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The Beast Within.

I feel a hot body between my legs, rough hands fondle my breasts, and plays with the nipple. It is so disorientating not been able to hear and see. All there is to focus on is the touch. I can feel a cock head on my pussy lips. It is slowly pushed in. Once it is all the way in, he just holds it there.

I hate myself, here I am being fucked by a complete stranger and I start to orgasm. I know that it has more to do with the previous orgasms, then actual reactions to the situation. Then I notices something. Fuck! He is not wearing a condom, that is unscripted. What the hell is master thinking? I try to thrash and throw him off, but this must turn him on, because he puts his hand on the middle of my chest and holds me down and starts fucking my hard. I am still orgasming, and I am so ashamed of myself.

I redouble my efforts to fight him, but again this just seems to excite him more. He must feel the gentle throb of the butt plug soon. He grinds down hard into me, and I can feel him cumming inside of me. He lays down on top of me for a few minutest then gets up. I am defeated, there is nothing I can do. I can't stop this day. I actually contemplate if there is any way I can hurt myself. I am too well bound.

I feel my legs being unbound I curl into a ball and the comforter is placed over me. The right head phone is lifted and master whispers. Rest now Lacy, you have some time before the next stop. I am going to take our friend for a couple of drinks. He puts the headphone back, when I think they have left I start to sob. I have no idea how much time passes, finally my crying and the sway of the train lull me into a nap.

I am woken gently with soft kisses. I kick where I think he is, but miss. He grabs the leg I kicked with and binds it quickly. I kick with the other leg, and hit what must be his stomach. I get a sharp slap on my thigh, but that doesn't stop me from trying again. He grabs my other leg and tries to bind it, but I try and fight him. He gets it bound and gives me more slaps on my inner thigh.

Then nothing, not even a reprimand. I feel fingers at my pussy and try to pull away, but I can't. The dildo goes back in and the electric throbbing starts up. I start to orgasm, and tears start. The blindfold is still wet and cold from my last round. The wand is placed back on my clit and is secured in place somehow. I continue to orgasm, I have never felt so helpless and violated. I can't do anything but sob and orgasm.

I don't know how much time passes, but the wand is removed and so is the dildo. This time there is only silence, master doesn't say anything and I can't even tell who is in the room. Somebody gets between my legs and I notice an add texture, are those tights? I fill the head of something against my pussy. It doesn't feel right. Is it a strap on? It is quickly pushed in, the butt plug doing is steady throbbing and my breasts are fondled by what feels like silk gloved hands. I smell a whiff of perfume. It is a women this time!! She must be using a strap on.

The orgasms continue as I cry harder. I am so humiliated. So ashamed, suddenly I realize, I am almost broken. I won't be broken, so I fight. I again try and throw the person off. My attempts are so pitiful, I am emotionally and physically exhausted. She pushes down on my breasts to still me and continues the assault with the strap on. My mind starts to drift, the emotional trauma and the physical pleasure are putting me in something like sub space, but not quite. I lay there and sob as she fucks me.

Finally it is over. My legs are unbound, again. I curl up in a ball like last time, and the comforter is placed on my again. I continue to cry, I can't even really think at this point. Master doesn't say anything to me, there is just nothingness. I fall asleep much faster this time.

When master comes back, I don't even fight.

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