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Wife cheats with boss and tells husband.

However, I am sure our neighbors are enjoying the sight of four naked young women standing here talking with us."

"Mom, no one can see us up here; it is much too high."

Fred pointed to the hotel across the street and said, "Sandy, would you waive to those eight young gentlemen, staring at you from the Marriott Hotel. They were playing tennis, but the sight of you four standing there has made them want to play a different game."

The girls looked and saw the men waving their tennis rackets at them. Instead of shrieking and running back inside, they stood there and waved back.

Fred said to Sharon, "I guess you're right; they are ready to screw everything in sight. I will send those gentlemen the number to our penthouse and have all of them come up."

Sandy said, "You wouldn't dare."

"If you are going to act like a trollop, I am going to treat you like one. Make up your mind."

"It was only a joke, Fred."

"This kind of joke gets you raped, and killed. Don't you ever do something that stupid again! Go inside, get dressed, and sit down on the couch. Your mother and I have something we want to discuss with the four of you."

Dejected, the girls walked into the living room, and awaited the verbal tongue-lashing they thought they were going to get; plus whatever news Fred and their mother had decided upon as to their future together, or apart.

Sharon said, "Fred let's strip and go in there and knock their panties off. You and I both know they wanted to join us in bed. After we tell them what we have decided to do, we will order them to sit on the couch and listen to us make love. They are not to touch themselves; or each other while we are in the bedroom. If we catch them doing so, there will be no sex for three months. If we catch them in the middle of an orgasm, there would be no sex for six months. If we catch them touching each other, they will be separated into different homes for one year, even if they are pregnant. After the screaming and yelling is done, you will threaten them with giving them back to your owners; that will shut them up. We will go into the bedroom and start making love. After I come in first time, I will continue ranting and raving about you still being in me and pumping harder, while you go out and check on the girls. Yell something at them that you know will get them in here in one second to be with us, and we will have a free-for-all. What do you think Fred?"

"Sharon, I love you, and I love all of your daughters because of what you made them. If we do this once, there will be no end to it. Are you absolutely sure this is what you want?"

"I am taking the girls to the doctor when we get home this week. If they are not pregnant, they are going on the pill. If they are pregnant, they will start their prenatal care. Do we know how to contact you?"

"Yes, I inserted half the message into Sandy and the other half into Cindy, just in case they were checked by a doctor after this weekend. They will not be, since I purchased all of you from my owners."

"Inserted; that sounds ominous. Exactly where did you insert it?"

"Exactly where your mind is thinking I did."

"Fred, you are horrible; ingenious, but horrible."

"Cindy didn't seem to think so."

"Cindy would not think a rock thrown at her head would be a bad thing either."

"The girls must be wondering what is keeping us. Let's go in there and give them a lesson to live by." Fred helped Sharon up; they undressed quickly, getting more shouts from the men on top of the Marriott. They waved, and walked inside to the startled looks of four teenaged girls.

32. Knots and Not's

Susan walked out of her front door to greet Patricia, when she arrived. She asked, "How are you feeling, Patty? I would guess it is not one of your best days."

Patricia patted Susan's expanding abdomen and said, "You would be surprised Susan.

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