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A guy has a new prospective of "Love thy neighbor".

She gazes down at her mother who is looking back at her with such love, her mouth working furiously on Celise's cunt, nose twitching as it is tickled by the young girl's furry mound.

She is amazed that despite the searing sensations in her breasts, as if they were being torn off, an orgasm is building from deep within her, her womb throbbing with carnal joy, confronting the pain -- pushing it back and then simply overwhelming it like a tidal wave sweeping over the sands upon the Western shore. There is something happening -- something more than simple orgasm -- something her mother's experienced tongue has given her more than once and then she has it and she sobs, understanding the true nature of pain...its true purpose.

"YES!" she screams as the greatest orgasm of the teenager's short life detonates within her. She takes the pleasure brought forth by her mother's tongue swirling around her throbbing clit and indeed envelopes the pain with it and uses it as fuel to feed -- to strengthen her pleasure and then it is transformed as she is transformed and becomes orgasmic ecstasy itself....


YES, OH MOTHER...OH GODS BE PRAISED! FUCK MEEEEE!" Celise screams as she masters the relentless pain coursing through her battered body and she cums as she has rarely cummed before! With all her heart and soul, the Whore Queen of Agosta embraces the brutal ravaging she is being offered by her undead lovers as an intense orgasm takes her into a state of total carnal bliss, devouring any and all pain.

Celise tightens her grip on the thick cock pummeling her cunt, its cool flesh now warmed in the intense heat of her aroused body while she simultaneously flexes her ass cheeks to constrain the cock burrowing deep in her asshole. She arches her back to increase the wonderfully painful sensations in her nipples and clitoris, riding that pain into orgasm again and again. The queen doesn't shy from the touch of the relentless zombie guards, she writhes and twists to meet their long, hard and steady thrusts, doing her sluttish best to take them deeper and harder -- helping her cum and cum and cum.

Pleasure becomes all and never ceases. Seconds tick by. Minutes tick by. Hours tick by and yet time also seems to grind to a halt. Celise's world becomes simply two cocks fucking ass and pussy. Celise's world becomes simply carnal gratification incarnate. She screams and sobs, laughs and cries as orgasm begets orgasm until her whole body screams that it cannot take anymore and then Celise embraces that intense painful ecstasy and rides it to new heights of orgasmic delight.

There is no respite from pleasure -- Nesharina's potions have done their work. Celise experiences every moment of cock induced joy, relishing it, wrapping herself up in the sweet, maddening, never ending delight of cocks fucking her and fucking her and fucking her, never losing consciousness, her senses heightened as never before -- becoming an avatar of fucking induced pleasure.

In the midst of being awash in an ocean of orgasmic delight, Celise does not hear the approach of steps. She does not see Nesharina appear in the entrance of the dungeon, appearing well rested and dressed much as she was the day before -- bare breasted and wearing white leather chaps and stiletto heeled boots with a cat o' nine tails held in her hands today -- each leather thong knotted and capped with sharp steel tips.

Celise does not see Nesharina stand grinning smugly as she considers the sight in front of her.

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