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A story of a gentle kidnapping.

Kerrie laughed and said that it was something that started between her and one of her married clients. The lady was always complaining about her husband and how she felt neglected. Kerrie kept telling her how sexy and desirable she was and one day something happened between them. She did not say anything else, but I knew she realized I knew what was going on.

We talked about it for a while and she eventually asked me if I had ever thought about being with another woman? A little hesitant I confessed that I had not until recently; however, that I had never dared to think I would ever really want to -I wasn't even sure what to do. Suddenly I was aware that Kerrie was softly stroking my hair. I looked up into her eyes, and before I was even thinking it was going to happen she leaned over and kissed me on the lips. Just a small peck at first, and when I didn't complain she kissed me again and this time I nervously kissed her back.

She kept stroking my hair gently as her tongue began to explore my mouth. I was surprised, but immediately found myself enjoying the feeling of her body next to me and her soft lips rubbing against mine. After a few minutes I felt her hand on my breast, her fingers teased my nipple, making it grow hard beneath her touch. I was breathing hard into her mouth now, willing her on as her hand wandered over both my breasts. Without warning she pulled away from me and told me to turn around. A little surprised, I did as she instructed and felt her lifting up my tank top and then she kissed me on my shoulder. I have a tattoo of a frog on my shoulder and she began to caress it and softly lick around the edges with her tongue. Like I said before, I do not have big breasts at all, but I do have very large and long nipples. They were like rocks now as Kerrie continued to tease me. Putting her arms around me she pulled me back against her and I could feel her breasts pushing into my back. She mentioned how sexy I looked and how she loved my bra. My breathing had become very strong and I was more turned on than I had ever been in my life. All this from another woman???

Kerrie stroked her hands down between my thighs, teasing my pussy through my shorts for just a moment before moving them back up to my breasts and pinching the erect nipples that jutted out through my bra. One by one she slid the bra-straps of my shoulders and then I felt her hands cupping my naked breasts, caressing them gently and rolling my nipples around with her fingers. It felt so incredibly sexy and I was getting so hot and wet I couldn't help letting a small groan of approval escape from my lips.

After a few moments she turned me around to face her again and began to undo the front of her blouse, pulling it back when she was done so I could see her lovely breasts inside a lacy white bra. She took my hands in hers and placed them on her breasts. I could feel her hard nipples in the palms of my hands and I began to squeeze Kerrie's breasts, softly at first, then harder as I became more excited. We were both breathing very heavily as I helped her off with her blouse and watched her remove her bra. I took her bare breasts in my hands squeezing and pinching her nipples while she leaned forward and began to kiss mine. Holding both my breasts in her hands, Kerrie sucked on each nipple in turn, ensuring I had a perfect view of the erect bud moving in and out between her sexy red lips. Then she squeezed my breasts together and took both of my nipples in her mouth at the same time.

I was so excited by this time I was squirming in my seat.

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