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Richard and Tatiana meet an experienced Dom to explore BDSM.


"Uh, thanks."

"Long, but not too thick."

"No-one's complained ... yet," I said modestly.

"You want to put cock inside me?"

Stupid fucking question. But now I felt embarrassed. I nodded. It occurred to me that Eve was perfectly calm about all this. Not shouting, not raising her voice at all. I wondered if she'd actually been expecting me. Leaving the window open deliberately as an invitation.

"You vant me to suck cock?"



I wanted nothing more, "Yes. I vant ... want you to."

Eve smiled, "Maybe later. You come with me."


Eve dropped the rabbit on the bed and padded out of the room. I thought any pleasuring would probably be best happening in the bedroom, so I was a little confused when she led me into the bathroom. I watched the sway of her hips, swinging from side to side as she walked. She stepped into the shower cubicle and turned on the water, "In here."

I stepped into the shower, large enough to hold three or even four. I wondered if it ever had.

"Close door."

I slid the perspex door shut behind me. I reached for Eve's waist, but she slapped my hands away, "Not yet."

I watched as she thoroughly wetted her hair and massaged shampoo into her scalp. For want of something to do other than just stand there like a spare part, I grabbed a bottle of shower gel and started washing.

"You soap back."

"What? Oh," starting at her neck, I lathered her shoulders, pressing gently with my thumbs. Eve was still, her hair washing forgotten for the moment. I moved lower, spreading suds outward from her spine in broad, circular motions. My fingertips ventured around her rib cage, each time brushing the smooth sides of her breasts. Just enough to tease, to make her want more.

Eve steadied herself against the tiled wall and let out a long sigh, "You good at this."


"You have lucky girlfriend."

"I'm the lucky one," I answered. I was already feeling like a shit for betraying Sorrel's trust. If this had been her in the shower with me, I'd have probably been writing 'I LOVE YOU' in the soap suds covering her back with my fingertip.

"Kneel down," she said quietly.

I guessed she wanted me to go down on her. I was fine with that. I knelt down, feeling hot water spraying down my back, my face inches from Eve's shaven mound. She reached down and spread her pink labia, bending her knees a little to bring her vulva closer to my face. I poked my tongue out to lick her and ...

"Suck me," she instructed.

I clamped my mouth over her vulva, licking. She was already dripping wet and not just from the water. She tasted salty, vinegary, but sweet and bitter all at the same time. I ran my tongue up her swollen petals and teased her clitoris.

"Mmm ... you do that, you make me cum."

"That's the idea."

Her hand squeezed my head as I licked her folds, up and down. She mumbled something, presumably in Czechoslovakian, "Uhh. Mmm ... I'm cumming!"

I felt the first stream of her cum in my mouth. I swallowed in surprise. She was squirting in my face! This was disgusting ... but also strangely erotic. She was only the second girl I'd ever seen squirt, and never in such close proximity. Her warmth ran down my face and neck, sluiced quickly away by the shower. She shuddered, jerked and gasped out loud. Great sobbing gasps that conveyed a mixture of every emotion imaginable thrown together in one vocal exclamation (she may have sworn a bit too, but I don't know any Czech swear words).

The stream became a trickle, then a dribble. Eve clutched my head tightly between her thighs, her whole body shaking.

"You have good tongue," she turned away from me and faced the wall with her thighs apart.

"You lick other place now."

"You want me to lick your ..."

"Asshole. Musis si lizat muj kreten."

She slapped her ass with a stinging smack.

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