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Again. Inhale deeply, " she said in the same soft tone she began with, "and hold it, that's right. Now exhale and feel all that tension flow out of you."

John listened and responded to Vanessa's instructions and found his gaze began to center more and more on her breasts, "that's right John, "her voice softly toned again. John kept breathing deeply and was feeling much more relaxed.

"Just let your breathing relax your body John. You feel so relaxed right now listening to my voice as I guide you through this relaxation technique. Feel all the tension leave your body as you stare at my breasts, " John thought to himself he should feel embarrassed about being caught looking at her breasts, "that's right John, just stare and breathe. Let all you thoughts simply fade away as you stare at my lovely breasts and you find yourself relaxing deeper, " John thought he heard the bartender ask someone for another drink and maybe Vanessa told him they were fine, "just let all outside sounds fall away as your thoughts fall away. Your eyelids are starting to drop down and you are trying so hard to keep them open because you know how good you feel as you stare at my breasts and relax. My breasts relax you so much you cannot help but feel so sleepy. Resist the urge to close your eyelids, that's right resist the urge so you can keep staring at my breasts and relax deeper, " her voice droned on as John listened feeling so good as a wave of relaxation washed over him, "followed by a wave of pleasure. Yessssss John, feel my voice and my breasts cause a wave of relaxation to wash over you followed by waves and waves of pleasure."

John could not quite seem to hold onto many thoughts and suddenly heard Vanessa's voice again, "now coming backup feeling your body again, now two remembering your surroundings, and one wide awake," and her fingers snapped as John's eyes opened.

"Well how do you feel?" she asked.

"Better, "he said, "much more relaxed. Was that...was that hypnosis Vanessa?"

Vanessa's eyebrows raised up, "my John you have a pretty strong mind, I was having a bit of fun with you due to your skepticism earlier but I was really trying to help you relax. Truth to tell you were not suppose to remember being hypnotized."

John thought he should have been alarmed at this woman trying to make him forget things but for some reason he did not seem to mind.

"I can show you a couple of other things to help too but I can't do it here there are too many distractions."

"My suite is pretty quiet, " he offered.

"So I'll be safe with you alone in your room?"

"Please Vanessa I may be a wise ass but I am also a gentleman."

She stared at him for a moment before replying, "okay then. Shall we pay our tabs and go?"

"Please, allow me, " John said signaling the bartender over to pay him for their drinks. He quickly paid the tab with cash before turning to see Vanessa standing waiting for him. He found her even sexier than before and thought to himself that the drinks were probably the culprit of that one. He was a leg man no doubt and hers were nice, especially in the stockings but his eyes found her cleavage what little of it she had exposed and felt a stirring in between his legs. She smiled at him as if saying "shall we" as his feet started moving towards her.

They walked to the elevator and getting inside rode up by themselves to John's suite on the tenth floor. He noticed a bit of tension on the ride up as she made idle chit chat. He had not even thought to ask if she was married or not as his mind wandered back to sex again. The bell signaling they had arrived at their destination brought him out of his reverie.

They moved out of the elevator and walked towards his room at the end of the hall. He led the way over the red carpeted floors which seemed to be the staple color for hotel carpets. Upon reaching his room he opened the door with the magnetic key and held it open for her to enter first.

"Can I get you a drink, "he

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