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A lonely teacher unexpectedly gets what she wants.

Take that seriously."

You slap her face again.

She looks to the window, her face hidden from the others, tears well up in her eyes.

"Don't you cry, bitch. Don't you dare. You mess up the pretty makeup I have you wear and I'll be very disappointed."

You walk back to your chair.

Ilsa just shakes her head, looks at you then at Mary. She smiles broadly.

"Well this was certainly unexpected."

"Now Mary, tell my girlfriends and their dates what you are. It's okay, you can speak now, girl."

You sip your scotch.

Mary looks to you, face bright red, feels the sting of your hand.

"I didn't know this would be made public."

She looks to Ilsa.

"Don't look at me, Mary. You're her bitch, not mine. I just work the whip. You know that first hand, little girl."

She laughs.

"Mary's a little sex addict. She likes to do very dirty things. An addicted little bitch that found out that she can't say 'no'. Tell them! Say it, Mary!"

You lean forward in your chair. See panic on her face.

"Say it!"

"I am. I'm a sex addict. I am. I'm a submissive bitch, Marisa's bitch."

She looks at the man to your left, focuses on his face. She feels comforted slightly by his gaze, sees she's turning him on. She gushes.

"I'm Marisa's bitch. I have never been more erotically excited in my life than now, being Marisa's slut, bitch, whore."

You laugh, sit and listen as she goes on and on. Ilsa reaches out, puts her hand on top of yours. She whispers to you

"You win. I never thought she'd do it."

You turn to her, smile.

"They always do what I want."

You sit back in your chair. Sip your drink, eyes over the top of your rocks glass.

"Mary, turn and show your little hole. Quickly, girl."

You watch as she turns, arches her back. Reaching back she spreads her cheeks wide with both hands. Her peach colored nail polish on her pretty nails pushed into her cheeks, she pulls her butt apart wide, exhibiting her lubricated and tight little hole to those seated and watching intently.

"I could stick my finger in it but then I'd have to wash my hands."

You giggle, girlishly, look to Isla.

"Is she clean?"


You know what that means, Mary does too. She was put through the same demeaning cleaning process as your sissy sluts are prior to being fucked publically or sent on to please others for you. You see Mary's face turn bright red.

"There's no punch line, no moral to the story. I just did this because I can. Mary showed me a side of her that I couldn't say 'no' to. Little hungry bitch. You all know me. I have to see just how hungry. I'm drawn that way. I have to take it as far as I can."

"That's what we like about you, Marisa."

One of the women finishes her drink, puts her glass on the coffee table, looks back at Mary.

"She is interesting. I may want to fuck that."

They laugh as you stand. You hear the other lady exclaim to her man, 'She certainly is. And I'm talking about Marisa, never boring.'

You run your hand down over Mary's butt, feel her tremble slightly, feel goose bumps rise on her cheeks.

"She likes girls. More accurately, Mary loves girls. I could have her go down on you you like, if you like. She's a good little pussy licker. Ass licker too."

You turn to the woman said she'd be interested in fucking your new little toy. You smile at the man next to her.


"Fuck you, Marisa. You know that isn't my thing. I know you like it. Why don't you do if for us all."

"Ilsa, please. You know I only do it because I can. I'm not into girls either. I like to play with her son's little thing, you know that."

You laugh.

"But, yes. I have used her mouth. She's very good at it, motived little bitch. Aren't you, girl?"

You slap her butt hard, see her rise to her toes slightly, settle back down on her heels.

"Yes, Marisa. You know I love doing that for you."

You rest your hand on her rear, cup one cheek. You hear the soft quiver in her voice. She's slightly afraid.

"I could make her lick my ass if I wanted to, one stop shopping with this one.

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