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Zoe falls victim to the computer and her coworker.

Luckily the teacher was much more interesting than the class itself! She was about 31 and very voluptuous with dark red hair usually tied back in a pony tail or up in a bun and she wore cute little glasses. She was very sophisticated and wore conservative dresses which could not even come close to hiding her dynamite figure. I estimated that her breasts were 39 DDD, she had a very thin tummy which fed into the flair of her womanly hips and did she ever have a nice round ass, i spent most of the classes watching it in combination with her swinging breasts.

The other girls in the class were not shabby either i won't waste time describing them in detail, one was a plump ebony beauty, another was an athletic girl, another was a slim blond who did not have much in the breast department but had awesome hips and a round curvaceous ass that looked delectable. The last and certainly not least of the girls was my favorite.. Kelly! She was quite ordinary in most respects except for one detail, she had the most gigantic pair of knockers that i had ever seen! (at least in real life!) They had to be at least a triple E and jiggled sexily as she walked. She knew they had a hypnotizing effect on men and she wore tight and low-cut outfits to show them off to their FULLEST extent.

It was the last class of the four weeks and i had managed to get through the entire four without falling asleep once and that night threatened to break my record, i was so bored. There were only 3 of us guys since was absent. I was really angry because i had to miss a party because of that stupid class, i was too much of a goody goody to skip even one. I contented myself on the "sights" of the classroom, my focus turned to Kelly who was trying very hard not to fall asleep herself. In the process she leaned down enough to give me an excellent view of some of her huge pale breasts. She noticed i was staring down her dress, she grinned at me and leaned down lower to show me some more.... I was so involved that I did not notice the teacher walking up to my desk until she "AHEMed" loudly at me, i turned around and smiled up at her. She said "Mr. Weaver you don't find tonight's topic interesting?" "No Mam i don't" I said honestly. She replied "Well at least try to look like your interested, alright?" She then leaned down to check my notes and I got an unexpected look down her blouse at her large, firm breasts. Once she realized what I was doing she straitened up immediately and I thought I was in a whole heap of trouble but all she did was faintly smile at me and return to her desk. All i could do was thank god she hadn't let me have it! I looked across the room and the guy sitting over there grinned at me, he was big and muscular with long dark hair. He was the only man there that the slim blonde had taken a fancy to and ever since the 1st class she always sat next to him.

My attention again turned back to Kelly and she began again to tease me, this time by unbuttoning her dress little by little and flashing even more of her melon sized breasts.

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