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They begin a road trip.

Lord Murmur doing the same.

"Thank you, I think, my lord." he remarks, "Now can we get back to the fact that something happened here?"

"Yes, yes!" Lord Asmodeus chuckles, trying to contain himself. Lord Murmur not having any success with it either. "Sarah?" All eyes turn once again on her. "Please enlighten us as to what just happened."

"Nothing. I just put a rabid dog down!" she smiles.

All their eyes shift. Darrel is still buried in the floor. His body shakes and shudders every now and again, letting them know he is still alive.

"Oh, and Darrel, you still have something of mine that you stole! I'm taking it back." she demands, raising her hand in front her and squeezing her fist closed, pulling it back towards her face. His body starts to quake. Tiny black shards erupt from every point of his frame, briefly hoovering over him. Seconds later as if they found their rightful place, they shoot across the room towards Sarah. A magnificent blue-green force-field surrounds her. In slow motion each fragment passes through it, changing their color to the vibrant aqua of the shield before entering her. "I also want you to know. Any of your seed born from your loins will also disappear with you. Your lineage is destroyed!" she laughs, fling the doors wide. She exits. Her revenge complete.

Tiny popping sounds rise up from the floor. Darrell screams out in agony and terror. One by one his cells explode into nothing. Lord Murmur gapes in awe, watching the destruction of his charge. Lord Asmodeus lowers his eyes, clearly amused and takes a sip of his wine. Zuel stands stunned and turns to glare at the spot where Sarah once stood. The two lords turn their attention with his energy waxing in anger. Instantly, their concern disappears because of Sarah's art design all over his face. Laughter spills out, harder than before.

Zuel's feature grimaces towards their actions.


Sarah bounces on her bed, pleased with her actions of the day. The power racing through her veins. She's never felt so, so good in her life. Able to stand up for myself, not taking anyone's shit! A devilish smirk spreads on her lips at her thought. Fluffing her pillow, she plows her head into it. Her excitement threatens a blissful well deserved rest. Her eyes flicker and flutter. They bounce once, twice and she is out, floating into dreamland.


Sarah lies in a vibrant green field on the side of a slopping hill. Puffy white clouds travel across the vast blue sky, blocking the sun's rays every now and again. A light breeze washes over her, wafting her hair across calm features. She rolls onto her side, smiling to herself. The warm rays penetrate her skin. Her fingers twist in the soft grass.

With, a rumble of thunder, the atmosphere quickly changes. Dark black clouds roll in, blocking out the light completely. A metallic smell fills the air. Roars of battle, screams of death echo the valley floor. She abruptly sits up and turns her eyes. A war, a battle to the death rages behind her. She stands. Placing one foot in front of the other, she heads towards the mayhem. Men and demons fall to the ground. Dead! She takes notice, but feels nothing. An extreme shift in her dream and seconds later, she is in the center of it.

Massive black wing, twice her size, spread out behind her. They are hers. A golden rod with a large open circle, tiny charms hanging in its center is in her right hand. She lifts it, slamming its end into the solid dirt. A bluish-green energy wave pulsates outward. All fall from both sides of the war. Men and demons alike. She lowers her head as tears trickle down from her closed eyes. Her heart breaks.

Climbing up the slope, injured, cover in blood and gore is Lord Asmodeus. He features cracked in shock of what he sees. Sarah, standing in the middle of the carnage, cries. Anger erupts from his throat as he races towards her. His talon fastens around her neck. She does not look at him, keeping her eyes screwed shut.

"YOU BETRAYED ME!" he growls

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