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Daisy makes the biggest decision of her life.

the Roman Empire, what was the best chariot route between Rome and Brindisi?"

I knew I had no chance on this one. "Caesar's Highway?" I offered as my response.

"Wrong again," Hector said with satisfaction. "It was called the Via Appia."

The crowd was cheering now at the prospect of seeing another garment drop to the stage floor. Having already lost my leggings in the last round, I was prepared to lose my tank top this time and so I held up my arms in expectation. Instead, Hector dropped to his knees and started to pull at my lace panties with his teeth.

"Dude!" I protested loud enough so that most of the audience was sure to hear. "The normal play here is to go for the top. You know, save the good stuff for later in the game."

"No way," Hector replied as he released his teeth from my lacy thong and looked up. "I have been trying to visualize your sweet snatch ever since I yanked down your pants, and I am not going to leave anything to chance."

"But you will probably get your chance in a few minutes. I would prefer that you take my top off next."

"I don't think so, lovely lady. You seem like a pretty smart chick," Hector said. "There's a decent chance the game will be over before you miss any more questions."

With that, he started to grope my ass and run his hands up and down my legs to see if he could get me flustered. Then, with his face just inches from my pussy, he started to pull my lacy panties down. He paused when the first wisps of hair were visible, and then slowly revealed the rest of my blond triangle. He continued to caress my legs as he eased the thong down to the floor. I thought the humiliation was complete at that point, but he surprised me one more time by leaning in and giving my pussy a short kiss. By the time Hector had stood up again, the audience was standing and cheering. I was left to step out my lacy panties and do my best to cover myself from the crowd. Again, the whole spectacle was being shown on the big screen.

After two more rounds, I ended up being the clear winner since the other five contestants were now standing completely naked. My sorority sisters were trying hard to cover themselves with their hands and arms, but the guys looked relaxed and seemed to be happy to put their junk on public display. I was also the big winner in the place that mattered most-the screen that displayed the final bid totals. I had been "sold" for $1,350 to the same bidder who had shown interest in me all evening-"Hard4U". Once the event was over, we all grabbed our clothes and got dressed again.

Over the next two days, I nervously awaited instructions from the person who had bid on me. I was anxious to find out who this person was and, more importantly, what reward he was expecting for his generous donation to the addiction counseling clinic. When I came back to my room after class one morning, I found a large brown envelope that had been shoved under my door. Inside was a single sheet of paper. The message was simple but unsettling to me since it directed me to report to a specific dorm room on Friday at 10:00 pm wearing comfortable clothes. The last line of the message made me a bit more nervous since it read, "Be sure to bring a blindfold and put it in place over your eyes as soon as you enter the room." I knew that the wait until this secret rendezvous with "Hard4U" would seem like an eternity for me.

On Friday night, I found the dorm room mentioned in the instructions, and it was unlocked as promised. There was no one inside, so I stepped into the middle of the room and put on the blindfold. A few minutes went by and I was getting more and more nervous. I kept imagining sordid details of unthinkable acts of rough sex or kinky role playing games, and I wondered how I had allowed myself to do the auction thing in the first place. My worst fears were overtaking my thoughts, so I tried to reassure myself with the knowledge that my pepper spray was in my purse just a couple of feet away from where I stood.

Just then, I heard the door open and a person step into the room.

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