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Her challenge continues. Will she continue to comply?


Tina smiled at me then went back to set on the end of her bed to slip on the sandals. Her dress slipped up on her thigh as she put them on. "What the fuck." I thought. "If she isn't shy why should I be. Besides lets see what she does." I let my towel drop as I reached for my clean shorts! My cock had softened just a little but was hanging at least at half hard making all eight and a half inches stand out nicely as I slipped my shorts up over it.

Tina looked! She tried to act like she didn't but I seen it and then I knew she had known I was watching her as she dressed! I walked to her door as I slipped my T-shirt over my head. She buckled the strap on her shoe smiling at me. "All ready?" I asked.

"Yep! Lets go!"

Part 2 The ride.

Tina let her dress slip up high on her thigh as she slipped into my old truck. She watched me looking at her leg's then smiled at me as I walked around to get in. "Are you ok Dad?"

"Yes why do you ask?"

"You keep looking at me so funny. I'm sorry if you don't like the way I look!"

"OH Tina honey! No baby it's just that I do like the way you look and I keep thinking things your dad should not be thinking! Fuck girl your beautiful!"

"I'm very glad you think so. I have wanted you to think I was good looking for years." She slid over next to me as I started the truck and put it in gear. She let her hand rest on my thigh.

"Do you remember on my sixteenth birth day when you and mom got in that big fight. I had a new dress that you and I went shopping for and then she would not go to dinner with us. It was just you and I that went to dinner. Do you remember dancing with me and holding me close to you, holding me like a man holds a woman, do you remember?"

I pulled us onto the highway as she spoke to me, "Yes I remember that, and I know that your mom took you away from me right after that!"

"I fell in love with you that night and not a day has went by that I have not cried because I wanted to be with you."

Her hand tightened on my thigh. She slipped a little side ways making her dress pull up to her hip! It was hard trying not to look at her so I could drive. I let my hand drop to her bare thigh wondering what she would do. She just put her other hand on mine holding it in place as we drove.

"Well you are suppose to love your dad."

My cock was pushing on my pants to the point of hurting as we drove. She would take her hand off of mine on her leg to point at something or to make a point as we talked. She always put it back on mine and her other hand never left my leg. At one point we went over a big bump and my hand bounced higher up to the middle her thigh. She just let me keep it there. We laughed and talked the whole way up the coast to Santa Barbara getting to know each other. I found her to be funny and very smart. She was very easy to talk to and we talked about every thing.

We found a little place to have lunch so we stopped and I walked around to open the truck door for her. Her eyes never left mine as she slipped across the truck seat. Her dress pull up over her thighs so I could see her panties as she moved and I couldn't help it I had to look!

Tina just smiled at me; "Do I have to call you dad?"

"Well baby I am your dad. What do you want to call me?"

She took my hand as we walked. "Well I would like to call you by your name, Sam, is that ok?"

"If that is what you want."

We had our lunch and then went to the beach. We spent the afternoon walking holding hands or arm in arm. She ran in the waves stopping to play in the water not looking like the little girl I was use to but a mature young woman. The wind blew her little dress up around her thighs making her laugh as she watched me looking at her. She moved back to the sidewalk setting on a rock to put her shoes back on. She lifted one leg up to the side to do the buckle letting me look up between her soft thighs to her white panties. She smiled as she watched me looking at her with a longing I had not felt in a long, long time.

We stopped in a small caf__ for dinner.

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