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Is there such a thing as happily ever after?

She planned on being home for their usual Saturday call.

Faith's lethargy was gradually replaced by nervous energy. She began pacing, and thinking, 'what should I do? Get a grip. Take control.'

Putting on the hat and dark glasses, she grabbed Bill's credit card and mustered enough courage to leave the room. She strolled to the lobby where there was a bustle of activity. A handful of weekend guests had arrived early. They were young couples, lovers away for a romantic interlude.

Afraid of literally sticking out like a sore thumb, Faith eased discreetly along the perimeter and slipped into the gift shop. Bottles of wine from local vineyards were prominently on display. 'I should get a bottle for later. Bill might like a glass to relax.'

Unwilling to ask the salesgirl for a recommendation, Faith stood and read the labels, trying to decide.

She jumped when a soft feminine voice behind her said, "The Monroe Cabernet is excellent, if you like a dry red wine."

"Oh, thank you," Faith answered. Her voice sounded tremulous, despite her best effort to stay calm. Glancing back to see who offered the advice, she spied a smiling, attractive blonde.

Smiling, until she glimpsed the bruises. "Is everything okay?" the stranger asked, lightly touching Faith's arm. "I didn't mean to scare you."

Turning back to the display, Faith answered, "Yes, thank you, I'm fine. Just a little jumpy right now."

The woman moved into Faith's peripheral vision, "I can imagine," she said, with concern. "Are you here alone?"

"No, I'm not. But my fianc__ is gone away on business, until tonight," Faith answered, feeling self-conscious, nevertheless pleased to have someone to talk to.

"Excuse me for asking but... did he do this to you?"

The distress in the stranger's voice was comforting -- someone cared. "No. Just the opposite in fact, he saved my life."

The woman held out her hand, saying, "I'm sorry for being so nosy. My name is Lucy. I've been down that rough road with my ex, and I was worried you were still on it."

"Hi Lucy, I'm Faith," she answered, shaking her hand. "I'll be fine," qualifying it with, "eventually."

"Okay, have a nice day, Faith," Lucy gave a small wave in departure. Carrying a bottle of Monroe Cabernet toward the cashier, she added, "We're in room 205 if you get lonely and want to chat."

"That's very kind of you, Lucy. Bye." Faith returned to perusing labels. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed someone walk up behind Lucy and rub her bottom. Mechanically, she looked to see what her new friend's companion looked like. A willowy brunette stood with her hand around Lucy's waist. Lucy whispered something and the brunette turned her dark eyes on Faith. The woman smiled and then whispered something in Lucy's ear.

Faith's face grew hot, as she went back to shopping, minding her own business, until they left. Quickly picking up one bottle of white and one bottle of ros__, along with a cheap corkscrew, she paid and then marched back to her room.

Without a conflicted thought, Faith opened the bottle of white and poured a full plastic cup, then gulped down half. After refilling it, she went upstairs with the bottle to sit in the window.

A steady rain fell. The lake rolled with somber waves of gray.

The wine's warm ripples swept through Faith's veins.

The gift shop encounter invaded her musings. 'Lucy turned gay? Was that her answer to physical abuse? Did she change sexual orientation, just to run from men?' Faith couldn't understand it. Men's bodies turned her on. And good men, like Lou and Bill, certainly knew how to make love, and how to make her glad she was a woman.

Grabbing the bottle and cup, Faith left the room and ambled down the second floor hallway. Room 205 was in the north wing, near the end. For a few seconds, she stood still, filled with mixed emotions.

Emboldened by the drink, Faith knocked. Muffled voices penetrated the door and then there was a brief silence. Standing in front of the peephole, she smiled, realizing she'd forgotten the sunglasses and hat. 'Oh well.'

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