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Holiday season continued.


Bambi read the note and walked into the bedroom. She looked at me and chuckled. "What have you gotten yourself into?" I told her that I did not know but that it was your turn to do what ever you wanted to me and that considering I did not have to work today, I was willing to play along. Bambi did as the note asked and helped me go to the bathroom and eat. Then she decided to put in the movie. It was a movie of two women licking and sucking each other's nipples and pussies. Bambi was getting really hot and so was I. She asked me if I had ever done it with another woman I told her no. She said that she had never been with another woman either but always wondered what it was like. I agreed that I had always wondered. We dropped it and continued to watch the movie. Now there were three women together. Then came two men with the three women. There was a crowd there. Bambi continued to watch as did I. Wondering what it would be like to have so many people paying attention to my body at one time.

Bambi kept fidgeting. First she would pinch her nipples then just rub her hands over her breasts. Sliding her hand down to her crotch. She was wearing a short skirt, with no panties. I watched her slide a finger in her cunt and bring it out. It was all wet. She turned to me and saw me watching her. She came closer to me and put her finger in my mouth so I could taste her. I had never tasted another woman before. Then she took another finger and slid it into my pussy and took it out. Placing it in my mouth so I could taste myself. WOW, what a turn on. We just locked eyes and with out even speaking to each other knew what the other was thinking. She stripped naked. Her body was beautiful.

Full just like mine with large tits and a clean-shaven pussy just like mine. I never knew how sexy it looked until I saw it on her. She leaned over me and kissed me with much tongue action. I like tongue I can suck on it, it is such a turn on. She then sucked on my nipples which drives me wild. She put her nipples in my mouth one at a time so I could suck on hers. It drives her wild also. She had to do all the work because {just so you do not forget} I am a little tied up.

She moves down to my pussy. Her hands rubbing my inner thigh and my mound. She takes her fingers and spreads my pussy lips apart and licks my clit. Then sticks her tongue in my cunt. She flicks my clit some more and she knows that she is driving me crazy. She climbs on top of me placing her pussy on my mouth so I can suck her. I lick and suck her. I suck on her clit, I lick and flick it she is about to come, and so am I. Now I am concentrating on her clit determined to make her cum. She is doing the same to me. All of a sudden we both cum at the same time. Cum dripping out of pussies. She gets up and goes to the dresser drawer {where she knows I keep my toys} She pulls out a strap on dildo. The largest one I have. She puts it on and slides the dildo in place.

She climbs on top of me and drives the cock shaped dildo into my waiting pussy. I scream with excitement. I erupted into another orgasm on contact. [I had never felt that happen before}Then all of a sudden we hear the car door shut in the garage. We looked at each other. I told her to hide in the closet so she picked up her clothes and with the strap on still on she hid in the closet. You came into the house and saw my dripping pussy, still tied up and the movie running, you stripped right there.

Your cock hard and standing tall you climbed on top of me in a 69 position.

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