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Accountant is accused of theft, boss offers her a way out...

"We giggle and laugh for a little while, until you guide me back to the table, standing close behind me, hiding your large bulge."

The camera caught her beautiful backside as she walked over towards the bed. She stopped when she reached the edge of the bed.

"So, how do you like me so far?" Cindy asked, interrupting her story and looking over her shoulder at the camera. She locked her long legs and bent forward at the waist, giving the videocamera a long look at her firm young ass.

Her own hands crept into frame from above and gripped her tiny, ultra-firm butt. "Pretty nice, huh?" she asked comically, turning around to look into the camera with a big smile on her pretty face. "Do you like what you see?"

"Do you want to see some more? To help you make up your mind?" Cindy hooked her thumbs underneath the waistband of her delicate white panties. Bending at the waist, she pulled them slowly over her firm ass and down her legs, stretching them widely with her knees.

She moved her hand between her thighs, rubbing her pussy with her middle finger. "Mmm..." she moaned, rubbing herself some more. "Do you want to see how pink I am inside?" She slipped the tip of her middle finger between the soft folds of her pussy lips, exciting her clit with the pad of her fingertip. "Or should I save that for the winning bidder?"

"Should I show you everything, or just give you a little taste?" she asked, withdrawing her finger and twisting her body so that the camera could capture the image of her bringing her finger to her mouth, sampling the flavor of her own pussy.

She turned back away from the camera and leaned over again, resuming her gentle attack on her clit and pussy. "If I open my pussy for you, will it help you open your wallets and take out your credit cards? Just like you're all opening your pants and taking out your dicks?" She sank her finger deeply inside her moist box. It slid in easily, and she held it there, knuckle deep, grinding against it.

She stood up and turned around, sucking on her finger, and sat on the edge of the bed with a huge grin on her face. Spreading her legs, with her panties now stretched out between her ankles, Cindy ran her hand slowly down over her shaved mound, so that her middle finger ran over her swollen clit and cunt lips.

"Mmmm . . ." she purred, closing her eyes as she played with her pussy. "How much would you bid to make my dreams come true? How much would you bid to be my prom date, to rest your hands on my ass, pulling my body close to yours, holding me tight, grinding your hard cock against my virgin pussy as we slow dance on the dance floor?"

She closed her eyes and leaned back on the bed, her knees spread wide apart, with her panties still stretched out between her tiny ankles. Her fingers found her pussy once more as she resumed her story.

"Mmm . . . You take me back to the table and sit close to me, hiking up my long frilly dress underneath the heavy white tablecloth. I close my eyes as I feel your strong hand running up the inside of my thigh, getting tangled in my white garter. You continue upward and discover that I was telling the truth. I am completely naked underneath my dress.

"Your rough fingers soon search out my already swollen lips. We share a naughty smile as your long middle finger slips between the folds, resting there like a stadium hot dog nestled in a soft, warm, moist, bun."

On screen, Cindy acted out the scene, slipping her own finger between her moist cunt lips, slowly moving it up and down inside the crease. She closed her knees and kicked her legs free from the constraints of her now useless panties.

"You move your finger to the side and slide in your pointer finger, side by side, feeling my wetness seeping between them." Again, she copied the action on screen. "You spread my pussy open and I can feel the cool air-conditioned air trying to dry my dripping hole."

"I wonder what the chaperones would say if they caught us like this, your fingers slowly rubbing my open pussy," she rasped, closing her knees again as she involuntarily arched her

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