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Wife forced to submit to further sexual humiliation.

"Don't dink around, just do it!"

Okay, boss!

I moan as I press forward and slowly penetrate him until I'm all of the way inside of his ass.

"You feel so good! You're so fucking tight, Colin!"

"Well, you know, six weeks and four days!"

I start thrusting in and out. Knowing he already finished takes a lot of pressure off of me and allows me to relax and let the sensation take over. I close my eyes and thrust with a steady rhythm as I run my hands up and down his back as his tight heat brings me closer and closer. I must be hitting the right spot because Colin starts mumbling.

"Oh, shit!"

I'm so close as I continue nailing his prostate with each thrust and trying to take him over the edge with me.

"Oh-god-oh-god! Fuck, Charlie! Argh! Ugh! Go, go, go!"

I can feel my muscles contracting as my orgasm sweeps through my body and my fingers are gripping his ass so hard, I know I'm going to leave marks. I reach around him and I'm surprised to find his erection has returned with a vengeance! I start stroking him, knowing I'm only seconds away from finishing, and Colin screams at my touch.


His ass muscles tighten around my shaft as I feel his spunk covering my fingers. I let go and my body releases everything as it blasts his insides with six weeks and four days worth of juice. I thrust a few more times until I can't move. Finally, I slowly withdraw and lie on my back beside him.

Colin laughs as he says.

"You're the real MVP!"

He does his best Wayne's World impression as he says.

"Please, don't leave me! I'm not worthy!"

I join him in the laughter. I feel the joy and love we normally shared and everything feels right, again. I look at him and say.

"You're not a total idiot. You sweet talked me into signing a contract before I had time to realize you don't have the skills."

"Fuck you."

"You tried!"

I shrug and he laughs harder.

"Fuck you!"

I'm about to respond again when there's a knock on the cabin door.


Colin and I look at each other as we jump up and dress as quickly as possible. I don't want to get caught naked on my future father-in-law's plane, especially with his son! I check to see if Colin is presentable, but his hair is mussed and his clothes are messy.

"You look thoroughly fucked!"

He smiles and says.

"Well, you look lightly fucked."

He leans over and kisses me before letting the flight attendant in.

"We're starting to descend so I'll leave you guys be, but it's time to return to your seats and buckle up."

Colin cuts her off with his charming, All-American smile.

"Yeah, yeah. We got it. Thank you and thank you for your discretion."

She looks at both of us, before smirking with a knowing look in her eyes, and says.

"No problem."

* * *

As we step off of the plane, I see a car waiting and realize something's different so I look around...nothing's in English.

"Where are we? This isn't Portland!"

"We're on vacation!"

He won't answer any of my questions and I have a lot!

"Just shut up and get into the car. You're an annoying kidnap victim!"

We drive twenty minutes before finally stopping at a small marina and I'm confused. I look at Colin, hoping for something, but his face isn't giving anything away. He motions for me to get into a small boat while he says something, in French, to the driver before we take off.

His hazel eyes are shining and his lip is curled at the corner. He's proud of himself as he yells over the wind and the boat engine.

"I pulled a lot of strings! I thought you'd be proud of me! I mean, most of the strings are my dad, but he's a big rope so it wasn't hard. Since I never ask him for anything, I think he enjoyed it!"

I smile at his effort. I can't imagine what tiny Airbnb we'll be staying in, but I don't care! I want to be with Colin.

"Brett mentioned you wanted to be on a yacht in the south of France! So...!"

He gestures out to the water, where a beautiful yacht's sitting, and my eyes widen with shock.


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