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I'll just raid the apple tree next door.

They are clearly watching us, and they do not avert their eyes when I glance over at them. I smile, and they smile back. I note that his hand is hidden in her crotch, and I imagine his fingers teasing her willing pussy.

Your moans bring my full attention back to you. I can tell by the rising volume that you are near cumming. I hear the squishing sounds of my cock pistoning inside your flowing pussy as we move together. I focus on the sensations produced by your demanding cunt gliding back and forth along the shaft of my cock, and soon I too am on the verge of cumming.

As you begin to climax, you emit a squeal that carries across the beach, and I feel your pulsating pussy squeezing my cock. This combination of sound and sensation sends me over the edge, and I shoot my cum deep inside of you. Your squeal has been transformed to a low, wavering moan as your body is wracked by the sensations of your orgasm. I feel the insides of your cunt swollen with hot, rushing blood, pulsating against my prick, caressing it along its length. Head back, eyes still closed, you rock against me to milk the last juices from my cock.

I lean into you, wrapping my arms around you and pulling you toward me. I slide up your bikini top so I can feel your breasts against the damp skin of my chest. You rest your head on my shoulder, and I feel the quick beat of your heart. We remain that way, locked together, unwilling to end the joy of our union, for several minutes. Then, in a gush of cum, you eject my shriveled cock from your contracting cunt. You lean back and look at me, and I see the affection in you smile, the love in your eyes, the satisfaction in the flare of your nostrils.

I reach behind you and unfasten your bikini top, tossing it on to our blanket. As I do so, I tell you about the couple that has been watching us from nearby. You turn to look, but they are already moving off down the beach now that the show is over. We laugh together as we agree that they going off to find a place to satisfy the urges that we have aroused. Your laugh is one of your finest features, and hearing it causes my cock to throb with desire, but I know there will be more time for such things later as the day is still young. We move to the blanket and stretch out in the warm sun. You make no effort to replace your top, so I know you are comfortable with the setting here on our uncrowded beach.

We share the food you have brought, cheese and crackers, fruit, a tasty wine. Playfully, you take a grape and swipe it across your still oozing cunt. You eat the grape, and then prepare a second that you slip between my lips. It tastes of sweetness and sex flavored with a mixture of your juices and mine. We laugh, and you repeat the process time and time again until the grapes are gone. We joke about having found a new sauce that we should bottle and sell for use as a dip for fruits-grapes, cantaloupe and melon balls, cherries-at the mention of cherries we roll with laughter. We move together, snuggling, enjoying the warm feeling of being together again.

After cuddling for a while, we decide to go in the water. At first I think you will replace your top, but instead you remove you skirt and walk to the water topless. There are more people on the beach now, and I can tell by the reactions of some that they have noticed your missing top. You move around a small group standing near the water's edge, and once you reach deeper water, you dive in. I watch as the men standing nearby watch your every move. I follow you into the water and swim out to you. You splash me playfully, and I splash you back. You splash again, and I chase you, tackling you, sinking beneath the surface with you in my arms. I find the elastic to your bikini bottom and deftly strip it off of you before we surface. You come to the surface sputtering, checking to see that the water is deep enough to hide your nakedness.

Your cheeks are flushed from exertion a

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