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Diane, Maureen, and a third person.

I pulled it down, kissing the trail again and slowly dropped it on the floor. Then for the first time, I looked up to see her shaven pussy in front of me. It wasn't dripping, but she was definitely wet from the excitement.

I moved up to her breasts, licking each one playfully as I made my way up to her mouth. We kissed passionately again and I started moving my hand up and down her thighs, slowly and softly grazing her skin and making a U-turn just before I got to the sweet spot. She grabbed my face and almost begged "Please, you've teased me into a mess here, touch me now!"

I moved my hand up her thigh, spreading my fingers open wide to get full contact on her skin. Slowly I moved my hand up and just slightly slid over her clit - she shuddered. I moved my hand back to her thigh, purposefully and dragged it back up again. This time spreading her pussy lips with my fingers and feeling her wetness. She almost screamed. Alexa's body was the right level of sensitivity, I decided and so I slowly started massaging her clit while my tongue was bouncing between her nipples. I rubbed her a little bit until I could feel her breathing become shallow and I could feel her heart racing. I stopped for a second and started kissing her neck, moving down to her bellybutton. This time I moved past it quickly and made my way down to her clit, licking it softly when her hand forced my face into her pussy. She was done with the teasing and wanted me to eat her out. I flicked my tongue over her clit, playing with the outer lips of her pussy. I licked her up and down soaking up every bit of her taste that I could get. She tasted amazing. I started drawing out the letters of the alphabet on her clit and lips, making her shake with every second letter. She clasped her legs around my ears and started moaning crazily. I knew it was go-time. I started licking her with more force, moving my tongue up and down, in and out while grabbing her ass and pulling her beautiful pussy into my face. I did a slight shake of my head to make the movement against her clit more intense, she moaned so loud this time that I thought the neighbors were going to hear.

She started riding against my face, pulling me closer. I maneuvered my right hand up to her breast and softly started pinching her nipple, this was the thing that pushed her over the edge. I could feel her whole body starting to convulse, she shook visibly and pinched my head between her legs. I decided that I'd die before I stop. I moved my tongue in rapid movements, pulling and pushing it in every direction I could come up with. "Oh my god, Kevin! Don't stop! Yes yes please!" I could feel her breathing against my arm and I used the motivation to start licking her pussy more forcefully and with quicker but longer strokes.

Alexa shuddered one more time, squeezing my ears so hard with her legs that I wanted to scream, I held on for dear life and wrapped my tongue around her clit, softly biting it. I brought my hand around and gently added one of my fingers to the mix, slowly sliding it into her pussy as I licked it. This was the final touch, Alexa started shaking and grabbed my head with her hands, she came so hard that I could feel her pussy grab my tongue. "Stop! Oh my god, stop... I'm going to die..." She was shaking long after I stopped touching her body. I fell down next to her slowly tracing a line from her knee to her right nipple, causing her body to shudder with every inch I crossed.

I continued to watch as her body vibrated with the ecstasy from my exploration of her body.

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