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There's only one first time.

As though from somewhere very far off I heard Helen gurgling with pleasure and satisfaction at what she had been able to do, and then she sucked, sucked and swallowed hard, until she was certain she had drained every last single drop.

Not surprisingly, I stayed with Helen for the week that Julia and Barbara were away, hopefully finding what they were both looking for, at least temporarily. But as for Helen and I, we certainly found what we really wanted, needed, and that was each other and what we did to each other.

But I do remember wondering during that week that if, when Julia and Barbara returned, she would come back to live with her mother. And that if she did, and I was still there, and if she was still as eager for me as she had been earlier, both of us living under the same roof, sharing the same bath-room, sleeping only a short way away from each other, wondering if I would be able to resist her a third time?

Chapter 9


Helen and I were like a honeymoon couple during that first week together. We hadn't been able to get time off work of course, things had happened too quickly for that, and perhaps in a way that was just as well. We found we just couldn't keep our hands off each other and as it was we were both hollow-eyed from lack of sleep by the end of the week, so if we had been together all day as well as all night we might well have become hospital cases!

That first Sunday morning, after she had succeeded in draining me so massively, we showered, had some breakfast and then slipped back into bed together and lay in each other's arms, at first just quietly talking. It was then that she said that she had never felt so free with any other man and when I asked her just what she meant, she explained.

'I could never have done with anyone else I've ever known, the things I have with you.'

'Why not?'

'It's hard to put into words. I suppose I've always been a bit conservative, not just about sex, and I suppose, to be honest, I would have thought that some of the things I've done are the sorts of things only a prostitute would do for a man.'

'But you've enjoyed what we've done together, haven't you?'

'Yes! Oh yes! Of course, it's been wonderful, I've never felt so sexually excited. Nor so completely satisfied.' she added in a quieter voice. 'But, as well as the marvellous physical sensations I've experienced, there's been something extra.'

'What's that?'

'Seeing the effect I have on you, watching your face, your body, and especially your cock, when you climax. Seeing how powerfully I can make you come. I've never realised before this that I was capable of giving a man so much pleasure, sexually I mean. That in itself gives me a nice feeling.'

She paused and I could see she was remembering something, something that brought a faint smile to her lips. After a minute or so she reached out and gently caressed my limp and shrunken cock and balls, then continued. 'I was just remembering what we did a little while ago, you know, your cock between my breasts. I can't tell you how exciting that was for me.'

'I don't think I've ever come quite as intensely as that Helen.'

'I could tell it was different, your poor cock was so swollen I thought it was going to burst.'

She laughed as I said with a grin. 'It finally did.'

'Yes it certainly did, and I've never seen so much cum.'

'You didn't actually see much, you swallowed most of it.'

Again she laughed happily. 'Yes I did, didn't I, and it was lovely, so thick and creamy, a little bit salty too. But as well as the satisfaction of seeing just what I can do for you, I found new physical pleasures for me too, doing it that way. The feel of the hardness of it rubbing up and down between my breasts was very exciting, I'd never felt that before, in fact I very nearly had a climax too.'

As she talked she had been unconsciously fondling me and as w

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