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Can denial outlast flight from NYC to an isolated island?

His mind drew a blank again from seeing her lower butt cheeks and complete side of her hips from the loincloth in the back. Her whole body with a lovely tan like this, he kept thinking of her, enjoying the visuals in his mind while waiting for her to return with the guns. She returned holding a rifle in one hand two revolvers in the other, "Which one?"

"Rifle." He reached out and took it. She put the others on top the coffee table.

"You ready to get beaten by a lone Indian woman?" She asked, reaching behind her pulling the very bow she would use when he was a child.

"You still have that?" He was surprised at what all she kept. Guess it really is fond memories for everyone, he thought.

"Oh yeah!" She stepped in the hallway to bring the rubber foam arrows she would use along with this leather satchel she made herself to keep them in. He remembers those arrows all to well. "Remember these?" She asked him, standing there naturally, leaning on one leg, in her skimpy hide leather bikini top and loincloth talking to her nephew as if nothing is out of place now.

"Yes." His brow twisting a little bit from the memories. "Those things hurt." He grinned, thinking how he would be coming out of the woods holding his arm or stomach from one of them hitting him there. Wasn't so much stinging as much as it was the unknowingly getting hit by them and not being able to ready himself for it.

"Well you a big college boy now, remember?" Blinking femininely at him in a teasing manner. "I'm sure you can handle them now and not whine like you did as a little baby boy!"

"Come on!" He changed the subject, having enough of the trashing and wanting the winnings. "Time to beat your half-covered behind." He pointed out her skimpy outfit after she just gotten over the nervousness of it.

"Speaking of which," reaching her arm behind her out of his sight, moving her arm up and down. "This loincloth is going straight up my butt crack." She teased him to put him back in the state of mind he was in when she first revealed the outfit to him. "Much better now!" walking past him with a wiggle in her hips to the porch.

Immediately she felt the cool morning air on her bare skin and it felt nice. Cliff being behind her, his eyes on her legs and her back, what is shown of it due to the arrow satchel, admiring the soft shine of her beautiful body.

"You remember how to play?" She teased him.

"Of course!" He said, pulling a handkerchief out of his jeans and covering his eyes with it. "Face the house, count to a hundred, and then find you. Oh, and win the game and have you admit I'm better." He joked with her.

"Well you got it right except for the end." Leaning in rubbing her breasts up against the back of his shoulder, "Begin." That should keep his mind busy, she thought, taking off towards the woods.


After a couple of hours into it he lost a lot and some embarrassingly so. Being followed all throughout the forest as he's trying to find her and she was just playing with him until she grew bored of watching him walk in circles and shot him in the back with an arrow. Another time she was in a, sad to say, small tree above him and watched him walk the same path twice and on the third time she shot him in the butt when he was in good aiming sight. He now knows she held back when he was younger, because back then he'd of never had a chance with how it is going now that she doesn't have to hold back on winning.
But now the table has turned and after a handful of losses to his Aunt he finally has the upper hand. She's looking around between the tree trunks and greens, trying to find his cowboy hat floating around somewhere. Then she cursed herself, hearing the clicking of the rifle behind her and the tip pushing into her back. Putting her hands up and dropping the bow she slowly turned around letting her grin show.

"About time you get me." She told him.

"I didn't off you yet.

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