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Jacob meets the Mother of all succubi.

Gail and I relaxed and caught an episode of Sons of Anarchy on Netflix, and hopped into the big shower.

The night was warm and comfortable, and we didn't bother putting on any clothes at all after showering. I uncorked a bottle of wine and sliced some cheese and we headed out to the terrace to enjoy the tropical air, the sound of the sea, and whatever was to develop on our neighbor's terrace. We were about three quarters of the way through the wine, and had just smoked some of the weed that Gail had procured from the young girl that managed the B&B, when we heard the neighbor's patio door slide open.

We sat silently as we heard the familiar sound of the lounge against the concrete deck, looked at each other and grinned. Gail asked "what do you think", and I think I replied something lame like "let's have a look." Gail got up and walked to the lowest point of the wall, turned around and motioned for me to come over. As I got to the wall and looked over, Mila was sitting back on the lounge, with Mats standing and straddling the sides, her mouth running up and down the head of his dick while her hands massaged his balls and ass; it was like watching live porn. There was just enough light to see Mila's eyes open and look up at us watching, the corners of her mouth stretching into a grin; they were well aware of the audience.

After about four or five minutes Mats backed away, gently spread Mila's legs so that her feet were on the floor and her pussy exposed. My fragile male ego was pleased to see Mats's dick was about the same size as my own, Mila's pussy was shaved clean exposing a larger than average clit, which I immediately thought would be fun to suck on. And that's what Mats commenced doing. At the same time Mila's soft, musical whimper filled the air; more of a hum than the other night when she and Mats were fucking. I was watching so intensely that Gail startled me when she started stroking my dick. Mats finished his late night snack, and Mila raised her legs as he climbed on top.

I guess Gail had enough of the show, holding my cock she led me back to our lounger, laid me down, and climbed on top, straddling my face. Thing I love about Gail, more so than any other girl I've been with, she is not a passive lover, when a lot of girls lay relatively still when they are on the receiving end of oral, Gail fucks back grinding herself against my face and my tongue. She let me start on the juicy filling, then rotated her pelvis to position her clit for a good licking, and after a few minutes she rotated all the way back for a good rimming.

Mila's soft sigh suddenly seemed closer and we realized that we had joined the show; Mila was now at the partition with Mats fucking her from behind so that they could watch us having sex.

In a prior life, I had been in a relationship two bi-sexual girls, so I was comfortable with what was going on now, but Gail had never done more than just talk about engaging in group sex. My concerns were put to rest when I felt Gail's mouth take me all the way down to the base of my cock. She deep throated me for a time before taking me out of her mouth; I was so slippery from the blow job that my dick felt like someone poured hydraulic fluid all over me. Now Gail was slowly stroking the head of my dick, I continued rimming her ass and reached around to work on her clit with my fingers. Gail could feel the muscle spasms that signaled to her I was about to cum. I shot onto Gail's face and hands, and onto my legs and also the lounge. My orgasm, along with the other stimulation was enough to set Gail off; she moaned in delight and as the orgasm washed over her she lapped up as much of my escaping cum as she could capture.

As Gail lifted herself off of me, I raised the back of the lounge, and Gail settled in next to me.

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