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He shifted direction and danced over the underside. Shari whimpered and held still. Kane settled his hands fully over her breasts and began to pull tenderly at her erect nipples. His caresses became rougher as he pulled and tweaked her flesh. She moaned and fought to stay still.

"Open your eyes." Kane whispered in her ear.

Shari opened her eyes and took a second to adjust to the lighting change. Then she saw it. Sitting on the odd shaped ottoman like a sacrificial alter was an odd contraption. It looked like a rounded top black box with a dildo sticking out from the top. There were cords coming out the front and the back and a control box attached to the front cord. She gazed at it in puzzlement.

"It is a Sybian." Kane said chuckling at the look on her face.

"I think I have heard of that but no clue..."

"Well it is not like you need to know what it is to sit on it. Come on sweet slut. Time for your reward."

Kane showed her how to climb the ottoman. The ottoman was positioned so that Shari was kneeling on either side of the box. If the Symbian were turned the other way she would be able to stand due to the lower ledges of the ottoman.

"I designed the furniture so that you do not have to kneel on the floor. You can use it comfortably and when your legs start cramping from extended use we just turn it so you can stretch." Kane explained. He helped her straddle the machine then positioned the dildo so that it lined up with her slick hole. She slid slowly down the length of the faux cock. There was a front part of the cock that had small rubber nubs dotting it. The nubs covered about 6 inches by 1 inch in front of her. and when he pressed her down fully on the cock they pushed her labia apart and rested against her clit. She was looking at the machine and did not notice Kane retrieve a belt. He circled her waist with the belt and connected 4 straps from each side to rings dangling from the belt. He cinched the straps tight and when he was done she could not move from the waist down.

"How do you feel?"

"Full... nervous... fine."

"Good girl. let me know if your legs start to cramp."


Kane stepped over to the control box. "We are going to start slow." He said.

He turned a knob and the machine made a whirling sound and the cock inside her began to move. She could not tell the direction of movement but it was not going deeper and was hitting everything inside. She moaned softly. It felt nice.

"Shari, I want you to look at me. I want you to keep watching me."

Shari nodded and bit her lip. Kane touched another dial and the nubs resting against her clit started to dance. Shari's eyes went wide and she glanced down at the machine. Suddenly the vibration and whirling stopped.

"I said, watch me. When you behave you get your reward." Kane said with a cock of his eyebrow. Shari looked back at him and kept her eyes glued to him. "Very good. Tell me when you are about to cum. Ask me for permission before you do. Understand?"

"Yes sir." Shari nodded.

Kane started the machine. He slowly increased both the rotation and the vibration until they were at half power. Shari was moaning trying to keep her eyes on him.

"I am close." Shari moaned. "May I cum sir?"

"No." Kane said turning off the machine. "That is the one you miss because you disobeyed me. You see how this works?"

Shari nodded. She was panting from the desire. She was going to be on her best behavior from here on in.

"Now because you were so good today, I want to give you a very special treat but to get there you need to build it up. So we are going to edge for 6 minutes. I want you to gauge how close you are to orgasm and rate your level on a scale of 1 to 10. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir." Shari nodded.

"When you get to nine you need to tell me. When I ask where you are you need to answer me, and remember this is only for 6 minutes."

"Okay, I understand.

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