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The lifeguard, the lure, and the older woman.

Rebecca wasn't attracted to girls & she didn't think Amber was particularly pretty, especially because she needed to lose some weight, so she had positioned things so that Amber was side on to her, meaning the 5 foot 2 girl had a full view of her but she didn't have to look at the pledge in response.

As Harmony's tongue lapped at her moist outer lips Rebecca sighed with pleasure, the prone girl had certainly learnt not just to eat pussy well but she had also figured out just how Rebecca liked it. As the blonde's tongue dived deeper circling her sopping cavern Rebecca thought about all the twisted things she wanted to make Harmony do & she imagined getting to do some of them the next morning, this heightened her excitement & after 6 or 7 minutes the black haired girl was nearing her orgasm despite the fact that she had hoped to make it last at least twice as long.

Harmony was glad Rebecca had kept her skirt on, it meant that although she knew Amber could see her naked body at least she didn't have to look at her while she licked the first year sister. When it was abundantly clear that Rebecca was massively turned on Harmony's tongue sought out her tormenter's clit & started to massage it hard, she drew circles around the nub over & over again until her mouth was flooded with Rebecca's delicious juices & her head was squeezed tight between the beautiful girl's toned thighs.

With the pressure on her head & the inexplicable wetness between her own thighs Harmony didn't even realise this time that she had actually thought of Rebecca as beautiful & her juices as delicious. After about 20 seconds the mean girl finally eased up & Harmony gasped in air, breathing in the strong scent of Rebecca's sweaty box as she did so.

As Rebecca climbed off of Harmony & off of the bed she looked across at the clock, seeing it was 9.50 she turned back to Harmony saying,

"That was wonderful darling, we'll definitely have to do that again soon!" she blew the blonde a mocking kiss & almost skipped out of the room, her laughter carrying back so that both pledges could hear her heading away from the room.

Harmony hurried in to the bathroom to wash her face several times & brush her teeth to get the smell & taste of Rebecca off of her. When she re-entered the room Lexi was back & was sat on the edge of the bed telling Amber what she had been doing for the past 40 minutes.

Cassie had shown Lexi around several parts of the house over & over to try & help them sink in. As for the other girls, Ashley had suspected that if she left Tiphany & Poppy alone they'd end up in bed together, so she'd decided to see if Poppy was any good at table tennis or pool, using Tiphany as her opponent at both. Britney & Catalina had spent the time laughing & gossiping in guest room 2, although by the end of it Britney had decided she didn't actually like the Hispanic girl as she was a total snob & looked down on everyone in their year except for Tiphany who it turned out was the only girl in the year to have more money than her as well as matching up to her incredibly high standards for physical appearance. Jess had spent the whole time on the first year balcony smoking a massive spliff & she only realised it was time to go back downstairs when Britney had spotted her & reminded her on her way to her own room.

By 10.15 all the girls were in bed naked as Ashley had instructed, Catalina & Jess in one bed, Lexi, Poppy, Amber & Harmony in the other.

Ashley, accompanied by Michelle, went to guest room 2 first. Michelle had the harnesses with her & they positioned Jess's face firmly between a thrilled Catalina's ass cheeks. Once they'd shown the Hispanic girl how to adjust the harness to move Jess to between her thighs they left for guest room 1. Ashley found it particularly satisfying shoving Jess's face in to the Colombian American's big butt as she was still pissed off with the weed smoking blonde.

Harmony was laying between Lexi

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