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Last play with the Marine during college.

Crabs and prawns scuttled about in the sand and weeds and brilliant anemones waved gently.

As always, Blake and Melissa were completely wrapped up in the underwater world, marveling at the abundant life that landlubbers never had a chance to see. Blake, though, was also wrapped up in marveling at Melissa. As she looked inside the wheelhouse of the boat, he couldn't help but notice the way her lime green bikini seemed to glow and become transparent in the sunny waters. With the bikini pulled tight across her gorgeous bum, he could see the crack and, as he swam closer and under her, a little dark pubic hair.

As Melissa sank to the bottom to look under the hull, Blake moved in close. Melissa signaled to him that she wanted to look beneath the boat, then stretched out on her belly in the sand to try and see into the gloom. To keep her balance, she had spread her legs to the sides and flattened her fins against the bottom. Blake settled onto his knees between her legs in a swirl of sand and reached to caress her thighs.

His sudden touch caused Melissa to start, as she thought at first a fish had brushed against her. She was about to roll over to see what was going on when his hands moved to caress her bum through the thin material that covered them. As Blake gently caressed her bottom, Melissa thought, I don't believe it, he's horny down here. Right after that thought, though, she thought why not, and clenched her cheeks and pushed against his hands.

Feeling Melissa pushing against his hands and apparently enjoying his touch, Blake thought, right on, and slid his hands beneath her bikini to caress her skin. Her bum was all goose bumpy, both from the cool water and Blake's touch. Turned on now, Melissa pulled her knees under her in a doggy position. Blake moved in closer yet and began running his hands up and down her thighs and caressing her bum.

Judging by the increased amount of air bubbles coming from Melissa's regulator, Blake could she was enjoying this.

Still facing under the boat as Blake's hands tenderly roamed over her, Melissa nearly laughed out loud into her mouthpiece as a large crab crawled from beneath a rock under the boat's hull, as if to get a view of what was going on. Pushing off the bottom, Melissa rose up in a swirl of sand, spun around and settled onto her knees facing Blake. Placing a hand on each of his shoulders, she pressed her mask against his and looked into his eyes. Gazing into each other's eyes, they shared the same erotic thought.

With one hand on each other's buoyancy compensator, they took out their mouthpieces with the other and French kissed, enjoying the other's tongue for as long as they could hold their breath. Needing air, they separated and returned their mouthpieces to suck greedily at the flow.

That long, salty kiss, though, seemed to act as a signal. As she pushed her mask against Blake's once more, Melissa reached a hand down to his crotch and found that his penis was nice and hard and pushing against the material.

As she stroked him through his swimsuit, Blake's eyes opened wide, then closed in enjoyment. She moved her other hand to his swimsuit, tugged at the string and, with it loosened, reached a hand inside to grasp his thick manhood. Running fingers puckered by the sea water up and down his shaft, she caressed the penis she had come to know so well. She pushed back his foreskin to gently run a finger around the head, then traced the veins along his length.

With one finger, she stroked the spot Blake loved to have touched between the head and shaft, then stroked him gently several times. Still looking into his mask, she reached further into his swimsuit to caress his balls. Must be the cool water, she thought, they're not up to their usual size. Moving back to his penis, she gripped him more firmly and continued to stroke, enjoying the warm, soft feel of him in her hand.

Now Melissa noticed a greatly increased airflow from Blake's regulator.

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