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Jordan inherits his family's land, but it comes with a secret.

And then I heard it. The voice. My inner me.

You're not planning to go out dressed like that, are you?

The voice sounded {repeated eraser marks here} like I would sound if I tried to imitate you. I looked at myself in the mirror again.

No. You're dressing like you're still the flat-chested little computer geek you were in junior high. You have developed, girl. Nice tits, great ass... you dress right, and you will have a body to die for. Nothing in your wardrobe that'll do the job, though. You need to go shopping.

I thought about it for a moment, but this was my inner me, right? My more assertive self, the self that knew best. I was out the door, and off to the boutiques.

It was a few hours later, in a completely new outfit, that I hit the nightclubs...and God, did it work great! The voice told me how to move, how to act, where to walk, how to walk, how to dance, when to drink... it was wonderful. Everyone was looking at me, and for once, I didn't feel embarrassed or ashamed. I felt like a hand in a glove, like a thread in a needle.

That was when I met Robert. Robert's around here somewhere. I think Mistress Michelle has him doing the dishes right now, or perhaps he's licking her shoes clean. When I met Robert, though, he was still free. He looked--and still looks--gorgeous, like something right out of GQ; when he walked over to the bar where I was resting after a dance, I wanted to blush and hide my eyes. But the voice was right there, telling me to make eye contact with him and thrust out your chest a little--not so much that you look like you're thrusting out your chest, but enough to make him aware of you as a woman instead of a piece of furniture. He sat down by me and asked what my name was. I almost said, "Mickey," just out of habit, but the voice was right there, and I told him, "Michelle," and he smiled. I loved it when he smiled.

We started talking. I don't remember what we talked about anymore, but the voice was letting me know when to nod, when to smile, when to rest my hand on his thigh, when to ask him if he wanted to go someplace a little less noisy. It told me how to sit in his car and display just the right length of leg. When we got to his place, it told me how to slip my tongue between his lips when we kissed, how to slide my hand into his pants, where to grab his cock to get him to gasp out my name, how to deep throat him, and it told me to smile devilishly before telling him to eat my pussy.

It had already told me not to wear panties back at the boutique.


I came into work the next morning without having changed, or slept, or even showered. I loved the scent of sex on me, Annie. It was like...more than just a reminder of the feeling when Robert pumped into me. It was a reminder of how alive and confident I was that night. I never wanted to get rid of it. Instead, I settled in at my desk and started up my computer... and the voice was back again.

Didn't it feel wonderful, the way you drifted off last night into hypnosis? You never thought it would be such a turn-on for you, but it was. I thought about it for a moment, and my mind drifted back... and suddenly I was wet all over again. I wanted to run the program again, just to feel that sense of peace and serenity, that drifting happiness. I closed my door and brought up the parameters for the session. No suggestions this time, just a trance and then awakening.

Wait, the voice said. Perhaps you should strengthen your previous suggestions. Suggestions always work better when strengthened.

I nodded, and found myself speaking into the microphone.

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