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Divorcee and her boyoty meet.

It's been so perfect already." Lexxie blinked a little at his own confession, but it was the honest truth...

Jack smirked a little at that. "I told you so. But of course, I'm ready to go along if you change your mind about that. Now go sit somewhere else, my legs are getting numb." He poked at Lexxie's thigh to make his point, and closed his eyes and breathed in the steam. Onsen on a cold night with your lover splashing around beside you. Mmmmm...

Mmm? Jack sputtered and batted futilely at the water. Lexxie seemed to suddenly find it amusing to splash him. "You'll pay for that, princess." And he dunked Lexxie.

Lexxie gurgled under the water, struggling to fight against his partner. But Jack overpowered him easily, keeping him under. Lexxie decided this called for more underhanded methods. And so he reached out, palm slinking oh so innocently up Jack's thigh, trickling over his lover's smooth skin. Merph, if he didn't let him up soon he was going to drown..or do worse unto his lover.

Jack's hand jerked all on its own as Lexxie decided to play dirty and slide his hand up his leg. Lexxie took advantage of the slackening and shot up to the surface, panting. "Blah, Jack."

"You started it." Jack winced inwardly at the childish phrase - he WAS the dominant one, after all, and a genius; surely he could come up with something better than that? - but was trying too hard not to grab Lexxie and take him right there in the pool to think properly. "It's getting too hot in here," he managed. "I'm going back into the room."

True, he had started it, but it had been worth it. "Hm, Jack, I'm coming with you." Lexxie scrambled out of the pool, dripping water everywhere as he trotted along after Jack.

Jack cast a glance backward at Lexxie, who was padding after him like a trained puppy. A particularly sexy one.

"Oh, you." And he pounced.

Jack swept his arms around Lexxie's waist, lifting the smaller boy up over his shoulder easily. While up there, Lexxie reached his hands downward, smoothing his palms over the spanse of Jack's back, watching, enthralled as his lover's muscles bunched and relaxed with each motion.

"Hurry, I'm getting cold, Jack," Lexxie whined.

"I'm getting warm," Jack retorted. "And it's not midnight."

Jack opened the door to their room, quickly locking it behind him as they entered. A couple of swift steps across the room, and Lexxie was dropped down onto the soft mattress, sinking down into its soft embrace.

Jack stood there, watching as Lexxie floundered in the mattress. Lithe, hot and, most importantly, naked. Jack gave Lexxie a predatory smile, as Lexxie gazed at him heatedly, the expression both soft and wanting at the same time.

"So much for the night being perfect already, mm?" Jack teased, kneeling down and taking Lexxie's hand in his. "I guess some people just can't help it." His smile widened and he bent over to lick at Lexxie's nose. "You're beautiful."

Lexxie couldn't help his smile from broadening, nose wrinkling a little under Jack's playful lick. Lexxie's free hand rose to brush back through his lover's hair, the tresses adored and stroked.

"Only in your eyes.." was Lexxie's quiet retort, as he arched beneath Jack, lips seeking his for a kiss.

"Not really. I've seen the way that coworker of yours looks at you." Jack's lips brushed Lexxie's and the touch of Lexxie's fingers on his head sent sensation trembling right down his spine. "But he'd better keep his hands off you." A swing of a leg and a slight shift, and Jack was loosely draped over Lexxie. "And I hope that little fling of yours with that bendy redhead was a one off. I'd hate to have to dump you over something like that."

"Mm? Which coworker?" There were several, after all. Lexxie wriggled beneath Jack as he lowered himself, adjusting to his lover's weight. Idly his fingers trailed up and down the length of Jack's spine, as Lexxie gave Jack a little coy grin. "Of course it was a one-off. I was thinking of you the entire time."

"Were you?" Jack closed his eyes and let Lexxie do whatever he wanted with his

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