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Soon we were up dancing, feeling like we were on top of the world. I could feel my tits jiggling and eyes on me, even the teachers, and I felt proud. Tonight was to be experienced and enjoyed. The girls held hands and danced in a circle, then we let the boys in. Jimmy, who didn't like dancing, grabbed me and pulled me close and I felt the elation of a long anticipated night coming together. We slow danced through the next song while everyone else was dancing joyously, then he said he wanted to take a break and smoke some weed outside, I was too high on the excitement to join.

When Jimmy left, Eric stepped in. He watched me dance for a while and I enjoyed his eyes on me. Then he showed me he had some moves and I laughed, watching him. He pulled me close, rather like Jimmy had, and I felt my tits push against him. I giggled and he spun me, then pulled me close again. He really knew how to dance! A rap song came on and I showed Eric my twerk talents. He pushed up close and I could feel his hardness against my ass. Suddenly I felt a rush of heat going up my body. I deliberately rode my ass crack up and down along his cock, feeling so naughty doing this with the whole class around, and Jimmy just outside. When the song ended Eric took me by the hand and led me back to where Jimmy and some friends were talking. I wondered if Jimmy had seen us dancing, but he seemed in good spirits, if a little glassy eyed.

It was at this time that I realized the edibles were really kicking in. My brain was having a conversation with itself, even while I was listening to my friends talk excitedly about the night. I felt a tingle up my body from Jimmy's hand on my ass and noticed Eric looking at me with a smirk. Impulsively I looked up at Jimmy, then went on tiptoes to give him a long kiss. It made me excited to know that everyone around was watching, seeing his big hand squeeze my ass cheek.

I asked Jimmy if he wanted to dance but he said he would later. He started to talk football with his buddies. Normally I didn't mind, but this was prom night and I was a little miffed. Eric said he'd dance and we got on the floor and danced with silly energy to a couple of songs. He was not hiding that he was admiring my body, watching my tits bounce as I jumped and it turned me on to see how much he wanted me. He asked if I wanted some fresh air and after seeing Jimmy still talking with his buddies, I agreed. I followed Eric out and we walked to a quiet area away from the entrance. There was a clear sexual tension as I stood near Eric and he once again admired my body. He lit up a joint and passed it to me. I inhaled deeply, looked at him, and on an impulse leaned up and kissed him, letting him take the smoke from me. Eric kissed me deeply as he pushed me back against the wall. I could feel his hardness against me and imagined him fucking me right there.

We were broken from the burst of passion when a girl walked near us and threw up. I looked up at Eric, suddenly feeling guilty and started to stammer. He understood and suggested we go back in.

When we got back in, I went to Jimmy right away and snuggled under his arm. Jimmy was clearly feeling no pain as he smiled down at me. Jimmy and I slow danced a couple of songs and I felt a more familiar boy's cock push up against me. I thought of how slutty I had been over the summer but instead of shame it only made me hornier. I pushed myself against Jimmy and told him it might be best to leave right then for the hotel.

Jimmy laughed at my eagerness and assured me I would he suggested we should head to the hotel soon.

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