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There is a very good chance the child is Eric's.

I was momentarily speechless, but I smiled coyly. Megan arrived just at that instant and thrust a glass of Chardonnay into my hand. She wrapped her free arm around Bill's neck and the pair engaged in a truly sexy kiss right in front of me. As she pulled away, Megan said, "I see you met Penny. She is such a sweetheart, and I want her to join us. I think she'd be such a beautiful addition, as you can tell. She's also smart, witty, and ... well, sexy." I blushed.

Bill looked at me -- probably at what he'd now rendered as my nude body that he was about to plunder -- and said to Megan with a manly smile, "I'd just introduced myself when you arrived."

Megan winked at me, "Well, I'll let you two get friendly. I want to talk to Greg and Collette. Be back in a few." She turned and flew away.

Quickly, Bill turned back to me. I could tell I had his total attention. He wasn't distracted by anything else in the room. I momentarily felt awed by him. I finally put my hand out and said, "Bill Matthews, it's a real pleasure to meet you. I take it, you and Megan know each other well."

Bill laughed. "You could say that. We've dated a few times. Our social goals are compatible, so we feel comfortable around each other and about dating each other."

I got a puzzled look, "Social goals are compatible?"

"Well, we both want to hook up with someone of the opposite sex without the messy entanglements of a burgeoning romantic relationship, so when we dated we clicked right away. I think we have each other on speed dial." He grinned in a knowing way.

"Oh. Are some people here for the romance?"

Bill now glanced around the room. He politely directed my gaze to a couple seated at a table in another corner. "See the couple there -- he's in the red sweater and she has a blue top."

I nodded.

"They're in love. They joined for love, and they've found it. They were both widows, lonely, horny, and we helped them find each other. I bet they'll be engaged within a few months and married by year's end. They'll still belong, though. In my opinion, it'd be ashamed to lose Edy as an eligible date. Jay is sought after too."

"You talk as though you know Edy well."

"Errr, well, we've dated a few times, even while she was getting serious about Jay."

"Were you always single or are you now?"

"Yes, I'm single now. I got divorced about twenty years ago. I'm still on good terms with my Ex, Carol." He looked around, and waved at a pretty brunette leaning against the bar with a handsome man beside her. "That's her over there -- the woman with the green scarf. We date and continue a loving relationship; we just couldn't stand to live together. The chemistry between us gets crazy when we're together longer than twenty-four hours, so we keep it short and sweet and loving without adding back in the luggage that broke us apart."

I asked, "And it doesn't bother you to see the woman that was the love of your life for a while go off and date someone else, apparently with some surety that they'll make love?"

"Oh, no. Not a bit. I've even made introductions of men I think she'd enjoy both as company and as sex partners. I know her tastes and kinks, so I can steer strong candidates she might like in her direction."

"No jealousy."

"Not a bit. I'm hoping she'll have a fabulous date or dates with the guy, and, pardon my language, but that they'll fuck the living daylights out of each other in a never ending cascade of climaxes and orgasms that light up the night sky that make them both very happy."

"Wow. You sure tell it like it is." I laughed at Bill's candid and lurid statement.

"Jealousy is a learned response dealing with possession, exclusion, competition, ego, and fear.

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