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And she makes three.

And even luckier to have them willing to share their beds with me - individually and together! The stories we had told each other had allowed enough time to pass that I was almost fully erect again. Paula noticed this as she was rubbing her hands over my belly, and she grabbed my erection in her hand. She looked over at Geneen and smiled a devilish little smile.

"I want you to tell me what you and Mark did that night, and I will do it with him as you tell it." Paula looked at me and continued, "Do you think you're up for the task, Mark?"

"I shall do my very best," I replied in my best Ben Stein voice. The humor was lost on my partners.

"Well, I will try to remember everything," Geneen ventured, "but I may not get the order right. And if you have trouble doing what I am describing, I'll jump in and show you." It was Geneen's turn to smile devilishly at Paula. "That way we both can relive that night!"

"What about me?" I asked. "Am I just supposed to lay here and let you two have your way with me?" When both girls looked at me and nodded, I answered, "I can live with that!"

Geneen sat up and crawled to the foot of the bed. Her tight ass swayed invitingly, and I could see the swelling lips of her pussy as she moved down the bed. Paula tightened her grip on my dick and warned me, "Don't get any ideas, mister! You are MINE now, so don't even think about her for a while!"

Geneen was now sitting cross-legged at the end of the bed, making it very difficult not to stare at her fully exposed pussy. Paula began to stroke me gently, distracting my attention somewhat.

"Well you're starting out about right," Geneen volunteered. "Mark and I had fallen asleep for a while, and when I woke up he was lightly rubbing my back and hair. I reached out to hug him and ran into that monster, just like you have Paula.

"You need to move a little higher up, Paula. Rest your head on his shoulder and bring your leg over his. That's right, now turn your face up and start kissing his neck. Mark, you're not rubbing her right. Stroke her run your hand down her back and cup her ass...squeeze it slide a finger along her ass and try to reach her pussy...good!

"Paula, as Mark plays with your ass, move your hips up so he can reach you. There! Let him finger that blonde bush from behind and show his dick how good it feels...stroke slide up a little higher and kiss him on the lips...don't let him lose contact with your pussy...Mark, you need to finger her pussy and get her wet and hot so you can fuck her like you fucked me..."

As Geneen directed us, Paula and I did our best to follow her commands. I didn't have a hard time caressing Paula, and she didn't' have a hard time playing with me. The difficulty came in trying to hold back what came naturally, and follow the directions Geneen was giving. Paula moved her body on top of mine and started to rub her hot slit up and down the length of my hard on, at Geneen's instructions. I kissed Paula deeply and fondled her tight little ass as she moved up and down. I could feel her juices coat my cock, and tried to raise my hips enough to get inside the source of her wetness. Geneen had other ideas.

"Stop trying to fuck her, Mark! That comes later! You have to eat her first - remember? Paula! Slide up to his face and plant that pussy on his tongue...there you go...doesn't he have a talented tongue? I can hardly get enough of his mouth...go for it girl...grind that pussy into him...make him eat you until you can't take it anymore!"

Paula had followed Geneen's instructions, and I found myself with a face full of blonde hair surrounding a hot, juicy cunt. Even if Geneen had told me not to, I couldn't help but lick along the length of this tasty slit. I grabbed each of Paula's thighs in my hands and pulled her legs open a bit more. Then I drove my tongue into her with all the force I could, and licked her as deeply as my tongue would go. I was rewarded with a squeal from Paula.

"Oh GOD that feels good! Fuck me with your

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