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He likes it when it's wet.

She moves her head to the right, looking over my shoulder at my reflection in the mirror. She has a look on her face that is similar to what mine was as I thought of sucking your cock just a moment ago. "Oh yes, that is definitely you" she purrs.

As she says this, she steps closer to me and presses her body against my back. I can feel her warmth as she does so and I can feel electricity pass between us. I am definitely not imagining this, I am sure. Just as if she read my mind, she reaches her hands around to my shoulders and gently touches me. She massages my shoulders and then slowly drifts her hands down in front of us, rubbing across my nipples. She watches in the mirror as my nipples respond to her touch. I am mesmerized by the reflection of us in the mirror also. She moves her hands down slightly and cups my breasts in her hands. "Those are so nice" she whispers in my ear. I moan as I hear nothing else at all but her voice.

Her hands continue on the outside of the gown, down my belly and across my hips. She moves very slowly as we both watch this seduction. I instinctively press my ass up against her body and her hands move down further. The gown is short but long enough that she would have to reach under it to get to my pussy. She doesn't know that I have no panties on and that I can feel my pussy begin to drip down my leg at that very moment. As she gets to the hem of the gown, I press my body forward toward her beautiful hands. I want her to touch me so badly that I can barely stand it. She must see that desire in my face because as if on cue, she slides her hand under the gown.

A smile spreads across her face as she is greeted by a naked, shaved, soaked pussy. She slides her fingers gently across my pussy and feels me sigh a breath of relief. I want to be touched so badly that I can barely stand it. "Oh my - is your pussy wet" she says "Care to tell me what caused that?" I smile at her and press my hips forward more, almost begging her to slide her fingers inside me. She pulls her hands back as she continues to tease me. This reminds me so much of how you are with me that my expression changes. She notices this and stops for split second. "Everything okay?" she asks. I smile and look at her with the desire on my face again which comforts her.

She returns to petting my nice wet pussy as we move together in front of this mirror. "I was thinking about my boyfriend" I tell her. "He just dropped me off at this store and went back to work. Your touch reminds me of how he touches me."

"That is a compliment" she says and at that moment, she slides a finger right into my soaking wet pussy. My pussy lips are so swollen from the teasing that I wonder if it was a mistake and her finger just slipped. "That feels so good" she purrs and I realize that there was definitely not a mistake. I spread my legs and push my body back against her as she watches in the mirror. She slowly, methodically finger fucks my pussy and the smell of sex begins to fill the room. I start to moan and ride her hand as she slides in another finger. This starts to make me louder. She leans into my ear and says "shhhhh, enjoy quietly so we don't get interrupted. I want to feel you cum on my fingers."

I look into the mirror again and the look of desire on her face as she watches me enjoy her fingers is amazing. I grind my body onto her hand and against her body. Feeling the wetness of my pussy and hearing the sound of it as she fucks me right there in the dressing room. I do my best to stay quiet but can't be completely silent. She seems to enjoy watching me attempt to do so and fucks harder and faster. Just as I am sure I am about to cum she slows down and speaks in my ear. "Your boyfriend? You say he just dropped you off? Where did he go?"

"Back to work" I tell her and try to get her to start to fuck me hard again with her fingers. She takes a cell phone out of her pocket and while she continues to gently fuck me with two fingers, she extends it to me.

"Can we call him?" She questions.

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