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Cara can finally stop searching.

Somewhere along the way Botomi mentioned that the drums are the sound of bad Ju Ju, an ancient form of black magic practiced by several rivaling tribes. He also mentioned that its voodoo was common and plentiful in the region we were going too, and that none of the aborigines took well to strangers.

I let him know that such things were of no concern of mine nor did they frighten me. But he knew other wise and gave me a drink to calm my nerves. The beverage was delightful, a sort of creamy colada with a sweet instinctive banana and vanilla taste. It didn't take me long to finish it, and a couple more. I enjoyed the drink very much and made a point from that moment on to have several more during my stay.

When Botomi approach to tell me that we'd only a few more miles up the river before I reach my new home and Roger, I was already feeling the effect from the drink, or rather drinks, he'd given me earlier.

The sound of the drums began to intensify, and I was completely consumed in a hypnotic state by their estrange rapture. From that point nothing mattered much over the enchanted music. I was lost in its spell and completed subjected to its every command.

By some awkward means I found myself going to the back of the boat, where I stood staring off into nothing. Botomi and captain Jamal came up beside me. Both men had a small dart on the side of their neck and where also lost in an empty trance. Then I noticed what held the two men's attention beside me.

The boat was stopped in the middle of the river, and over on the north bank stood a very big and very dark black aborigine. His face was covered by a hideous wooden mask that was outline with a bush of colorful feathers. Two beautiful dark maiden stepped out behind him and graciously removed his only piece of clothing, a small leather loin cloth worn about his waist.

I gasped at the sight of his nakedness and the girth of his manhood. He'd the most enormous uncircumcised penis I'd ever seen in all my life. It had to be at least 11 inches long and 3 inches thick. And his balls hung long and where very large, like a pair of two black swollen oranges.

Both women proceed to stroke and pet his big genitals. And It wasn't until then did I realize that the women where also naked. In unison they took to their knees and started loving his member and testicular with their mouth.

I fell into a stupor between the sound from the drums and the spectacle on the bank and was lost in a frenzy of sexual need. My panties were soaked in pussy juice, my breast and nipples were swollen so bad they literally hurt and from head to foot I was drenched in a cold sweat.

To relieve myself of the problem I completely removed my garments, and it actually helped. Mr. Jamal and Botomi did the same. What happen next was instinctive and the only resolution under the circumstances.

In mimic of my black sisters on the bank I kneeled between my male cohorts and proceed to provide them with oral love. Their endowment did not compare to the enormity of the man on the bank, but there girth was good and both were deliciously uncut.

I lost my virginity to an uncircumcised man. I have a weakness and a secret fetish for that type of penis. So the moment was an unexpected treat. And I indulged myself on both men, taking them fully to the base of their unit. I had no control, only a need to satisfy the sudden lust in me, and bring both my partners to a pleasurable climax. The drums commanded it and I was compelled to obey.

Mr. Jamal was first to relieve himself, and I didn't let a bit of him escape me. Every ounce of him was deposit into my belly. Almost immediately Botomi was ready to empty his load. He had twice as much to give than Mr. Jamal, and I took it all.

For some reason I felt completely spent as though body had been fully ravished, beaten by this brief ecstasy, and collapsed between my lovers.

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