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Story of a love that's not supposed to happen.


Jen thought for a moment. "You said I am smart, classy and beautiful."

Jason shook his head with a grin. "That you are. But there was something else. Do you remember? When I found you studying on the campus mall?"

Jen glanced away in embarrassment as it hit her. "Because I'm a lady on the street and a freak in the sheets," she whispered.

"Good slut. I can hardly wait. But now," he said, straightening up and drawing a breath, "we are back on the street. Okay, dollface?" he grinned. Jen nodded with a small smile. "We'll get to the sheets later," he whispered in her ear.

Jason turned and offered his arm. She smiled up at him and took it and he led her from the room on shaky knees, adrenaline racing through her. Jason guided them into a group and Jen smiled as they joined in the conversation.

Jen found him remarkably charming, talking easily with professors and other guests. His hand lingered tenderly on the skin of her back as if they were nothing more than a pair of lovers at a party. She admired him in a new light. Their previous interactions hadn't been social, and seeing him so friendly really impressed her. Dr. West, Jason's department chair, recognized them and came over. They chatted awhile, with Jen acutely aware that the smile in Dr. West's eyes might be because he knew she was nude under her dress.

Jen winced unconsciously as she flexed her foot, which was getting quite sore from standing in high heels all this time. A guest noticed and stood offering her a spot on the couch. Jen smiled at the kindness and took a half step forward before stopping. The sofa looked rather low, she would have difficulty sitting without giving a glimpse of her crotch. She thanked him but demurred and stayed next to Jason.

Soon the Provost announced that dinner was ready, and everyone went to the dining room. Jen had never seen a table so big, seating for 24 diners, although they were sitting shoulder to shoulder. Exquisite china and crystal were arrayed on ivory tablecloths, and Jen hoped she could remember how to properly use all the silverware. Soon waiters began bringing out the seven course meal.

As light conversation filled the air, Jason placed his hand under the table and on Jen's leg. She twitched, panicked eyes darting to him. He wasn't even looking at her, and instead was talking to Dr. Allen. Jen swallowed and tried to maintain interest in her conversation with Ms. Singer as Jason's hand quickly pushed her dress aside and stroked her bare thigh. With a nudge of his middle finger, he tried to open her legs, but Jen refused. He was insistent, and Jen had to reach under the table to pry his hand off, the whole time maintaining her conversation. The reprieve was only temporary, as when she took a sip from her wine glass, his hand reattached itself to her leg. Jen finally relented and allowed her knees to separate a few inches. She looked across the table and noted that her bare pussy was now open to Dr. West, who had no clue about what was going on. She could feel the heat in her cheeks as she turned to Jason who smiled knowingly at her.

The dinner lasted for a full two hours. Throughout the meal, Jason would slip his left hand under the table and seek out Jen's thigh. She found herself in quite a bind, as she needed her right hand to eat. However, if she didn't reach below the table to push his hand away, he would start to move it up her leg, often stroking dangerously close before she stopped him. She knew he was strong enough to force his way, but he chose to allow her to stop him. She couldn't help but think it was terribly obvious that every time his left hand disappeared her right hand followed shortly after, but she really had no alternative. She mutely protested with disapproving smiles at his naughty grins. She hoped no one noticed their embarrassing little game.

"Jason, again, congratulations on your nomination, it really is a fine piece of scholarship," Dr. West said from across the table.

"Thank you, Dr.

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