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Susan's party night continues, and in the morning goes on.

Stacey screamed. Blood was rushing back into her nipples and they were throbbing, but compared with feeling Master's dick inside it the pain was nothing. She moaned in ecstasy as he thrusted in and out of her.

Stacey opened her eyes and looked at the mirror. She had never watched herself being fucked like this in a mirror. She had never done anything even remotely kinky in her sex-life. After she saw herself in the mirror, after she saw her Master's dick pumping in and out of her, she locked eyes with him.

Master had to stop and pull his dick out of her when her eyes met his. He always struggled to get any of his girls to look him in the eyes while he fucked them, and he so enjoyed watching the look in their eyes while he pounded them. None of them ever did it. They always closed their eyes. He was forever spanking or punishing them for not obeying his orders to look him in his eyes, now this girl was doing it without being told and it was about to push him over the edge, and he was not ready for that yet. She whimpered, confused as to why he stopped. He couldn't help but let out a little laugh.

"Master... did I do something wrong?" She couldn't imagine how she could do something wrong being tied down as she was, but she was so confused.

"No my pet. You just caught me off guard, that's all. I find it incredibly rare that a woman will look me in the eyes while I take her, but you are full of surprises. I didn't even ask you to look me in the eyes, and when you did it was just so sexy I almost lost control..." He smiled at her, he knew right then she was going to be something special. He also knew she was going to be quite the handful.

"Master, will you please continue to fuck me? Please?" Stacey pouted.

Master growled with desire and thrust his dick back into her tight pussy with a new kind of vigor. Stacey now knew that he liked her looking into his eyes and he didn't have to ask her to do it she just did. Looking into her deep blue eyes and seeing her desire and need just made him fuck her harder.

But seeing her desire wasn't enough for him. He'd done many things in the last 2 hours to make her whimper, scream and cry, but he hadn't seen the look in her eyes for any of it because she was blindfolded. He was going to make up for that now. He grinned at her and then without warning, started to slowly pull off the tape from Stacey's right thigh. Stacey screamed, but she knew she had to keep her eyes on his so she did. When he got to the point of the tape where the clothespins started he yanked it off with one swift motion. She screamed louder and several tears welled up in her eyes. Her eyes were sparking such an intense desire in him, he wanted her now more than he had in the weeks they spent watching her, waiting for the right time to take her. He griped the tape on her left thigh and repeated the removal of the tape and clothespins. This time Stacey knew it was coming and she could brace herself, she still screamed, but it was less then before, and this time the tears fell from her eyes and down her face.

Seeing the look in her eyes as she refused to look away as he tortured her intensified his thrusting. He was fucking her harder and deeper than he had intended to. She was moaning and whimpering as his cock pounded in and out of her tight, wet pussy. Stacey was unsure how she managed to go this long without having an orgasm, but she was sure that she was not going to be able to hold back much longer.

"Master please... please may I cum Master... please... oh god please..." She whimpered and begged.

Master slapped her across her cheek. "NO! No slut you may not cum yet. You are not ready for it."

"Oh Master please... please, please, please... Master I don't think I can resist much longer. Please Master. Please! I do not want to disobey you... but please... I don't think I can hold it in... ooohhh"

Her sexual frustration was pushing her over an edge she had never ventured past before.

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