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Son comes for some attention.

Reaching your breasts, first your left, then your right, I rub them with my nose, followed by my soft lips. You moan deep in your throat, almost a purr as I wrap my tongue around your nipples and pull you into my mouth. Sucking hard, hungrily, I work you between my lips until your nipples are hard. Then I bite down. Fast enough to make you gasp, slow enough it doesn't hurt, yet. Using my sharp eye teeth, I slowly add more and more pressure, until you're writhing on the verge of too much.

So I release you from my teeth, slowly from the suction of my lips. Raising my head up, looking down into your eyes, I smile, as I reach up and flick your nipple hard. You gasp, arching your back hard at the unexpected pain, nipples so very sensitive now. Smiling, I lower my mouth to your waiting nipples once more as you tense up, not knowing what to expect next. Smile broadening, I slowly, gently wrap my lips around you, lightly sucking at you as I begin working my fingers back inside you, using my palm to massage your clit as once more I explore your hidden mouth.

Kissing my way up your neck, getting hungrier and hungrier for you, I straddle you. Leaning forward, I grab a handful of your hair and hold your head in place as I tease your lips with my throbbing, bobbing erection. Just barely out of reach, able to touch the head with your tongue if you strain hard enough, wanting the taste of my so badly, yanking at the hair in my fist for even a small taste. Teasing you a bit more, I release your hair and you hungrily close your mouth around me.

Reaching up, you firmly grip my ass as you try to drive me deeper into your mouth, drive yourself further onto my length. I gasp as I hit the back of your throat, feeling you straining at me, around me. Leaning my head back, eyes closed as you suck at me like I'm the air you need to breathe.

Minutes stretch into eternity, I bring myself back to the present, the desire to be inside the tightness of your body, overwhelming. "It's your turn now, love", I say, slowly sliding out from between your lips. Laying down beside you, I pull you onto me.

The rain picks up with more intensity, bathing us both in glistening warmth.

You straddle me and reach down to take me in your hand, and as you begin to guide me in, I run my hands up your thighs saying "Do it slowly, I want to feel every inch of you." A little moan escapes as I feel your wet pussy part before me and take me in. I scrape my fingernails across the back of your thighs as you slowly slide down my length, until I am completely inside you. You lean forward putting your face close to mine as you say "How's that?" as your rock your pelvis back and forth atop me. My response is to simply reach up and hungrily pull your mouth to mine as I thrust upwards pushing further into you.

I lie back once more, running my hands up your sides and stroking your breasts as you lift yourself off of me. As you begin to start back down, my hands clenching your ass stop you, as I lift you up until the tip of my cock just barely stays inside you. I begin to slowly push inside, loving the sensation of my head opening you as I once more enjoy the burning warmth of your pussy. I rapidly thrust in and out of you, only just barely penetrating each time, all the while, the frenzy of your kisses to my neck and chest increase as you grow more and more frantic, burning to fuck me, to feel my throbbing cock shoot upwards into you as you slam yourself down atop me.

I relax my grip on your ass, letting you do as you please. With a tremulous whimper you slam yourself hard onto me even as I push upwards into you. One, two, three go the slams onto me that rock both our bodies each followed by a throaty moan of "Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me". As you prepare to slam down again, I reach up once more to grab you, even as I sit up. "Slow now sweetie, very slow" I whisper as I begin kissing your mouth and neck.

Grabbing your body, I slam you down onto me while I thrust upwards hard.

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