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Fantasies fulfilled as Ellie gets her wish.

All her school training served of little against 7 vampires, all over a century old. She was left for dead and woke up alone in a hospital bed. She was told she had been found by a neighbor and had been brought just in time, that she had been injected with poison and that the child was gone. That it was a miracle she was still alive.

Rose knew better than to believe in miracles.

Valerie and Marlene were there the next day by her side and though both seemed extremely concerned and Valerie insisted on her returning to Paris, she could tell something was... off.

She was determined for some reason to stay; every fiber in her told her as much, that going back to Paris would be a huge mistake. It proved to be a difficult task, but since only to the mortal world was she the younger sister of Valerie and Marlene, she played the ultimate card. She was their aunt and she outranked them in the grand vampirical elitist status, even if she was a mortal.

It took a while to be left alone. Then a bigger while to secure her flat and make damn sure she was safe in it. Bit by bit it became Dominium and Darkness proof alike. She also contracted a witch's services, a perk of being the niece of Elizabeth, her mother's twin sister and one of the most powerful witches that had roamed this world. She had died centuries ago, but she was still remembered. A spell was cast to make sure that if anyone meaning her harm came close to her home would suddenly feel confused and compelled to leave the area. It worked well enough.

Money and status opened more and more doors, and she used them willingly and always off the radar. She wanted to know what had really happened for her to be attacked like that; she wanted to avenge the child she never knew.

It was amidst all this that she came across them for the first time, a ragtag group of misfit mercenaries called "The Redeemers" that were determined to bring balance and justice to the dark world that Gaea had left behind before going into hibernation.

Soon she had joined them and was being trained again, this time not only to defend herself but to attack others and she proved quite good at it. And the power that she had kept mostly hidden was what she trained the most, the one that lurked in her mind.

In school they had thought her and her classmates that there were 5 levels of psychological manipulators: The more common ones were the level ones, that could read mortal minds easily, but could do little else; The second level could read some vampirical minds (if they were weak enough) as well as reading and manipulating most mortal minds. The third level as not common, though you could still find many. Mortals were playthings to them, weaker or younger vampires too. They could even read the minds of slightly older vampires. Level fours were even rarer. There were only 12 level fives in the entire planet and they were closely monitored and protected. They were able to access the minds of most vampires and also manipulate most of them at will. It was immense power that could be so easily used for the most devious of causes.

And then there was Rose, who according to her teacher, was in a class of her own. She was told only another rivaled her power, the Guardian of earth, but they said no more about him and finding the Guardians, even when you were the daughter of one, was incredibly hard as they had gone deep underground for the most part.

Flash forward a few years later and she was not only part of the team, she was their biggest weapon and leader, answering only to Ariadne, the enigmatic founder of "The redeemers" back in the 17th century, though outside of the group none knew of her activities, as her life and the quest for the killers of her unborn child depended on that.

But more than that, she was committed to their ideals of justice in a world that lacked it.

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