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Rachel is assigned a new task by her boss Helen.

Now eat me out, bro. Come on, force yourself. Do it!"

Susan would not relent. So, I did it. I got between her legs and lapped away at her pussy. After a while she stopped me. "You do know about a woman's clitoris, don't you Bill?"

"Yes, of course. Why must you constantly be so sarcastic?"

"Where is it located?" Susan said, ignoring my comment regarding her sarcasm.

"Down there," I said.

"Where, precisely?" Susan asked, gently. She knew I did not know.

"I'm going to put my finger on mine. You replace my finger with your own, okay?" Susan said.

She did, and I did. "Now that we're friends," Susan said, "I believe my clit would like to meet your tongue, and be gentle, for Pete's sake!"

I caressed a woman's clit directly, with my tongue, for the first time ever, and that's when my sister lost it, and the sound effects began. First, she gasped and then there was an "Oh my God, yes!" Next, she said, "Jesus H. Christ! Oh, sweet Bill I love you," and then all she did was moan, and she moaned loudly, loud enough for the people in the adjoining room to hear her. Wow. I had never before, in my entire life, driven a woman to such distraction.

I did taste my own cum, but you know, I did not care, given how much pleasure I was giving to Susan. She wrapped her thighs around my neck and head and I kept using my tongue on her until she exploded in what seemed to me to be a mega orgasm.

We had a long talk about my technique, from how uninspired it was to the way that I fucked. I learned a lot. "Go home and begin your work with Louise. Remember, don't look for sex. What you want is intimacy. Women are like cats. Let her come to you. Will I see you tomorrow night, my little brother/lover?"

I smiled at her. I got dressed and gave her a kiss goodbye. I grabbed a taxi home to my wife.

"How was Susan?" Louise asked as I came into the apartment.

"It was great to see her! How was your book club?"

"Tons of fun! You're a doll never to complain about it. Not everyone is as lucky as I am in the husband category," Louise said, as she smiled at me. I smiled back and gave her a loving kiss. Then I went to the kitchen and did the dishes.

When we went to bed, all I could think of was my sister's promises for the next night. I was so turned on just thinking about it! I felt thoroughly guilty for having cheated on my wife, but hey, I was just trying to mine Susan's wisdom, in order to improve things with Louise, and that not's a bad thing? Besides, if it's with your sister, is it really cheating?

Of course, it's cheating. You have sex with another woman outside the marriage, it's cheating, even if she's your sister. Still, somehow, I felt that it being my sister and all made it different. I think as sins go, incest trumps adultery? It's not exactly something I want to ask my local cleric, however. Maybe I could find something about it in Leviticus.

I could not wait to try out my new and improved cunnilingus technique with Louise. I wanted to drive her to the sexual ends of the earth! That night I provided no pressure at all for sex with Louise, and maybe it was that I did the dishes, or the lack of pressure, or the complaints she had heard at her book club, but Louise cuddled me when she came to bed, and she gently kissed the back of my neck as she cuddled me.

For once, I just enjoyed it and did not try to turn it into sex. Susan was right. Intimacy was beginning, and now all I had to do was not to rush things. Louise was a cat, and she had to come to me. I fell asleep smiling and woke with an erection that could have scared the dead. I could not wait for the evening to come.

Susan and I again went to dinner. I was looking at my sister lasciviously, with lust in my eyes. Susan saw it, and broke the ice, saying, "You have not yet recovered from having sex with me last night, have you, Bill?"

I blushed. "You can't wait to get into my panties, am I right?" Susan asked.


"Yes, I thought so. Well tonight you cannot get into my panties, Bill," she said.

"I know, I know, and I understand.

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