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of those tenant farmer girls on the outskirts of town! She wanted a proper wedding, in a proper church, with a proper dress, ring, and vows!

He softened a little as he looked as his young love. How could he deny her? Of course, they could be married in December.

As he relented somewhat, it gave Millie courage to tell him about her trip to see Aunt Helen. She used the wedding as an excuse to go to New York to pick out a dress and a few things for her trousseau. She assured him that she would be properly chaperoned and looked after by Aunt Helen. But, of course, there would be some entertainment ... dinners, and plays, and the like. Then she would come back to begin their life together.

It was obvious that Dad was rushed with thoughts and feelings ... perhaps she'd meet some younger man of standing in New York who could offer her all the things he could not ... even if she didn't meet someone, could she come back to be a farmer's wife after being exposed to all that glittered and glowed in the city? He might lose her forever and he knew he could not bear it!

His anger boiled again and he forbade her to go. She could easily acquire everything she needed through her father's store. He wouldn't have any one promised to him flitting about the city and God knows getting into what kind of mischief! His face hardened and his voice rose as he stood to face her.

I have to give her credit, though, she didn't back down. She stood face to face with him and it almost looked comical. She had to throw back her head to look him in the eye ... even if she had stood on tip-toe they would not have been equal in size.

The alabaster line of her graceful neck was strained as she looked up at him and her face began to turn the most charming shade of pink and her eyes sparked with anger. She clutched her fists and began to argue and shout at him.

She'd do anything she damned well pleased! She wasn't his wife yet! And there was no way he could stop her!

I guess Dad lost it. His anger, fear, and lust combined and conspired to take over. He lashed out, jailing her waist in his arms as his mouth covered hers. Not gently this time, like on the day he had asked her to marry him, but hard, mean and demanding.

She tried to push him away but was no match for him. She tried to scream out in protest, but his mouth would not release her. As she struggled, she became aware that he had lifted her up and her toes were barely touching the hard red dirt floor.

The more frightened she became, the tighter he held her. She tore her mouth away and ordered him to stop. He chuckled, which wasn't a laugh at all, but an audible reflection of the desire in his eyes. He said he was going to make sure that she was his ... and only his ... no matter where she went.

This was a side of him Millie had never seen and she was surprised that she was frightened of him. She was suddenly and very keenly conscious of the fact that the man she now faced was a stranger to her.

His grip didn't loosen as he backed her into the stall he had just finished filling with hay and forced her to her back. As she began to hit his chest and face she let fly with every foul name and curse she could muster and he didn't say a thing ... he just kept looking into those brilliant green eyes full of electric fury. He calmly slid one of his arms from around her waist as he gathered her two small wrists in the other massive brown hand. His leg was thrown across her almost waist high and she was hopelessly pinned to the straw. As his left hand drew her arms above her head, his right hand began to unbutton the front of her blouse. Millie only then began to realize the seriousness of the man hovering above her.
She pleaded with him .

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