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One vampire, one human out to save mankind.

I had seen my seconds ticking away, and made a choice. But now, I would at least make one that left us both in no doubt of my decision this time.

Straightening slowly, my pulse raced as I leant closer and tentatively met his soft lips with mine. My eyes closed, I could feel a little swell of panic flood me as he remained as still as stone and I pulled back, mortified that I could have judged this so wrong. Tears pricked my eyes once more.

"I'm sorry...I..." I shook my head as his arms tightened around me and he forced me to look at him.

"You silly, beautiful girl..." He whispered, adding to my shame a moment before he crushed me against his chest and took my lips with a passion I could never have imagined. Strong fingers wiped away my tears as he teased my lips with his tongue, begging for entry. I reciprocated, duelled with him as he left me breathless. The sound of glass shattering as it was swept to the floor startled me, returning my senses enough to know I was being lifted, and pressed against the icy oak of the table. Frost sizzled to nothingness against the bare skin of my back, my dress no protection but his warmth as he followed me was equally as devastating. Fire and ice...

Without Jareth's fire, the wonderful and crazy world I had experienced years before was now dead and dying without him to warm it.

Just as I had been. Each pill, each session with the pious therapist of my Step mother's acquaintance had frozen my heart. And as my King kissed me, warmed me, I could feel it crack...

"You must wake my love..." Jareth whispered his breath soft at my neck from where his kisses had rendered me weak, and deliciously so. But his words made my heart ache. I did not want to leave him.

"Please...not yet." He kissed me, gently, but with a desperate longing, a loneliness that crushed me. A loneliness I could...that I would...cure. "Stay safe Jareth, please. We will find you..."

A slap to the cheek woke my lax body with a sharp start and I looked into several terrified faces of the Labyrinth world, and my pale sweating agent.

"What the hell is going on?" Mr Langton blustered, some colour returning to his pallid cheeks.

"I fell asleep." I murmured, my voice still choked with tears and the pain of leaving him to his captivity.

"Oh, really Sarah? Do you usually turn into the Snow Queen when you slumber?" He was yelling now, I had never seen him yell before. "And what about this lot?"

He waved his hand towards the escaped goblins sitting on my small sofa, and a line of fairies making use of my easel as a safe place to stay out of reach of Hoggle. Evidently some prejudices were a bit engrained.

"I say dear fellow, there really is no cause to yell at M'lady." Sir Didymus gallantly defended me, and Aster helped me to stand. My reflection in the mirror was not what I expected. Mr Langton had a right to be scared and furious perhaps. Dressed in deepest scarlet, my skin glistened with slowly melting frost, my long mahogany hair was stiff with the chill of it and my lips and skin had taken on a most unbecoming pale blue that had no doubt concerned him. But right at that moment, I couldn't care for another's concerns.

Touching the mark that shone in dark lividity between my neck and shoulder, I smiled as warmth flooded me from within, my skin glowing with the vitality of Jareth's magic and returning me to normal. Meeting Mr Langton's wide eyes, I swiftly beckoned to Aster to help me get him seated before he fell.

"What are you?"

"Human." He shook his head and I stopped him. "No less, maybe a little more. I think perhaps we should tell you a story." I looked to Hoggle, smiled as he gruffly and begrudgingly pulled a stool over and set his ungainly little body upon it.

"One night, not so very long ago there was a young girl who gave the Goblins certain words..."


"What do we do with him Sarah? He ha

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