routine, although there were some differences. Susan, for a month, had been used to walking around wearing, at most, a pair of panties, and she found herself doing the same thing at home. On one occasion, she gave the paperboy a clear view of her bare tits. On another, without thinking, she opened the door to get the mail, standing completely naked on the threshold of the door -- just in time to almost cause a car wreck as a driver looked at her instead of the road. She soon adjusted, but never returned to the almost puritanical pattern of dress she wore before the trip. Jim, seeing her almost all-over tan, asked if Don had seen her nude and, hesitantly, Susan admitted that he probably had seen her sunbathing. She also confessed that she and Jean had worn their panties and bras around the "cabin," thus explaining, without emphasis, why she was going around the house in her underwear. Happily, Jim was quite unconcerned about such casual nudity and undress in those circumstances, and it removed any chance that Susan would inadvertently refer to the casual intimacy in clothes worn, or not worn, in Maine. In fact, for a while, Susan found herself being very careful in her comments about the time in Maine, fearful of giving any hint of the libertine vacation she had enjoyed. Her fears gradually ebbed, and soon they resumed their previous routine, Jim going to his of___ce to prepare for the fall semester and continuing his research. Life was good and their sex never better.

All in all, August was a very good month, partly the pleasure of being home, but also because things just seemed to work out. With her beating what seemed to be impossible odds and becoming pregnant, Jim and Susan agreed that it would be best if she avoided the stress and strain of teaching. Jim was now making a good income, and, with a little skimping, they decided that they could get along without her salary. Even that skimping soon became unnecessary, however. Jean normally employed a temporary worker to help type and edit her columns, and, as she said, Susan was far more quali___ed than most of the people the agency sent her. Being hired as an assistant to her very good friend provided the crowning touch for Susan, and she went around bubbling most of the time. Topping it off, when she and Jim attended the faculty reception later in the month, wearing her relatively sexy new dress, she was the belle of the ball. Jim was delighted with the "new" Susan, further feeding her euphoria, and making the world a delightful place.

However, there were some occurrences during the month that both added to and detracted from that rosy picture.

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