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The threesome take their adventures into the open.

" Cherry ran her eyes down the tariff. Michael and Lucy feigned boredom as she looked for what she was after.

"The, err, Jacobean Room looks good," she said, finally. "For two, no, three hours?"

The receptionist looked slightly surprised. "As madam wishes." She bent a little closer to Cherry and whispered, "Can they keep you busy for three hours in there?"

"Oh, I think so."

The receptionist raised an eyebrow and glanced back at Michael and Lucy. "Well, if you need any help, just buzz me. I get off in thirty minutes."

"I'll remember that," Cherry said pleasantly. "Now, if you could show us to the room?"

The receptionist nodded and led the way down a corridor to an oak panelled door with 'The Jacobean Room' on the nameplate. She pushed the door open, sliding a little 'in use' marker into place beside the lock. "If there's anything you need, just let me know," she said, and marched back to the lobby.

"Oh wow," Lucy said as she walked into the room. "This is great." The room was filled with bondage equipment: stocks, crosses, suspension frames. There were also several cupboards and, when Lucy opened one, she found that they were filled with numerous sex toys. Lucy looked over at Cherry. "You've been waiting to bring someone here? You are a naughty little girl." Cherry looked meekly down at her feet, while Michael closed the door, and Lucy reached into the cupboard, coming out with a long leather sheath. "Turn around, Cherry," she said. Cherry complied and Lucy slipped he sheath over Cherry's lower arms, strapping them tightly together so that her shoulders were pulled back. Her breasts strained forward at this, giving Michael a most pleasing view of the small blonde's body.

"Blindfold her and bring her over here," he told Lucy, indicating one of the suspension frames. Lucy found a padded, leather blindfold and strapped it over Cherry's eyes. Once Cherry could no longer see, Michael began to hunt through the cupboards. He located a few things that looked interesting, but Lucy was waiting for him with Cherry under the frame.

The arm sheath Lucy had chosen came with fixing rings and Michael attached these to ropes coming down from the frame. Pulling on the ropes hauled Cherry's arms upward at the wrists, forcing her head down. Michael stopped when Cherry's arms were a little above the horizontal. He retrieved a spreader bar with ankle cuffs from a cupboard and fitted them around Cherry's legs, spreading them to about three feet at the bottom. This pulled the angle of her arms a little higher and she let out a soft cry of pain.

"Take off her top, Lucy," Michael said. "Then take off your dress. Leave those boots on, your legs look stunning in them." While Lucy did as he asked, Michael undressed, wandering about as he did so to examine the other devices in the room. Naked, he turned back to where the two women were waiting.

Deciding on a course of action, Michael walked around to stand behind Cherry. Reaching down, he slowly unzipped her straining shorts from the back around to between her legs. Cherry let out a long, low moan as the leather relaxed across her bottom. Her ass cheeks were spread from the angle her body was at, and Michael now had full access to her pussy and ass. His cock twitched at the thought of burying himself in Cherry's pert little ass, but she was Lucy's slave... "Lucy, what do you think we should do with this slutty little cunt?" he asked.

Lucy ignored the whimper that escaped Cherry's lips. The older girl was panting again. Lucy reached into a cupboard and took something out, a small vibrator. "You come over here and fuck her face," she said. "I'll deal with that end."

They exchanged places, and Lucy was delighted at the exposed flesh revealed by the undone zip in Cherry's shorts.

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