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Marc and his men faces the Parthians and surprised them

I dared my wife to put on a sexy black teddy and thigh highs that she recently bought and model it for Gary. She did, and she sat through the rest of the game wearing it. By this time Gary was down to his underwear, there were a few times he would pop out his cock for her suck or touch on a dare, but sitting there in his underwear and his raging hard-on sticking out the top of the elastic band we all knew the night would end well.

My wife got up to change the CD in the player and I walked by her heading to the bathroom, I whispered in her ear that I was going to be back in 3 minutes and I want to see his cock in her mouth when I return. When I returned they were no longer in the kitchen, he was sitting on one of our couches and she was knelt in front of him sucking on his cock. The sight was one that turned me on so much that I'll remember it forever.

At first I laid on the other couch and watched them suck and fuck for quite some time. A few times I would go over and stick my dick in her mouth or pussy while his was working the other end, but most of time I just watched and I enjoyed it more than I can explain.

Seeing his huge cock driving into her cunt with her ass and hips riding in rhythm as they clung onto each other was one of the best moments, but there were many great moments that night. In the end he pulled his cock out of her and brought it to her mouth as he came, seeing the gobs of cum oozing out the sides of her mouth was an awesome sight as they both moaned in ecstasy.

After that night we agreed that she could do him anyplace, anytime and she didn't have to let me know ahead of time, but she did have to tell me as soon as she could afterwards. There were quite a few times they met with and without me. Sometimes she would pop up at his house with nothing on but a long coat and other times he would just show up in the middle of the day at our house.

Over time he got a little boring and moved on with a girlfriend where he could have a real relationship. We played a few other areas like trying to bring this guy Rick into the picture but after a few fuck fests we realized it wasn't the same excitement. She did the slut thing a few times, one New Year's eve we brought the cab driver in and sucked him off and few times she would hit it with strangers in bar parking lots. It was all fun but we both wanted more.

When our youngest kid started school she got a part time retail job where she was interacting with more people. There were many flirty customers that we talked about, some she would meet for a one hit thing but they were either lousy lovers or looking for a relationship, both are the total opposite of what she wanted.

One of things that she loved to do was find out what the guy's undone fantasy was and try to do it for him. There was one customer that she met a few times, he was married so she wasn't worried about him becoming a cling-on. Point blank... he wanted to fuck her in the ass. The first time she met with him she just sucked him off, it was good for both of them that night but she really wanted to let him fuck her ass.

The night came when they met at a secluded spot near a local airport and during the front seat tryst he had her in a doggy style position with her face against the passenger door glass. After fucking for a bit her cunt was so wet that it dripped, he used his fingers and some of her cunt juice to prime her ass. He started out slow but got into serious pounding once she was into it. She rubbed her own clit while he fucked her butt hole, his cock swelled as it came in her, she could feel the heat, the cum in her ass and the cock swelling as she felt her ass and clit let go into an unbelievable orgasm.

She met with him a few times after that, at least once in a hotel and it was all great, especially all the ass fucking she let him do but it eventually became too routine for her and it gradually ended.

We tried a few different things as time went by.

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