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A young woman walks naked through the streets of Paris.

Halfway through her second glass of wine, Terri arrived. After some small talk, Terri suggested Jen change into a robe and they would get started.

When Jennifer had changed, Terri explained that she had seven pictures in her Polaroid. The first five would be clothed and the last two would be undressed. Jennifer nodded her agreement. Terri stood up and quickly took a picture without Jennifer being ready. This prompted some laughter, which helped Jen relax a little. The next three were with her sitting and smiling, concentrating on her face, followed by one of her standing. Terri then asked Jen to drop her robe. Quickly Jennifer did and Terri took a picture. "Turn sideways". She did and Terri again took a picture. "OK. All done". It had been quicker and easier than she had thought it would be...but she still wanted more wine.

As she pulled on her robe, Terri said, "Hey! You forgot to pick a movie yesterday. I brought them with me so you can pick one out while we look at you pictures". Jennifer agreed and put in a movie, sat beside Terri and poured a glass of wine for each. Terri put the two nudes in her purse without showing them to Jen saying that no one liked they way the looked nude. Jennifer reluctantly accepted that and picked out the remaining picture she thought best showed her face.

By now the movie was going. Someone had filmed their roommate giving her boyfriend a blow job. They were on a couch, both dressed but he had just dropped his pants. She was in a sundress and as she went down on him, the girls could see very high up her leg. Jennifer felt the rush beginning as they "secretly" watched this couple. Jen's legs involuntarily squeezed together and reopened. As she did so her robe fell open slightly exposing her leg from about mid thigh down. She was so caught up in the movie that she didn't notice, not that it would have mattered, she were no more exposed then Terri in her skirt.

The scene was short but effective. When he came in her mouth it was over. The next scene started in a hotel room. A woman was lying on a bed in her bra and panties with a man in boxers lying across her chest kissing her. As the kisses became more passionate, the woman's legs parted and Jennifer noticed the little bulge in her panties. The same type she had noticed the night before. Jennifer realized she hadn't seen the previous girl's pussy and was now getting very damp in anticipation. Jennifer's legs were now moving ever so slightly but persistently as, on TV, the man's hand reached down to her knee, then slid up to rub her inner-thigh.

"I love that, right there, right there." Said Terri softly. "Don't you"? "What"? Asked Jen. "When someone touches that spot right there...right here". With that Terri opened her legs to show Jen what she meant. Terri placed her hand on a spot on her inner thigh but Jennifer was oblivious to it. Her breath was caught in her throat as a result of two things that happened at that moment. First, when Terri opened her legs, her left leg pressed against Jen's exposed right leg. The soft, smooth sensation of her now obvious thigh-highs felt very erotic, the unexpected touch sending quivers through her. Second, Terri's yellow, now exposed panties showed the same mound Jennifer had recently been obsessing over. The combination of those two events caused her breath to catch and her brain to stop.

Softly she heard Terri ask "do you like that?" "I.

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