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More conflict on the way home.

She tasted of soap, and sweat, and innocence. He couldn't see anything, but the pungent smell led his nose right where his tongue wanted to be. Yessss, right there.

Cari let out a grunt when she felt his nose touch her pussy, but a second later it was a deep guttural moan because, for the first time in her life, someone's tongue was on her pussy. The boys she'd sucked in college were eager for her services, but somehow never thought of reciprocating. She could feel Tom's tongue prying her inner labia away from the outer, where they had been pasted back by the secretions of her night time dreams and her morning activities. She pulled one leg up to rest her foot on the bench, giving Tom easier access. She gasped out loud when his tongue licked her from bottom to top.

Tom took her legs and held them apart, allowing him to concentrate on swabbing her with his tongue. He wasn't very subtle, knowing that she wouldn't need much to get her off. He was right. Within minutes her moaning increased to an alarming level.

"Ohhh! Oh, Tom!" Cari hissed. "That feels so good! No one's, unnghh. No one's ever, ugh, licked me there before. It feels, oh! Don't stop, ohh! Ahhhh, cumming, ohhhhh, fuuuuuck." Cari felt her hips hunching, shuddering of their own volition, then her legs and abdomen joined in the party by spasming uncontrollably. Her leg and ass muscles were clenched so tight it felt like they were getting stuck with pins and needles. Tom held her legs open with his elbows and held her pussy open with his fingers while his tongue worried her clit and the front edge of her G-spot.

Cari was looking around and getting scared. It felt like her head was attached to someone else's body, and she had no control over it, but she could feel it. Finally it all culminated in a series of convulsions that caused her foot to fall of the bench, forcing Tom away from her sweet cunny. Tom crawled out from under the blankets and sat beside her, holding her as her trembling subsided. As soon as she felt able, Cari slipped to her knees too. Ignoring the blanket she lay her upper body in Tom's lap and dove on his tumescent organ. She took it in both hands and slathered it completely with her saliva. She dropped her mouth right over him and took it as deep as she could. She rapidly bobbed her head up and down. Grasping his prick in her right hand, she started stroking him in a contrapuntal rhythm with her mouth until she could feel him get harder and swell a bit more. She pulled away and hissed at him, "Yesss, cum in my mouth." She took a few more strokes with her mouth and pulled away to say, "I want you to be the first guy I swallow."

That was enough, and Tom erupted with a slight cry, prompting Cari to plant her lips over the purple crown, filling her mouth with his seed. Cari savoured the musky juice pumping into her mouth. She felt a certain symbolism, binding her to this man. She made a show, as he looked down at her, of licking all the excess juice off his cock. When she was done she stood up and looked around to see if anyone was privy to their little romp, and it appeared they were alone. She turned away from Tom, so he could watch her ass, and put on her panties first, then her pyjamas, giving him a good look at her. She sat herself beside him and hugged him tightly, savouring the experience.

They didn't speak for a while until Cari said, "Thank you Tom. That was wonderful. What you did to me, and what you gave to me."

"Honey, I should thank you. That was exquisite. That's the best I've felt in years."

"I've got you beat." She gave him a squeeze. "That's the first I've ever felt like that."

Tom looked down at her in surprise. "You've never had an orgasm before? At your age?"

"Well, yeah. I have. A girlfriend taught me to masturbate years ago. And she did me a couple of times. But no one's ever gone down on me before. I never knew it would feel so good. I'm still trembling from it."

"Well, any time you want, say the word. There's nothing more I like than eating pussy."

"Hmmm, I'll take you up on that, quite often.

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