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A night elf warrior gets help from her draenei friend.

Her hands were rubbing his back as her breath became more rapid.

Earl could see her long manicured finger nails dig into the black man's skin above her as Clyde moved his hips from side to side.

Earl was excited beyond belief as he made a bold move and got down on his hands and knees and started to crawl into the room toward the foot of the bed. He kept down low until he thought it was safe and slowly raised himself enough to see over the mattress.

Earl was only a couple feet away from the vision that filled his eyes. He was watching that huge black cock as it sliced into the woman's tight pussy. Her pussy seemed stretched beyond its capacity.

Her pussy lips seemed as if they were stretched out and clasping the big cock that was tight inside her.

She started to whimper again. "Oh my...God Clyde, I've never felt so full in my life! You're so big and gentle, baby."

Earl had the best view in the house. This was better then watching any porno flick he ever saw. He'd always been aroused watching interracial sex but never thought he'd get to watch in person.

To his amazement, Clyde began chanting to his white lover.

"Tell me, baby. Do you like that big black cock inside you?"

She was moaning and making little noises like an injured kitten and finally whimpered. "Yes. I love your cock inside me. It's been so long since I've had anyone inside me and never this big."

She whimpered a little than added. "You're so good."

The wet sound of Clyde's cock slicing into her wet pussy filled the room as Earl got comfortable on the floor near the edge of the bed. Earl turned his head when his hand touching something on the floor.

It was her purse! Earl moved his eyes further across the floor and saw her dress dangling from a chair. Earl began to wonder when he saw the gold dress and studied the material for a moment until he realized it was made like the one Janice was wearing at the club tonight.

The sound of the mattress began to get louder as Clyde began pushing into the woman with more force now. Earl took hold of the purse and gently opened the flap and looked inside. He saw her wallet inside and gently pulled it out as he glanced back at the bed.

He turned his head back and took both hands to open the wallet and saw her driver's license. Earl just about had a heart attack at that moment when he read the name and saw the face. It was Janice!

Earl started to panic as he closed the wallet and put it back inside the purse and carefully put it on the floor where he found it. His heart was racing and his arms began to shack as he tried to figure out what he was going to do next.

Earl thought about standing up and pulling Clyde off his wife but couldn't even imagine what sort of scene that would cause.

Earl listened to Janice as she whimpered under the big fellow above her and hollered out as her body shook again. She was having another orgasm as Clyde hammered away inside her tight pussy.

Earl thought he would dye when he heard Clyde begin to grunt and yelped out like a child being beaten. "Oh God....I'm going to cum....God....Here it is, baby.....Take it....." Earl watched as Clyde slapped his massive legs into her upturned ass a few more times and sunk his cock inside her until his large balls slapped against her ass one last time and stayed there as he emptied his seed inside her womb.

Earl could hear Clyde as he tried to catch his breath. A few moments later he heard them kissing again until Clyde rolled off her body. The only sound that could be heard was of them trying to catch their breath.

Earl thought about crawling back out but was worried about being caught and stayed down low to the floor until he heard Clyde talking.

"Why don't you get on your knees down on the edge of the bed and hold onto the railing."

Earl began to panic.

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