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Horror attacks her senses. Fear actually entered her thoughts. By telling them to push her she had walked into her own boundary point. She had created a wall around herself.

Turning away again Ryan mutters, "Come on guys."

As they step away she stomps her foot whining, "WAIT! What are you suggesting? Be honest Ryan."

He halts yet again and walks between his friends to face her. He plants both palms on her shoulders and makes eye contact.

"I suggest that you stop the boundaries. We all know you want to be nudged further and further. If you had your way you would be naked every where you go."

"Yes. I would. But, does that mean I need to become a slut?"

"If you expect to have as much freedom as you want I'd say yes. To a certain extent."

"You want me to be a slut?" She pouts with a creased brow.

"Can you tell me in all honesty that you don't like the attention that all those guys last week wanted to give you?"

"Of course I want attention. But, does fucking guys or letting them unload all over me need to be a factor in this? Touching me is one thing. I don't mind touching. But,--"

Ryan shakes his head and holds his palms up toward her, "Don't ask us to push then."

"Ryan?" She pleads with her eyes, "Let me go with you tonight. I'll consider more but pushing too much might-"

He cuts her off, "Make you lead a normal boring life?"

"Dude! I think she wants to stop." Shane expresses at a low tone.

"NO I DON'T!! Please, let's just see how tonight goes. I'm excited by the idea of delivering with you guys."

"I'm going to push you hard. All of us will. If you start in about boundaries we're dropping you off and we're done trying to help you." He looks at Shane and Holden, "Agreed?"

Both boys nod leaving her to stare at them hopelessly. Finally she sighs loudly.

"I hate you guys."

"Love hate relationships are hot." Holden grins.

Ryan looks at her directly, "I head for work at 5:00. Be in my car by 4:50. Wear what you're wearing now with the bikini under it. Just so your parents don't wonder what's up."

"Done! Please don't be upset with me Ryan. I'll do my best to follow what you suggest of me."

"No! You WILL follow what I dare you to do. Tonight might just prove that you really don't want our help."

"I do want your help. All of you."

"When tonight is over you're going to thank us for not letting you give in to any insecurities. You're brave already Monica. You just need to conquer every other fear."

"I'm not insecure. I'm logical. Being a slut has never been my intention. I just like teasing."

"Teasing is great. But, torturing is better." Shane chuckles.

"Am I torturing them or are they torturing me?" She rolls her eyes at him.

"I give up." Ryan hisses.

Before he turns she grabs his arm.

"I DARE you to DARE me anything tonight. I'll obey even if I get into trouble. I promise."

" Prove it. Right now." Ryan glares at her.

"Dare me." She exudes confidence.

Looking around them in the hall the school had nearly vacated the building. Only a few boys and girls remained. To their knowledge those in sight were eighteen.

"Take those shorts off. Hand them to me." He orders.

Without so much as a look around her she unzips her jean shorts and lowers them to her feet. Today she had worn a black thong. Stepping out of them she hands them to him.

"Happy?" She stares without blinking.

"Shirt off. Bra and panties only."

She swiftly peels her t-shirt over her head then fans her long hair about before tossing the shirt at Holden.

"Now?" She adjusts her matching black lace bra over her burdening giants.

"You're going to walk to my car out in the parking lot just like that."

"Lead the way."

"Nope. You lead the way. Walk proud. Unafraid. Uncaring what might happen to you. Who might see you. If stopped socialize. If it's a teacher tell him it was a dare and accept detention."

Taking a deep breath she growls then steps away toward the exit doors.

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