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The wives realize their hubby's want to swap for a night.

"I didn't expect the drinks to be loaded with vodka," I commented.

"It's like I said earlier Billy, I'm tired of waiting, so from now on I am going to take control and make things happen. I thought the drinks might be a good way to celebrate my new attitude." She reached over and took a drink from the glass I had just poured her and sat on her lounge. "I don't know how much longer we should stay out in this hot sun without protection."

"I've got screen on already, did you want some, or you could just get under the shade from the umbrella?" I asked.

"Maybe I should put some on," she said reaching over and picking up a bottle of the cream type. She looked at it a moment as if thinking whether she should open it or not. Suddenly, with a very quiet tone in her voice, she handed the bottle to me and asked if I could put some on her back. She got up, turned her back towards me and sat down again on the edge of my lounge. I didn't have any choice so I moved back and sat up somewhat, and dripped lotion on each shoulder and started smearing it into her upper back. God her skin was so smooth and warm, I again felt my cock rising to the occasion, and was glad mom was not able to see my discomfort growing.

I heard her moan softly, "Oh that feels so good Billy, just rub a bit harder and do my lower back too." I had kind of got caught up in the moment and had pretty much covered her complete upper back without thinking about going any further. I continued though, giving her shoulders a bit of a massage before picking up the bottle to do her lower back. With her sitting so close though it was pretty awkward so I asked her to lay face down on her lounge so it would be easier, plus I could give her a bit of a massage too. She agreed and I was soon looking down at her lovely back and almost bare ass wondering if this was going to go any further. My cock was almost out of control, still wrapped under my sack down between my legs pointing backwards, but filling with blood and pressing hard against the tight material of my suit. My suit had dried in the hot sun and heat now and therefore had a little more give in it, so it didn't feel like I needed to release it like I did in the water. The tension actually felt kind of good is some ways even, although it was uncomfortable.

"Well," mom said, "are you just going to stand there all day staring at my ass?"

"Fuck" I thought, I must have gaped out, I wonder how long I had stood there doing nothing. Plus, my normally conservative mom had actually called me out for staring at her ass; I wasn't counting on that, even though I was okay with fulfilling my fantasy forcing her to check out my cock. I looked down and saw that she had turned her head up to look at me smiling, and I was sure she was getting an eyeful of my dick as it strained against the material of my suit.

I was speechless again so I just sat on the edge of her lounge, with my thigh up tight against hers.

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