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Father jealously waits for his turn to share.

Candy woke softly. She looked around and tensed up for a second. However as soon as she remembered where she was, she relaxed. I softly said: "What is it Candy?"

She turned to face me and with a tear in her eye said: "I am just not used to waking up with someone gentle beside me. For the four months I have been with Snake, I always get woken by a man penetrating me painfully." She sobbed into my shoulder as she said: "The damn bastards don't even wait for me to get wet."

I held her close, trying to comfort her. I said softly as I stroked her hair: "I will take you away from here; you can start a new life somewhere else."

Candy softly sobbed as she said: "I have no family, except that bastard. No friends other than the bikers. I don't even think I could make it alone anymore." She was sobbing uncontrollably into my shoulder. I stroked her soft hair for twenty minutes while she sobbed softly.

Candy finally looked up at me, her eyes red and puffy. She looked so sad. It broke my heart. I said in a concerned tone: "Is there anything I can do to help you then?"

She thought for a few seconds then said: "I was not mistreated before Snake bought me. And since I am the property of the new leader. As long as you remain my owner, you get to choose who plays with me." Her eyes filled with softness.

I groaned and replied: "I was trying to stop being a biker, I would love to protect you, but I don't want to be the leader of a bunch of drug dealers."

Candy had a puzzled look, and then said: "What are talking about? We lost the drug trade almost a year ago. The Columbians got the University's security force to take it over."

I looked at her in surprise and said: "You have to be kidding me."

She replied: "If you don't believe me check it out. I am certain you'll see I am right. Fuck even the local pigs are on the payroll."

I thought: 'Great, I had to pick a town where the bikers were clean.' I looked at Candy and said: "I will have to check this out, but if you're right. I will gladly lead the Outlaws."

She smiled and kissed me firmly on my lips. I enjoyed the tender feel of her lips. I unconsciously started to caress her back with my left hand. Candy noticed and said in a playful tone: "Are you trying to take advantage of me?"

I realized what I was doing and stopped. She looked hurt. I said: "You can't tell me you want me to keep going after all the shit you been through."

She smiled and said: "Well, there's the issue, all the fucking I have been subjected to has made me into a sex addict. I can't help but get wet whenever a man pays any attention to me. Not a very good feeling when you're about to be raped, but it has reduced the pain I feel. I think it's a defensive mechanism by my body."

I kissed her softly and said: "I am horny as hell, but I want you to know, I will not just fuck anybody. I have my honour, I have to feel something. Well at least to keep doing it."

Candy smiled and said: "To keep doing it. So you will fuck before falling in love."

I replied: "I am easily aroused myself. Fuck I really need to jerk off or fuck at least four times a day to be happy." She smiled. "I have been in a hell of a dry spell."

She smiled and said: "Sounds like you want this as bad as me."

I groaned and said: "Stop fucking teasing me. I maybe strong, but I am only human."

She smiled and said: "I've seen you fight, you do not fight like any man I have ever met before." She ran her hand softly over my face. "Mind you, I am curious to see how you fuck." She smiled as she said: "I would love for us to be together."

I replied: "Nice, I will be gentle. And if you want me to stop, just say it." She just moved closer, smiling.

I kissed her firmly. Our lips parted, her tongue moved to my mouth. I moved my hands to her ass, kneading her soft flesh. She moved her hands to my waist and lifted my t-shirt. I lifted my arms and finished removing it. She stroked my muscular arms, revelling in their size. I was easily three times her size.

She was small and svelte.

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