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A day in the city.

Without hesitation, I stood and followed those denim covered shapely thighs and nicely rounded butt to the lift. With my heart beating wildly, I waited beside Maddy as the doors opened for us, and then pushed the button for the penthouse. Her warm lips closed on mine as the floors passed below us, and not a word was murmured as our tongues played. I led her into the penthouse and closed the door; Maddy cast her eyes around the suite before placing her bag on a table. She then stepped close to me.

"I want you to do this for me." she said quietly. "I know its wrong, but I have strong feeling for you, and I know you do for me. So let's just finish unfinished business."

"Maddy, I............

But her lips were quickly on mine, and her tongue deep in my mouth as her arms held me tight. It was strange kissing another woman after all those years of marriage, my resistance faded quickly as Maddy snuggled into me. Her hands holding my face as if to ensure the first committed kiss would last for ever. Eventually Maddy's hands slipped downwards and eased my shirt over my head before running her tongue down my neck to my left nipple. For a few seconds she tormented my nipples with her warm lips and teeth, and I remembered how she used to do that to me so many years ago. I then felt a wandering hand slip to my jeans, just a gently rub over the front at first as if to test the waters. But my hardness was easily found, and my belt soon unfastened and my zip lowered. Maddy's tongue moved downwards as she knelt before me, my jeans were soon down to my ankles and her face rubbing across the stretched fabric of my briefs. I looked down as Maddy pulled the elastic away from my erection and pushed them downwards.
"Hello old friend, you seem pleased to see me." she whispered before kissing the tip.

I sighed with pleasure as Maddy took me into her mouth; her warm lips suckled the glands while her tongue toyed with the head. It was the first time that my cock had ever been in her mouth, for in those early days, oral was pretty much unheard of where we came from. But it seemed like Maddy had perfected the technique, with one hand cupping my balls, the other stroking my shaft while her warm mouth suckled me gently. Maddy quickly sensed my increasing excitement and wisely dropped my cock from her mouth; she then raised herself to her feet and gave me a peck on the lips.

"How about taking my clothes off." she asked in a sultry voice. "Or shall I do it?"

My trembling hands reached out and unbuttoned her blouse before discarding it; her ample breasts were encased in a white bra. Maddy steeped closer so that my hands could reach behind and unsnap it, her tongue caressing my neck as I did so. I eased the shoulder straps down and watched as her breasts fell free. They were indeed bigger than I remembered, now heavy and full with large erect nipples. Maddy took my hands in hers and placed them on her breasts for me to explore. Her hand again fell to my cock as I began exploring her nipples with my mouth. But Maddy was impatient as ever, and my hand was quickly directed between her thighs. She sighed with pleasure as I began to stroke between her slightly parted thighs before finding her button and zip.

With a gentle push, I eased her jeans over her curved thighs where they fell to the carpet. Maddy removed her feet from them and kicked them away. My eyes fell to her full pale thighs; they were round and shapely flaring outwards slightly from her hips. A pair of champagne coloured French knickers adorned her nicely rounded buttocks.

"No matching underwear I'm sorry." Maddy whispered. "I didn't know I was going to be seduced."

I grinned, "Who's exactly seducing who here?"

Maddy scoffed, "You used to be a man of action, are you all talk now?"

I watched as she slipped her thumbs through her panties and eased them downwards to the floor.

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