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" After Summaya had left the room and Joseph had served his guests coffee, he asked them, "Now tell me how can I help you?"

They were nervous and ill at ease. Joseph asked them again, but this time he switched to very formal Arabic. "Perhaps it will be easier if we spoke Arabic? I would like to help you, but you must inform me as to the nature of the problem."

One of the women smiled and said, "We had heard that you speak Arabic, but we did not know how well. However that is not the problem. Our problem is fear! We are afraid to speak."

"You need have no fear of anything. What you and I discuss in this room will remain between us. I promise that on whatever is holy to you and I will take an oath on my Bible as well. Now open your heart to me so that I may try to help you."

After a few seconds, one of women said. "It is this way. We have heard that the fund is going to fund a certain boys' camp. Is that true?"

"As a matter of fact, it is true and not only that but I am thinking of funding a girls' camp as well. It will be good for our children to get out of the city during the summer months. Do you not think so?" he asked. "To swim and hike and learn crafts and sports."

"Yes, to do those things and only those things would be desirable, but there is something else that we have problems with." She said and then stopped talking suddenly afraid to continue, and then in a cautious tone asked, "Is it not enough that we just ask you not to fund the camp?"

"I am afraid not. If I am to withhold funds, I must have a good reason to do that. While I am not required to make that reason publicly known, at least in my own mind I must be assured that our money is used only for legal-legitimate Muslim purposes. Our fund is0 watched and investigated by the American Government. I myself am going to the camp later this evening and will investigate the camp. If you know of something that I should look out for, please let me know now. Again I tell you that I will not reveal your names to anyone. My decisions will be made on what I feel and see. Is that understood?"

"We hope that will be the case and what we are about to tell you is not something for which we have any definite proof, but we have what you Americans call 'a women's intuition'. And while in your culture, this is often praised and respected, in ours such feelings are of no value and can be very dangerous."

"I understand what you are saying and, while I do honor and respect a lot of things in that culture, that is not one of them and I will do what I can to rectify that aspect of Arab culture. Now tell me what you want to tell me so that I will know what I am looking for when I visit the camp."

"Some of us who have sent our children to this camp have found strange things going on when they have come home." She started by telling in a whisper. "Our children have become politicized and fundamentalist, even more so than some of our men folk. They have joined radical youth groups. But even more frightening is the fact that they are leaving our homes and traveling overseas. I hate to say this but we think they are being recruited for... I don't even want to mention who or what."

"My God, now I understand your concern. Have you told the Government of your suspicions?" Joseph asked.

"I am sure that one or two of the mothers wanted to do that. However no one will take them seriously. If it is true, you know what can and will happen to any of us that is known to have informed." She said drawing a finger over her throat and moving it from ear to ear.

"Enough said! I want you to know that I will look into this.

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