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Fed up husband punishes wife and her sisters.


"'Adam Jones' this is '9024', Go ahead."

"This is 'Adam Jones', that thing is huge, just how big is that thing?"

"9024, just over 10 kilometers in length and about __ KM in dia." "We have you visual now 'Adam Jones' come parallel to open and lighted bay for docking."

"Roger that 9024, we are maneuvering now."

I stood on the observation deck and watched as 'Adam Jones' moved into the shuttle bay and moored. The outer doors closed and within 2 hours the bay was safe to enter. I stepped from the Ob-deck and approached the 'Adam Jones' personnel hatch. As the hatch opened I saw a man in a Lt. Cmdr's uniform step down from the hatch and as he raised his hand to shake mine said, "Cmdr. Lee I am Capt. Smith it is good to see you again Sir."

"We've met?"

"Yes Sir, at the academy the week before the Pathfinder left on its mission."

"Well then Capt. I present to you the Capt. of this vessel, Capt Sordane; and these Capt. are my wife Solara and the 4 youngest of our children." The look on his face when he saw the Orlanans was one of shock, fear and awe all rolled into one, it was priceless.

"I am at your disposal Sir; Madam. And I am requested to escort you and this ship to lunar orbit."

"Well then, it's best we get moving, Capt. Sordane if you would Sir, The third planet has a large natural satellite and there is a base on it."

"Very well Cmdr.; Bridge this is the Capt. Make space normal speed to the satellite of the third planet."

"Satellite of the third planet, Aye Sir, Bridge out." With Capt. Smith in tow I lead the way to a lounge were Solara and I tell Capt. Jones as well as Capt. Sordane the story of how we came to be stranded on EE4 and how we became the family we are now.

Capt. Smith spoke up, "That Sir is one of the best tales of survival I have ever heard and I applaud you and your wife for making the best of your lives and providing such a love story for others to marvel at."

Capt. Sordane piped in with, "I agree Sir, I had heard bits and pieces but now to have heard the whole story, I just feel that it was meant for you two to be together."

"Thank you Sirs, Capt. Sordane how long till we get to our destination?" "About 10 hours at our present speed."

"Thank you Capt., now if you will excuse us it has been a long day and we must attend to our children and our selves. In about 10 hours then."

"Good night then Cmdr., Ms. Lee in about 10 hours then." Both Capt.'s speak up.

As I look out the view port at Lunar Base 1 to starboard and Earth to port I get that old feeling of a sailor coming home. When you finally see the buildings and homes of your home port you get that feeling your travels are over and it is time to settle down and stay put. Solara is with me and stares at Earth just mumbling to herself about how beautiful it is; the children are getting excited and you can see their wings flutter as the anticipation builds.

Capt. Sordane approaches and informs me, "We'll be setting down on the outer pad of the base and will be provided shuttles to the base itself."

"Thank you Capt. we will meet you at the lift bay." As Solara, the children and I exit the lift in the pad transfer bay all the base personnel turned and stared at Her and the kids. As we moved to the underground shuttle more Orlanans stepped off the lift and all work came to a grinding halt as all the Earthers stopped and stared. I chuckled under my breath to look at my fellow humans, knowing just how they felt coming face-to-face with 'Angels.' We get aboard the shuttle and transit to base operations. Upon arrival the base Cmdr. greets me and does a DNA scan just to be sure I am who I say I am. "Cmdr. Lee I am Cmdr. Fooglesburg commanding officer of Lunar 1. Welcome home and welcome to Earth to your family."

"Thank you Cmdr. Let me introduce my wife, Solara; my 4 youngest children Sylawn and Tylawn, my daughters and Dytor and Lytor, my sons. And let me introduce Capt. Sordane of the Orlanan cruiser 9024."

"Welcome Capt.

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