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A sensual journey to satisfy lust and figure out love.

After her last cycle of taking me to the edge, I felt her get up. Now what, I thought. What else can she do to me to tease me?

I heard a chirp from her watch. Damn, was it 4 o'clock? I'd been on the edge for almost 4 hours. I yelled, "Fuck, I need to cum. Watermelon, fruit salad, fuck you, whatever you want to hear. Give me relief! I'll suck your pussy again afterward until you can't cum anymore! Fuck me, spank me, whip me but let me cum!"

I heard more movement by the dresser and then felt her back on the end of the bed. I was out of control babbling incoherently. I barely noticed when the dildo first penetrated me. As my mind caught up with what my body was feeling, I just hissed "Yessss" as a large dildo began to fill my pussy. My lover slowly pushed the dildo further and further into my slobbering pussy and my moans of frustration became screams of joy. Finally, when I was more filled than I ever had been before, my pussy struggling to stretch enough to accommodate the foreign invader, I felt a little nub rub above my pussy lips and nick the underside of my clit. That was enough to push me right to the edge. I screamed for her to take me like she'd never taken anybody else before.

I felt the dildo begin to pull back. She was slow. She took her time until just the tip was resting at the entrance of my womanhood. Then I felt the second stroke. Full, fuller, fullest it went. I was babbling again by the time the nub once again clipped the edge of my clit. She held the dildo there for a moment. I felt the pressure on the bed shift and felt the dildo swirl ever so slightly in a circular motion. Then it dawned on me. I felt the mattress pressure change ever so slightly as she began to pull out. She was obviously wearing this huge dildo and was fucking me like a guy.

Not that I needed any encouragement, but this revelation struck a nerve with me. Each stroke brought me closer to the revolutionary climax I knew was coming. On the edge with each thrust, I fought to hold on to my sanity as my orgasm built. My pussy had stretched enough to allow my lover to increase the pace and strength of her thrusts. I now wanted to prolong this pleasure, but try as I might, I knew I couldn't last much longer. I was screaming obscenities at my tormentor trying to keep my mind away from cumming to allow my body to build and even bigger release. "Fuck, fuck,fuck, yes, rip my pussy apart!" and "Don't stop. You're the greatest," flowed freely from my lips. I think I even blurt out "I love you," but I was so far gone nothing my body was doing was voluntary.

The final straw was when my lover laid down on top of me. Her arms and legs were positioned spread eagled on top of mine. Her hands grasped my wrists just below the cuffs. Her breasts were mashing into mine and she began to assault my mouth with her tongue and lips. She stopped thrusting with the dildo buried to the hilt in my pussy and began rotating her hips. The dildo began hitting new pressure points in my pussy I didn't even know existed and the dam burst.

I let out a howl into her mouth as I was consumed by a massive climax. As with Suzy before, by body quivered and shook and I lay beneath my anonymous lover. My hips were bouncing forcing the dildo to rise and fall, at least a little, even though my lover was just holding on at this point. As I started to calm, ever so slightly, she restarted the assault on my defenseless body. She got back into a pushup position and resumed pummeling my pussy with her massive fuck stick. She held her position with one hand and savagely squeezed my nipples. She slapped my cheek and then my breasts. My entire body was consumed by orgasm as waves and waves of pleasure flowed through my body. Over and over she pounded the cock into me and over and over I came again. Orgasms began to flow into one another so fast they became one constant release. After being teased for 4 hours and begging to be allowed to cum, eventually I had to beg to be allowed to stop.

Thankfully my partner was more accommodating of this request and stopped t

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