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Sometimes things are just the way they are.

She told Greg what she had in mind and when he heard what she had planned, he could only laugh in agreement.

Cynthia awoke sometime later. How long she had been unconscious she didn't know but there was a dull throbbing in the back of her head. She went to move and found that her arms and hands wouldn't budge. Looking about she saw that she was in a chair and she was tied to it. Oddly, she was naked and her legs were tied at the calves to the front legs of the chair, keeping her from closing them. She also felt something soft in the small of her back. Craning her neck, she saw that there were two pillows behind her, forcing her to sit on the edge of the chair.

"Do you like that?" she heard someone say and fixating on the voice, saw something which sent her into a fury. Before her, on the floor, was Kelly on her back with Greg's head buried between her legs. She realized that Kelly was being pleasured in front of her, something she specifically forbade unless she said it was ok to do so.

"Stop it!" she yelled at the two of them. "Stop it now!"

Both Kelly and Greg looked at the bound person shouting at them, Kelly over Greg's body on the floor and Greg having turned his head, each with a stupid grin on their face.

"No," Kelly said matter-of-factly and placed a hand on Greg's head to indicate he should return to what he was doing before they were interrupted.

"I will not tolerate this!" Cynthia shouted.

Greg stopped what he was doing and again looked at Cynthia. "Yes, yes you will," he told her, just as matter-of-factly as Kelly had done.

"In fact," he continued, "you will watch as Kelly and I hump like rabbits in various positions. You'll watch and there won't be a damn thing you can do about it."

Realizing the futility of her position, Cynthia watched as Greg continued his pleasuring of Kelly. Picking up where he had stopped and under Kelly's guidance, Greg licked, sucked, swirled and flicked her swollen vaginal lips which were held apart by his fingers. The taste in his mouth was as sweet as any champagne or wine he had ever tasted. He listened to her as she moaned and groaned, occasionally arching her back as his tongue found its mark. He took his time, wanting her to experience whatever level of ecstasy she could, not wanting to disappoint her.

"Slow down, Greg," Kelly said. "Take your time." She wanted to enjoy this as long as she could, the fire between her legs growing hotter by the moment.

"Yes ma'am," Greg jokingly replied, stopping just long enough to give his response before he slowly drug his tongue up her wet slit.

"Ohhhhhh," Kelly moaned. "Right there. Yes, like that!"

Greg let his tongue do its work. In and out it went into her pussy, her juices coating his mouth. He slid his tongue up and down her slit again and again, making sure to spend extra time near the top.

"Uuhhhhhh!" Kelly cried out, her legs closing momentarily around Greg's head so hard he had to stop and complain about the rough treatment.

Greg continued and as Kelly neared her release, she placed one hand on his head and pulled him towards her while her other hand played with each of her breasts in turn. Her breaths were coming more quickly, her squeals louder. Greg was spurred on by her sounds and furiously used his tongue to lick her engorged clit. Each time he tasted her, Kelly moaned louder and louder, the decibels of her voice growing higher and higher.

By now, her body was in a permanent arch, only her head, hips and feet making contact with the floor. The fingers of her hand held Greg's hair in a death grip and she tried, with every bit of strength she had, to force his tongue as deeply into her sopping pussy as she could. Greg finally wrapped his arms about her thighs and pulled himself as tight into her as he could and sucked on her clit. That was all Kelly needed.

With a scream Greg was sure could be heard outside, Kelly let herself be overtaken by the powerful orgasm that was washing over her.

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