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He's the Mom she always wanted.

"Yes, well part-time. I'm a house nurse. I go to people's houses if they have mentally challenged children and I take care of them while their parents are at work," I said.

"That's very nice. I could never do that," Kathy said.

"My husband tells me I have a very good heart," I said. Then I started laughing.

"Is Jess your only child?" Andrew asked.

"No, I have a boy in his first year of college."

We talked some more until we were done with our food.

"Well I think it's time to go," I said.

We said goodbye and left. We got into the car and drove home. When we got home, Jess ran upstairs and started to get ready.

"Hi honey," I said to Michael as I gave him a kiss. By then he had returned home from work.

"How was it?" he asked me.

"Good, Jess is going on a date tonight," I said.

"Oh? With who?" he asked.

"A boy named Nick is taking her to the movies," I said while looking at the mail.

"Says who?" he says. I could tell that he was starting to get mad because he was giving me the third degree.

"Me! She can't be your little girl forever, Michael!" I said while I started giggling.


Later that night, Jess came home from the movies.

"Well, how'd it go?" I said.


Then she sat next to me on the couch and started to smile.

"What?" I asked.

"Mom, I think I love him," she said as she laid back on the couch.

Shaking my head I said, "Maybe you have found your first love," then I started laughing.

"Really?" she said.

"I was just joking, sweetie," I said looking at her.

"Mom, was dad your first love?" she said as she turned on her laptop.

"My second. I met your father when I was 20."

"Who was your first? Tell me."

I put down my magazine and said, "Are you sure you want to hear this? It's gonna be a long story..."

Jess put her laptop down and said, "Go ahead. I'm ready."

Then the flashbacks started...

"Mom, are you sure you're okay? Your cheeks are turning red."

"Me? Oh yeah, I'm fine. It all started the summer before college..."


I had just pulled up in the driveway of my Atlantic City beach house: 4 bedrooms, 5 baths, and 2 living rooms. Sounds like paradise, right?

Nothing close to that -- every year I got dragged down to this stupid beach house with my 2 brothers and parents. As I walk into my room with a moving box in my hand, I dropped the box onto the ground, and plopped down onto my bed.

"Now that I'm 18, I can do whatever I want... So why am I here?" I think to myself.

I walk over to the window and stare out at the ocean. I watch the waves lapping up against the shore. It was calm, peaceful, and quiet. Then I think about why I hate it here so much, and I close the curtain over.

"How's everything going?" my mother says.

"Good, I guess," I say, not very convincingly.

"Why do you act this way every time we come here?"

"Mom, I have a right to," I say while shutting the door on her.

The reason I hate this place so much is because when I was ten years old, my friend Abby and I were swimming in the ocean, and as we swam a shark came up behind us and bit her leg off. The moment was one I'll never forget. The screaming. The blood. The sheer terror of watching someone you know get eaten alive right in front of you.

Abby was screaming and I started freaking out and the blood turned the blue water around us into a sea of red. I pulled her out of the water and the lifeguards came rushing over. In the time between driving from the beach to the hospital, my best friend lost too much blood and died. To this day, I swore I would never go into the water ever again.

"Kourtney, are you up there?" a familiar voice called to me from outside my window.

I smiled when I realized whose voice it was and ran over to the window.

"Yes, I'm here. Come up here," I yelled out of my window.

A couple minutes later, James came running into the room, picked me up and twirled me around. Then we fell on the bed.

"I can't believe you're here!! I got so excited when my parents told me you were coming down for your last year," he said as he sat up.

"Well, I didn't really want to

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