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Jack and Jen become a bit more loving.

"You're looking uncomfortable." It's true. You seem to be squirming - nothing too obvious - but you can't sit still for longer than a few seconds at a time. I notice that you're flushed as well, your hair - damp from the rain, hangs around your face, and you brush it out of the way.

"I'm fine" you reply, but there's a catch to your voice, as though you're not quite sure. "Shall we order?" I'm starving so I nod my head - still not sure exactly what's wrong with you.

I call the waiter over, and we order our food and a bottle of wine. We make idle chat about our day as first the starter, and then the main course arrives. We start a second bottle of wine, and while we're talking you grasp my hand on the table, and I feel it tremble slightly as you do so. You're looking more and more uncomfortable now, wriggling on your seat quite obviously, and your legs keep bumping into mine. Suddenly you stop - a look of triumph on your face, you put a finger to your lips, and motion me to put my hand underneath the tablecloth. Looking slightly bemused I comply - and move my hand discreetly under the hem. I feel around underneath the table, not too sure what I'm supposed to be doing - and suddenly I feel you pressing something into my hand. It's all I can do not to gasp out in surprise, I pull my hand back from underneath the table, and take a look at your 'gift'. Lying in my hand, soaking wet, is the pair of knickers you've just taken off. You smile at me - "surprised?!" you ask?

I laugh, - "hell yes!" I respond..."I wasn't expecting that!"

"I haven't seen you for a week - I've been so horny it's been all I can do to stop myself fingering myself at work... I've had to make do dreaming about it, and then bringing myself off at home when I get back to my dildo."

I look at you - you're still flushed, and suddenly I understand why.

"Let's get out of here" I say, and motion the waiter over for the bill.

I excuse myself, and walk over to the restroom, a flurry of images going through my head dreaming about tonight. I turn into a cubicle, push the door shut, and lean against it. I take out your panties again, marvelling at how wet they are.

I hear the door open, and I quickly stuff them back into my pocket, pulling away from the door, and moving to lock it at the same time. I hear a small knock at the door, and freeze. "Are you in there?" I hear you whisper.

I open the door - you push past me and lock it behind you.

"I can't wait - I need you to sort this out" you say. "You want to know what's wrong with me?" I nod, and you slam the toilet lid down, stand on it, and bend over.

"That's what's wrong!!! But be quick... we haven't got a lot of time"

I take a look, as you raise the hem of your skirt. Wedged deep in your pussy is a tiny vibrator. I reach out to touch it, and as I begin to pull it out of you, deep shudders convulse your body as you climax. You bite your lip and let out a stifled moan as it finally pulls out with a little 'pop' and I realise that your pussy and the top of your legs are covered with your juices. Standing on the toilet, with your kneehigh boots on, you're just the right height and I bury my head underneath your skirt, and begin cleaning you - my tongue tracing a line from your clit down, cleaning as I go, and a couple of fingers inside you feeling you clenching me.

You groan, and grind your pussy into my face and your hand moves down and starts rubbing your clit frantically as a second orgasm approaches. I fumble with the belt on my trousers, and finally they drop to the ground. I lift you off the toilet seat and push you back against the wall. You kiss me hungrily and gasp, eyes wide as my hard cock pushes and slips easily into your sopping pussy and I begin fucking you, moving your body up and down the wall, supporting your weight as you hold on round my neck. "YES" you gasp, clenching and releasing your walls around me. Your wet, sopping pussy glides over my cock, and each time you reach the bottom of my shaft it feels like I'm going to get my balls sucked back up at the same time.


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