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We met online. After a few lunches, you invite me over . . .

Slowly and steadily the crowd started to increase and many women were walking/tanning/swimming around us in bikinis. I asked Hina why don't you dress like that? She said no way and besides, the bikini is in the room. I smiled and pulled the bikini from our bag and handed it to her. She still refused but I kept convincing her repeatedly that we don't know anyone and you would also enjoy it. During this time, a lot of topless women were also around with their boyfriends and husbands. I told her that look; there are topless women here so a bikini is really nothing.

After about an hour of convincing and many topless women around, she finally said ok I will wear it for you but where will I change. I pointed to a washroom nearby. She went there with her bikini and came out after about 10 minutes. To my disappointment she was still wearing her t-shirt and shorts but I could see the bikini was underneath. When she came, I asked her what happened and she said that she could not walk back like that alone. She sat down and after about 5 minutes of me looking inquisitively, she took her shirt of to reveal beautiful breasts in a bikini top. After a few more minutes she took her shorts off as well. I could not believe my lovely conservative wife was in a bikini for all to see. Initially she was very shy but after a few minutes she lost her inhibitions and to keep a long story short, she went swimming, walking along the beach and even went to the juice bar with me a couple of times all while wearing a very revealing bikini. I could notice many men turning there heads as she was pretty much the only non-white woman at the beach.

For the next 2 days it became normal for her to wear the bikini and she had lost all inhibitions and was even talking to men and women around us without being shy. There were 2 vacationing young British men who talked to us for a while and loved the fact that we were from Pakistan. Finally on the 4th day, when we went to the beach, after a nice swim we are both lying down and tanning and Hina was lying on the stomach with her beautiful ass for all to see. I started to rub her back and then casually unhooked her top from behind. She did not say anything which encouraged me but after a few minutes she said she wanted to turn and asked me to rehook her bra. I told her that don't worry and you can turn around just like that. Hina protested and said no that would be too much. I told her again not to worry, in our 4 days we have not met a single person we would ever run into again. She was still unconvinced, but I kept asking her again and again. Finally she said ok what about the 2 British guys; I said I didn't see them around anywhere. Finally, she took a long breath and slowly turned over. I grabbed her top while she was turning and put it away in our travel bag. Initially she was covering her breasts with her hands but after a few minutes, she let her arms slip to her sides.

Finally, it was the most exciting experience for me.

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