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The lion sleeps tonight.

Marcus was on top of her again in a flash, his cock pressed against her juicy pink panties. He kicked off his own pants and kissed her hard, yanking off her panties. He couldn't take it anymore, he needed to be inside of his sister. In a single, well aimed thrust, he got what he wanted. Lora cried out and arched her back as he buried his throbbing rod, balls deep, into her cunt. His eyes rolled back into his head and he pulled away from the kiss, his own back arching.

He began to fuck her slowly at first. Each thrust was deliberate, punctuated. He would pull back fully, savoring every inch that slipped out of her until nothing but the tip remained. Then he would slam into her, burying himself entirely, making her cry out as his cock butted against her cervix.

"Fuuuck," he groaned again, looking down at his sweet sister, flushed as she pushed up to meet him. "Does Dad do this too?"

He reached out and stroked her cheek as he waited for her answer, pulling his cock back ever so slowly. She nodded as she met his eyes, her lips parted. Every thrust forward brought a sharp cry of pleasure, and maybe a little pain, from her. He shuddered, holding back the urge to just grab her hips and rut into her like an animal. Lora was his sister, he loved her. It should be special, not the rabid coupling that generally occurred between teenagers and college students when they had no control over their desires. He wanted her to remember how good he had made her feel. He wanted to remember how hard she made him.

"Say it. Tell me what Daddy does to you. Tell me what I'm doing." He ached to spurt inside of her, but he held back. There would be time for that. This was their first mating, he thought it should last.

Lora looked up at him with wide eyes, licking her lips a little, her breasts bouncing as he thrust forward, her nipples dancing for him as her sharp little cry cut through the room. "He fucks me. You- You're fucking me, Marcus."

Marcus tensed and barely held back an orgasm, shuddering. He leaned down and kissed his sister softly, affectionately. This was a million times better than fucking his girlfriend. He could feel the energy he and his sister shared, even though he knew it was wrong he wanted it. He wanted to fill her with his cum and then flip her over and slide his cock into her ass.

"And do you like it?" He was beginning to move a little more quickly, unable to help himself as his breath grew shorter. His hand slid down to her breast and grabbed it, squeezing the fleshy globe.

"Yes! Yes, I like it." He knew she wasn't lying. She was creaming his cock right now. He leaned forward and let his lips brush her ear. He could feel her shudder as he nipped at the lobe, flicking his tongue over it as he groaned.

"I'm going to fuck you hard and cum in your pussy. I'm going to fill you up until it leaks out. Is that okay?" He didn't think he could stop even if it wasn't, not anymore, but it would make it better if she wanted his cum too.

"Yes!" Her soft voice was a little shrill and she wrapped her arms around him, "Yes, please cum in me Marcus!" Her tits pressed hard against his chest as she bucked beneath him, trying to fuck him herself.

"Fuuck!" he growled the word and began to thrust in her hard and fast, no longer playing games. He ground his hands into the couch, pulling back a little to watch her body move as he pounded her. He looked down to see his cock plunging in and out of her and realized that his rod was coated in her cream. She wasn't just a little messy, she was downright nasty. She was flooding his cock with cream and she wasn't even cumming. He watched as she threw her head back, screaming, and he felt the pleasure bunching up in his stomach. It was like a lead ball, growing and growing, until suddenly it exploded.

With a bellow, he began filling his sister's cunt with his cum.

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