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He warms her up with big toys.

Our union was sticky and wet. I slide over her body making sure to pour more honey between us. Finally I ended up near her skirt which I unzipped and pushed all the way down. I had my blindfolded mom on the floor covered in honey. I grabbed the bigger cucumber and wet it with more honey.

I made her spread her legs and lay between her legs. I wanted to push the cucumber in her pussy. It was as big as my dad's cock and I was sure she could take it. I pushed one end of it into her opening slowly. She moaned and shifted her legs letting it enter her. She lifted her legs and slid her feet close to her buttocks while bending her knees spreading her pussy for me. I pushed it in further. She moaned as she felt it going in slow. The cucumber was around 8 inches long which was longer than dad's cock. But it was little thinner than his. I pushed it in as far as it would go and started fuck mom with it. She moaned my name and bucked her hips against my thrusts. I wanted to do something more. I stopped fucking her with it and looked around and found what I was looking for. There was a tin opener with a very smooth handle. I got her to get on her hands and knees. She wanted to know what I had in mind but I didn't say anything.

She stood there, still blindfolded and I started to move the cucumber again. I moved closer and started to lick her ass hole, making it moist for my next project. Once it was well lubricated, I took the smooth handle and coated it with honey and pressed it against her anus. She groaned again trying to get away. But the cucumber kept her distracted. I pushed gently and felt her open up. The handle was quite thin and went in easily into her ass. Now mom was being fucked both ways. I felt so naughty.

"Oh baby, how did you know I like this?"

"It was an educated guess mom."

"Oh gosh, baby, fuck me harder. Fuck your mom harder!"

I continued to move the cucumber and can opener in and out of her. After a few strokes, she said she wanted to lick my pussy while I did it. I crawled under her body and she lay on top of me and spread my legs. Her mouth was hungry for my pussy. She lapped at it noisily while I continued my onslaught on her pussy and ass. It didn't take long for her to move faster alerting me to the on coming orgasm. I kept moving the two objects faster and faster and then she came hard. I kept up my fucking until she asked me to stop almost jumping off my body. She lay down next to me exhausted with the cucumber sticking obscenely out of her pussy. I hugged her close and kissed her mouth taking off the blind fold finally. She kissed me back but she seemed totally lost. It took her a while to get back to normal. She looked at me lovingly.

"You are a bad little girl aren't you?"

"Just like my mom and Aunt, mommy."

"Mommy, might have been worse!"


"Let there be a few more secrets about me for now."

She took the cucumber out and looked at it. I pulled her hand towards me and started to suck it. She looked at my mouth in wonder as I sucked her juice off it.

"I wish we had two cocks now to fuck us mom."

"Oh yeah, wish I could have had two and the third to suck!"

I was truly shocked as I looked at her.

"Maybe even four!"

"Oh my god mom, I don't think I am as naughty as you!"

"It was Aunt Karen's fault, she brought home three boys once and I had to entertain all them when she came too soon."

I was shocked and looked at her with my mouth half open. She smiled like a professional footballer and nodded.

"Cat got your tongue?"

She reached for the blind fold.

"Now it's my turn."

I giggled closing my eyes my mind delirious from imagining mom with three guys.

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