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Josh is rewarded by older, superior woman.

How they'd managed to mysteriously vanish from their home and their mother's surveillance with help from Devra and Hayek who encountered them at a nightclub.

The girls had planted malware which Hayek gave them onto their computers which allowed Devra to access their home network and compromise their mother's secure database irreversibly, thus helping to bring about her eventual downfall.

He recalled Moira's anger at her runaway daughters a year before he joined the University. Feroz had been secretly pleased that his spiteful cousins were gone and pretended to follow his aunt's demand to find them while secretly goofing off. Now he wanted to kick himself for his stupidity. If he had pursued them then, he might have avoided the predicament he was in now.

The girls continued their story taking turns to tell him about their settling in at the villa and becoming willing members of Futanari culture and joining Bone Town College. After narrating their college exploits that made him feel like a monk in comparison, the girls told him that incest was quite common in Futa culture. Nyssa cheerfully informed him that she preferred Hayek's fatter nine inches while Farah gushed about Devra's thinner ten inch rod. They both suggested that he let Devra take him for a ride and tell them which one he preferred before laughing uproariously.

"Ha ha ha very funny" he grumbled. It was clear they were never going to let him forget about losing his anal cherry. "Do either of you know how bone town was founded?" he asked sourly shifting his weight for the umpteenth time on the trip to ease the ache in asshole.

"It was founded by the Futa after the fall of the original caliphate which actually died back then but you and mom stupidly fought for a few of the surviving caliphate losers and then lost again" drawled Nyssa while Farah giggled and he clenched his teeth but kept quiet.

"Anyways they founded the town hoping to make it a new city eventually and tried to get conservative Deccan folks to adopt futa culture. But they were even more uptight than you and refused to accept outrageous sums of money to adopt awesome Futa tech and orgasmic culture, Crazy right? "

"Insane" affirmed Farah. Feroz privately thought that the ancient conservative survivors wisely chose to retain their priceless freedom rather than sell out into Futa slavery which the Fempirium cleverly disguised as progressive empowerment. That was what they had been doing ever since the moment they met humans a centuries ago.

"So the town stayed as it was and then the prudish guys took over Decca again and rebuilt over the ruins to create the city we see today which was until now under conservative control. Meanwhile, bone town became a magnet for curious conservatives and settlement for hybrids, half human half Futa - T-girls and Trans-women. It became popular among the T-population because a lot of clueless conservative tourists stumble onto it and get their cherries popped like you."

They began another bout of giggling at his misfortune until Farah shrieked at the top of her lungs, startling him and probably everyone in a mile radius.


Sure enough the sign boards overhead and digital displays along the road indicating the distance to the campus started to appear. In a short while they were pulling up in one of the several parking areas for the male Dorm building. Farah helped him unload his bag as Nyssa got out the car and looked around appreciatively at the arrangement of trees and shrubbery surrounding the parking facility. Feroz pulled his bag onto his shoulders and looked at them suspiciously.

"So all the past years you hated me and your mother which is forgiven and forgotten now huh? We're all one big happy harem?"

"Oh definitely Fez" said Nyssa mockingly turning to him and fluttering her eyelashes "We forgive our bitch of a mother for ignoring us and suddenly picking a bastard like you as her favourite because now she and you are being suitably punished.

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