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Peter's wife goes away, and the sitter takes advantage.

My grandpa came closer to her and uttered something. My mom tried to get up but he held her hands and made her sit near him. Suddenly he put a hand on one of her breasts. To my surprise mom didn't say anything. Grandpa started fondling her breasts and mom sat there with her eyes closed. Suddenly, I saw my uncle entering the room fro the attached toilet. He stared at them for a moment and then he also started to fondle mom's breasts. Then grandpa and Rajesh opened their shirts. Mom was sitting as a helpless woman. Then both of the men undressed her bra and took each of the nipples in their mouths. My mom was moaning and her hands were running over their hair. She slowly lay down and the men lay on her sucking her beautiful breasts. After sometime they got up and started opening their trousers. Mom looked aroused too and helped grandpa open his brief. In no time she was in front of two enormous dicks all ready to be sucked. Slowly she took uncle's dick in her mouth and pulled grandpa's one towards her. Rajesh held her head and forced her to suck it intensely.

After a few moments mom took grandpa's one in her mouth. In the mean time Rajesh kneeled down and started pressing her breasts. After giving them the blowjob mom turned back in doggy style. Uncle got behind her and entered slowly. Mom moaned with pleasure. And she was ready for a fuck. As Rajesh slammed into her, grandpa didn't allow her to scream as he put his dick in her mouth. Rajesh went on fucking with her breasts in his hands. Then Grandpa took Rajesh's place and vice versa. Two massive men fucked mom. I was stunned to see this whole thing. I couldn't believe my eyes. As I saw my mom moan and scream I got horny too. As the 'bed game' ended, I slowly sneaked out of the room.

After an hour Rita returned. I thought whether I should tell her this or not. I didn't know how she would take the whole situation. I went to my mom's room just to see what she was doing. She was lying on her bed and her eyes were closed. As I entered she told me to close the door as she was very tired. Her sari had gone off and I could see the same breasts those were sucked and ruptured moments ago. I came out and closed the door. That day grandpa and Rajesh were very happy and cheerful throughout the day. But I was restless all along. I decided to tell Rita the whole incident at night, when everybody would go to sleep.

In the evening dad returned. He was cheerful as usual. As I went to the bedroom to ask dad something I found him kissing my mom passionately.

After dinner I told Rita to come and sit next to me in my room, as I wanted to tell her something serious. She was curious and came to my room. I started narrating her the story. Her face showed that she was something more than shocked. She couldn't believe it. And I was so engulfed in telling her the story that I didn't realise that my uncle Rajesh was also in the room and was listening to our story. I realised that he was there when he sat beside Rita. Both of us were shocked and a strange fear engulfed us. He slowly said, "Kishan, what you are thinking as a sin is not a sin actually. What me and your mom did today, is a very enjoyable thing. Your dad knows about this too. After your parents got married we had these kinds of orgies. It is good, Kishan, very, very good." As he finished saying these, he slowly started to run his hands over Rita. She screamed in fear. He slowly told her to be quiet. Then he made her lie on the bed and went on top of her. He started kissing her and said that he liked her too.

Rita, to my surprise was quiet. Rajesh came down to her throat and then to her breasts. He took them in both hands and started pressing them. Rita was saying "No, uncle no, please no." I ran out and called my dad. I shouted and told them to come to my room. As me and dad entered we saw Rajesh has already got her almost undressed and was sucking her breasts. Her eyes were closed and she was moaning with a painful look on her face. I said "Dad do something".

Dad looked very calm and said

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