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Summer of '58: Taming the Viking.


"OMFG!" she typed.

"Are you ok with what just happened?" I asked her.

"OK? Are you out of your mind? I masturbate at least three times a day and I have NEVER cum like that," she told me. "Are you ok?"

"I feel great. I just wish I could hold you now."

"You're gonna make me cry."

"Sorry, " I typed. "Not my intent."

"It's ok," she typed. Then after a pause: "Did you really cum?"

"I'm a mess, thanks to you."


On the night of the big party, I checked into the hotel early and left a message on Kylee's voice mail telling her what room I'd be in. I also told her to be thinking about where she'd want to have dinner. I thought about wandering by the meeting room downstairs where she was having her party, but I thought that might make her nervous. I didn't want her to be any more nervous than I already was. Jesus Christ, I almost twice her age. Definitely old enough to know better. What was I thinking? Was I thinking? Or was my little Billy Clinton thinking for me?

I took a long hot shower, shaved and put on some casual slacks and a black t-shirt. If Kylee showed up, I'd be able to throw on a sport coat and not look too much like her father, older brother or horny school teacher.

Jesus Christ, what was I doing?

I poured myself one of the little airplane drinks from the mini-bar and called down to the desk. The attendant answered with the name of the hotel and a cheery, "May I help you?"

"Yeah," I said. "This is Hanson in room 417. Can you turn on one of those in-room movies where the only plot is for the characters to make the beast with two backs as many times as possible?"

"The beast with two back?" he repeated.

"Sometimes three. I even seen them where you had to have advanced geometry to figure out how many sides there were." The drink seemed to be making me friendly. Or an asshole. Depends what side of the conversation you were on I guess.

"I'm afraid I don't quite follow you, sir."

"Adult," I said. "Hard core. Porno."

"Ohhhhhh," I could almost hear him blushing. "Certainly sir. Which one would you like?"

"Surprise me, " I said.

The desk clerk had good taste. I was watching an impossibly developed blonde devour and impossibly endowed German man when I heard a light knock on the door. My blood pressure was already up from the circumstances and the movie, but I could feel my pulse in my forehead and I knew I looked like those aliens in an early episode of Star Trek who thought things and their foreheads wiggled.

When I opened the door, my forehead wasn't the only thing that wiggled.

Kylee looked directly at my crotch, my cock stiffened from the movie and said, "Starting without me?"

I stood in the doorway dumbstruck. This was not the 18-year-old girl from my class. Her hair was softly curled, framing her beautiful face that had just the right amount of makeup to make her look radiant. The glasses had been left behind - contacts perhaps. She wore a long, flowing black dress that dipped from her shoulders to reveal a beautiful, womanly cleavage. She smelled powdery. It was a clean, feminine fragrance - very light.

"Oh," was all I could manage.

Kylee giggled. "Oh? That's all? Just...oh?"

I shook my head. "Oh. Em. Eff. Gee."

Kylee blushed, but laughed at my reference to our online encounter. I was glad it wasn't making her uncomfortable.

"Ummmm. Mr. H. Can I come in?"

I pulled the door open wide, suddenly remembering where I was. "Yeah. Sure. I'm sorry."
She stepped into the hotel room and I stood in the doorway admiring her gorgeous ass. The dress fit her perfectly and I could see the cheeks of her bottom move against the fabric. She didn't seem to be wearing anything underneath.

I shut the door and turned to offer my guest a drink. Kylee was standing stunned, her eyes glued to the television.

"Ohhh shit. Listen, I'm sorry about that...I just...well, I didn't know you'd be so early." I looked at my watch. "Is the party over already?"

"I called it off," Kylee said, still watching the action on the television.

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