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He gets very lucky during a weekend party.



Jo walked so fast toward her apartment. She knew she would trip any second and decided it would be better at home away from public scrutiny.

'A TA?' "Shit!" 'Stop swearing, Joanne. Well at least we didn't do anything. You can drop him before he gets into trouble. Will this affect my grade? Did he slip me hints on the exam? I should have paid better attention during that first few days. What am I gonna do, now? Why didn't he say something? I don't know how he got me into this. HE? I got me into this all by myself. Way to pick 'em, Jo. He doesn't fit our list, right?'

When she turned the final corner, she saw him sitting on the stoop with one foot on the sidewalk and the other on the second step. His back was against the railing, and he was concentrating on a piece of paper he held lightly in his fingers. The wind fluttered through his hair, and he shook a few errant strands from his cheek.

'He's tall. He wouldn't be sitting like that if he wasn't. Damn, he's fine. He doesn't even know how fine he is just doing nothing. That's why you haven't been as rude as you should be. So what! He's good looking. He's smart. He's tall. He tastes good... Stop it, right now, Joanne. Get a grip. He's bad news. Curb him!'

At that moment, he looked up and noticed her. He rolled up to stand and gave her that strange smile he always seemed to give. She lost her train of thought.

"Hi, how was class," he continued to smile around an angry looking bruise that swelled his lower lip.

"I'm not sure. You tell me," she touched his cheek just shy of the bruise.

"It's not as bad as it looks. Just wait a few days, if you can't stand how it looks. Oh, you probably freaked out a bit when you figured out what time it was."

She nodded at him and narrowed her eyes.

"And, I'd do it again. You were so peaceful. Oh," he dug in his bag and handed her a stack of loose leaf pages. "Here are the notes I promised."

She took them from him with a nod and walked up the steps. He followed without hesitation. "I should get you some ice for that," she said over her shoulder.

"I told you, I'm fine. Besides, Dr. S says it makes me look more masculine."

"What else did he say," she tried to be casual when she got her keys out in front of the door.

"He said it suited me. It's not everyday he has a story."

"Like a TA dating a student?"

"Well, yeah, but I doubt if he'd put it that way."

"What way would you put it, Daniel?"

"I'm not sure." He blinked at her in understanding. She wanted an explanation, but was still listening. He rolled his shoulders and lowered his head to her level. "What was I supposed to do? I could have said something like, 'Hey Jo, I'm a TA. Use me for grades,' but you would have immediately stopped the conversation, wouldn't you?"

'He's right.' She moved back so that he could come into the apartment behind her. "Yeah, but you lied..."

"If I hadn't, you wouldn't have given me what small of shot you gave me. I'm not your TA. I don't grade your homework or exams. Even if I did, I'd have asked you out anyway," he purred at her as he moved the door closed and leaned in for a kiss. "I'd have done anything for you."

"Oh, will you shut up!" Jesse stood in their path with her arms crossed over her ample chest. She looked at Daniel and over Joanne's wrinkled clothes.

"Where were you when I got back? I was worried."

Daniel raised up to his full height and frowned, "Oh, so, now you're her mother?"

"I wasn't talking to you. Gary must have knocked what sense you had out of your head."

Dan wanted to say something but just smiled spitefully at the little woman. He had her. There was nothing Jesse could do about it.

"Dan, why don't you go sit done on the couch. I got this," she smiled up at him.

'Anything for you.' He gave Jesse a wide berth and sat down.

Jesse dragged Jo around the half-wall and into the kitchen.

"You know I was at Dan's place. You could have called, if you were worried."

Jesse looked into Joanne's eyes and frowned.

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