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Fed up husband punishes wife and her sisters.

The previous visits had all been similar with gentle caressing and sucking bringing her to the point of orgasm several times before eventually pushing her over the edge into a chasm of pleasure and desire. Afterwards when she had recovered from the intensity of her orgasm she felt sated and complete but this visit had an urgency and roughness to it she had not experienced before.

As she lay there totally exposed, her nipples now aching with a pleasurable pain and her legs spread apart to the point of total exposure of her innermost flesh she started to feel a sensation she had felt only on that first night, fear. This was not the same "IT" that had been on previous visits. This was something different entirely; there was more urgency, more power and more lust with this current visitor. Her body could still not move and she felt a shiver of fear run down her spine as the ripples in her skin now ran upward along her thighs heading towards the parted lips of her cunt as their final destination.

A wet tongue could now be felt licking up and around the exposed lips of her sex. Not entering but teasing and prying up and down each lip before eventually settling at the base of her cunt and exerting an inward pressure until she could feel the tongue invading the entrance to her cunt and being rewarded with a fresh flood of her excited juices. She had no control over her emotions and while fear was still prevalent her body betrayed its own level of heightened sexual excitement. The invisible tongue was now working its way up down her slick slit missing the engorged clit at the top but plunging into her depths at the bottom of its stroke and drinking at her juices. She could hear her own wetness as the tongue worked its way further and further into her until it hit the barrier of her still intact hymen. The soft pressure of the tongue at its full extent gently exerted a soft pressure on the tiny opening of her virginity but was far from enough to break through the soft tissue. It caused sensations that screamed out to be continued and followed through on but it was more than the phantom tongue or any other tongue for that matter was capable of. She was certain that her first orgasm was inevitable when suddenly everything stopped, she was still unable to move or speak but with no hope of being able to bring herself over the top she had no choice but to lay there and feel the emotions of her pending orgasm start to drain away.

She began to think that her phantom lover had left when suddenly she felt lips directly on her still engorged clit. They sucked the clit from its protected haven and continued to suck and extract the nub of flesh from the hood until it stood bare and exposed. From her prone position she could see the small knot of flesh slightly protruding from between her legs where it had been teased and stretched. The sensations waivered between pain and almost blinding arousal and she felt the first surges of her new orgasm begin to once again flood her already soaked sex. But once again everything stopped. She would have screamed in her frustration had she been able but her body was still ruled by her phantom and neither noise nor movement could ease her unbearable frustration. Her body remained totally exposed with legs still widely parted and her cunt now freely oozing her juices out over the lips and down to flood the puckered pink eye of her anus and pool on the sheets beneath her. She could sense nothing of her captive except for the continued inability to move.

Her breathing started to slow from the quickly diminishing first waves of undelivered orgasm and it was several minutes before she could feel a gentle brushing motion on her outer cunt lips. Something hard but warm was slowly and very, very gently rubbing itself between her lips with every pass becoming almost imperceptibly deeper. Her own juices now led and lubricated the new intruder deeper and deeper between her lips but there was no hurry or urgency and the new sensations continued to slowly and surely build.

It was the sudde

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