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Your fantasy takes place in a vineyard.

Kendall poked at the lowered panties and showed the assemblage that these too were stained in the crotch. "She stained these too, my dears," Kendall declared, "and it looks like this is all getting her somewhat wet and bothered."

She then turned to the bent-over Beth and placed her finger between the exposed bottom cheeks. Kendall ran her finger through the crack and probed a bit into Beth's delicate anal rosette. Then she held up her brown-smudged finger to the group and said, "What shall we do with a girl who leaves pieces of ...waste in her asshole?"

"I usually feel there are two choices for me in deciding how to discipline Beth," Kendall continued. "Of course she will be spanked and perhaps caned as well. Then I will let you all decide whether she should be made to wear girls' panties or put directly into large diapers that will fit her expansive bottom."

Before ordering the shamed young executive to get across her knee, Kendall withdrew a small leather strap from her stylish handbag. "This comes in quite handy when you need to punish big girls who misbehave," she commented to the attentive audience. Then she turned to her daughter-in-law, bent over, panties humiliating below her knees, skirt over her waist and holding her cheeks widely apart so that all her most private places were totally on view.

Kendall began applying the strap to Beth's commodious cheeks. The assembled ladies watched in awe as she snapped the supple strap across the cheeks, each time leaving a red mark. Soon Beth's globes were turning a deep crimson. Those close to the stage could even see the pooching of her distended labia between her legs, barely missing the punishing kiss of Kendall's strap. Just as she was finished the cruel strapping, Kendall hit where she wanted: just grazing the girl's tender labia. Beth somehow stifled a scream.

"Get over my lap, Beth," Kendall directed, as she sat on the armless chair on the stage. The humiliated Beth crawled across Kendall's skirted lap and soon, felt the slaps of her mother-in-law's firm hand spanking her bottom as if she were a naughty child. "There's nothing quite so helpful in disciplining a young lady of Beth's age and bearing as a good old-fashioned bottom-warming," Kendall commented.

Beth murmured to Kendall that she was in real danger of losing control right there on stage-both ways. Kendall grinned and further humiliated her by announcing it to the crowd, "This girl just told me that she desperately needs to poo and pee. Normally, I would take her to the ladies room where I can also decide if she has earned herself some time wearing a diaper. But first, today, she must hold it in and stay here and take her deserved punishment."

"For your benefit," she said with great concern, "the audience, that is, we will plug Beth, that is, we will put a buttplug in her anus to avoid any untoward accidents." With that, she took a black thick plug from her handbag, applied some lubricant and slowly slid it into Beth's small anal opening, with some squirming on the part of the pert young executive, still bent over with her crimson bottom on full display.

Beth quietly pleased for permission to go out and pee, but Kendall told her it wasn't going to happen. Finally, she ordered Beth to hold her skirt up, leave her panties down, and squat. The girl adopted the humiliating position as Kendall slipped a large glass bowl under her haunches.

"Now, ladies," Kendall announced, "Beth will now give you a little performance, won't you, dear?"

Beth was red-faced as she felt the increasing pressure of her bladder and finally she gave in as the pee shot out of her and hit the bowl with a ping, easily filling it halfway. Having been inside her for some time, and Beth had avoided drinking that morning knowing what could happen, the bowl's contents were quite deeply colored golden. Kendall retrieved the bowl and held it up for the assemblage, who clapped for the result.

Then Kendall reached into her handbag and withdrew a large diaper, with bunnies o

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