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She moaned as the three guys feasted on her ample breasts.

Jason shifted his gaze back to the other three. They had shifted again and Pam was now on her knees. She was being fucked at both ends. Chad had either kept his hardon or recovered quickly as he sawed his boner deep into Pam's hungry mouth. Jason remembered how good that mouth could be. Kyle was pounding her pussy and from the look on his face was close to cumming. Pam groaned around Chad's cock in her mouth. She was obviously close too. Jason watched spellbound as Kyle grunted loudly and buried his cock inside Pam. He was cumming inside her and Pam gasped as her orgasm took her too. Jason watched her tremble and push back into Kyle as his cock throbbed inside her quaking pussy.

'Oh, god, this is a real fuckin' orgy,' Jason realized as his own cock finally recovered enough from the events earlier to be turned on by the erotic sights before him.

He shifted on the bed to ease some of the strain his big dick was making against his pants. He looked back to Stef and she was sucking Trevor's cock again while Chris still ate her. Corey was still playing with her tits. As he watched, Chris quickly stripped off his pants and underwear. He was hard as a pole and moved to fuck his decent sized cock into her. Stef felt him pushing in the wrong spot and reached a hand down to help him. Chris moaned as his cock sank into her tight, soft wetness. He was probably experiencing his first ever entry into a pussy and from the look on his face he had found heaven.
Jason smiled to himself again. He was glad he had arranged this for these guys and was a little surprised by how well it was going. Pam and Stephanie seemed to adapt to the multiple partners thing like kids in a candy store. He watched Chris fucking Stef for a few moments as she sucked Trevor. He turned in time to see Chad growl and throw his head back. Pam was sucking his cock and from the actions of both of them Jason was sure he was pumping cum into her mouth. Kyle had fallen off to the side after cumming in Pam. He idly played with one of her nipples while he too watched Chad cum in her mouth. They could both see Pam's throat muscles moving to swallow the load being fed to it. Jason noticed a pool of cum on the air mattress below Pam's open and cum dripping cunt. He looked around for tissues or something to give her to wipe it up.

While Jason was grabbing a hand towel for wiping up cum from his dirty laundry bag, Pam shifted away from Chad to Kyle. As Jason retrieved the towel, he turned and saw Chad sprawled out over one of the air mattresses, and Pam was sucking on Kyle's flaccid cock to get it hard. Kyle saw Jason walking over and gave him the thumbs up. Chad's eyes were closed, probably the result of his second orgasm in a half hour. Jason tapped Pam on the shoulder after giving Kyle a thumbs up too.

"Pam, use this to wipe up," Jason said.

"Oh ... okay," Pam said and took the towel. She wiped between her legs bringing a smile to Jason's face.

"I wasn't specifically talking there," he said pointing to the spot on the air mattress.

"Oh ... sure," Pam replied with a giggle seeing what he was pointing at. "I gotcha."

Kyle and she laughed as Jason turned to see what was happening with the other group. Chris was now off to the side. He had obviously cum already and Trevor was taking his place. Stef was opening Corey's pants as he intently watched. Jason resumed his position on the bed. He decided to not join in until after every one of the other guys was sated. If Stef or Pam were up for more, he planned to pull them into the showers with him.

Back on the bed, Jason watched Trevor learning how to fuck Stef. She gave him instructions before turning to Corey's now exposed cock. Corey was hard and had a decent cock from the looks of it. Jason watched as Steffie suck the head into her mouth and made Corey gasp. For a not bad looking guy, Jason was surprised Corey had not made it with a girl before. But like the others, he was shy around girls so that was probably the reason.


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