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The night's events after Alexis went home with Lanie.

I gasped my submission to stop her assault.

The referee gave out the first points of the match "Claire 2-0 by submission".

Claire released her hold and stood up. As I began to stand up too, Claire pounced, checked her hip into my midsection and flipped me head over heels. I hit the mat and was not quick enough to escape as Claire's ass descended onto my face and she settled in for a reverse facesit. With my shoulders pinned under her legs, the ref shouted "Claire 3-0 by pin."

Her pussy was mashed against my mouth and I could taste her musky sex. I plunged my tongue into her cunt and tried to restart my sex attack. I discovered that she was indeed wet, and I knew she wasn't kidding when she said that she liked to start her matches slightly aroused. Claire gasped in mock surprise and coos "Gasp! There's the pussy slave I've heard so much about... mmm... that does feel nice, but I've had better." With her ass blocking my eyesight, I didn't see Claire go for my stiff cock. I felt her reach out and grab my dick and give it a rough tug. My hands dropped to protect my manhood. Claire lifted her body off my face, turned around, and slapped me silly with a hard open-palm strike from her free hand.

I raised my arms to protect my face from another slap and I gave her the perfect opening to guide my cock into her warm pussy. Time seemed to slow as I felt my cockhead breach her labia. I was transfixed by Claire's aggressive approach and I knew I should be fighting to escape, but her pussy just felt so inviting as I disappeared down her rabbit hole. In about a half dozen repetitions, she would drive her cunt down my shaft three inches, and then pull up two inches. In short order, she swallowed up my entire shaft. With my dick sheathed in her love glove, she began to ride me hard from her cowgirl position. It was clear that Claire was planning to fuck an orgasm out of me, and I had to regain my composure and begin to resist.

I pulled my legs up, bending at the knees, to get some leverage to flip us over. I had to get her off me quickly because she was well on her way to forcing an orgasm out of me. I made my first strong buck to my right and nearly caught her off guard, but she quickly leaned to my left and maintained her mount. I bucked to the left, but she was too experienced and compensated very quickly. "Nice try" she muttered as she entangled her legs in mine and straightened me out with a grapevine. With my manhood still trapped in her pussy, she resumed assailing my penis and pushing me closer to the brink.

I made several desperate attempts to dislodge her from her perch by pushing on her arms and shoulders, but every move I made seemed futile. She expertly countered everything I did by deflecting and twisting my arms so I couldn't gain any leverage. I gazed upon this seasoned vixen and saw that she has me exactly where she wanted me. Her eyes were half closed, her mouth was agape, and her huge tits were bouncing up and down following the frantic movements of her lean frame. I had no other option and declared my submission to this fuckfest. The referee said "Claire, 5-0 by submission, and because it's a sex attack, she can continue until I say so." Claire gave me a big smile and announced to the camera. "No mercy from this woman."

I felt her feet untangle themselves from her grapevine.

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