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Zoe gets more than she expected from her photoshoot.

I took the opportunity to roam freely under his shirt, over his chest and arms, to rake my nails down his back. That seemed to flip a switch.

He sat back to take his shirt off and relieved me of mine. He kept the bra, choosing to bite my nipples through the silky material. The mixture of his teeth and the wet, soft satin drove me to rake my nails across his back again.

He sucked on my neck and nipped at my ear before whispering, "All right, you've found it. But no more, lovie. I'm warning you."

Part of me desperately wanted to ask what waited on the other side of that warning, but he was already pulling down my shorts and my thong along with them. He had three fingers inside of me and his tongue swirling on my clit. His licks turned to kisses and bites. He turned his attention to the place where my left thigh met my labia. He sucked and licked and bit, all the while still sinking fingers into my glistening hole. His teeth kept gnawing away at the same spot while he slipped a thumb into my tightest hole.

I bucked against the delicious intrusion, one hand tangled in his hair and the other twisting my own nipples to the point of bruising. Sir must have finally been satisfied with the job his mouth did because he rose up and plunged his cock inside of me. He plummeted into my depths and fed me the hand that had nursed my pussy. I cleaned it for him like I had cleaned his floor, a subtle reminder of who my orgasms belonged to.

I grabbed onto the muscles of his back. The hand I had been sucking on was taken away, only to slap me. Not hard, but not gently. Just right. Another reminder - don't scratch. Sir gave me his hand again and I was grateful, my oral fixation seemed especially strong at the moment.

"Do you want my cum, Emma?"

"Mmm. Yes, Sir. Please give this little one your cum."

"It's yours, little one." As his dick pulsed inside of me, spraying my womb with his seed, I held my breath. I had asked for his release, but not my own. He laid across me, his head between my breasts. I breathed in his scent and tried to calm myself at the same time.

My fingers were in his hair again, massaging his scalp. I rubbed up and down his arms and scratched his back. Fuck! I scratched his back.

I wasn't the only one who noticed my indiscretion. I was being hauled into the kitchen by my hair. I managed to keep my whimpers to a minimum.

"Down," Sir said coldly. After I complied, he walked upstairs. I kept perfectly still and waited. I tried to ignore the fact that I was sitting in front of a floor to ceiling window that looked out on another building of condos, not an empty office building this time. I was trying to decide the likelihood of someone across the way having a telescope pointed my way when I heard Sir's footsteps on the stairs.

His voice was unyielding, but level this time. "Stand up, Emma." I did so, keeping my eyes on the ground. He put something on the table, out of my sight. It sounded heavy and light at the same time.

He stood in front of me. All I could do was stare at the bottom half of his body, clad in jeans. So sexy. I was painfully reminded of my waiting orgasm. He lifted my eyes to his.

"You disobeyed. Correct?"

"Yes, Sir," I said, wanting to look at the floor again.

"Be honest, Emma. Was it accidental or intentional?"

"An accident, I swear, Sir! I mean, I did mean to scratch your back, but not out of defiance. Just to do it. I wasn't thinking. I'm sor-"

He lifted his hand to stop me. "That's enough, Emma. I believe you. I'm sure you agree that you need to remember my instructions at all times. Don't you?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Now, I think that intention matters, but so does action. I will be punishing you tonight. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"I want you to understand something, Emma. I ask you not to scratch my back because it hastens my need. I want to take the time to relish you, enjoy you. Speed is not my goal. When I want you to do that, I will ask for it specifically. Understand?"

I nodded, trying to contain how turned on he had just made me.

"I need to hea

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