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Overcome by fantasy, a woman finds herself...alone

Yes, ok, this was now turning me on, I admit it. I was tenting my pants quite a bit and of course Regina noticed. She reached over and rubbed my crotch, she was obviously hotter than hell at this particular moment. She unzipped my pants and fished out my hard as a rock cock and stroked it, still holding Christopher's dick as well. The comparison was shall we say, unflattering. He was in fact bigger limp than I was fully erect.

"Should we take him to the guest room, or should we take him into our room," Regina asked, seductively, eyebrows going up and down. Kidding, ...I think!

"Alright, you know what, dry him off, and we will get him to the guest room and I'll do my best to put out your fire, okay?" Christopher at this point began snoring which had us laughing again. After putting myself back in my pants, I held him up while Regina dried him off. Of course she took extra care to dry off his big dick and was flopping it up and down off his stomach and legs. It started getting hard!

I asked Regina to grab his legs, and we'd carry him to the guest room. I had him around the chest and had the bulk of his dead weight. She tried grabbing him by the ankles but he was too heavy. She then got him under the knees and we were able to lift him. She was now uncomfortably close to his almost fully hard cock, that was in fact, enormous! With his balls up against her wet blouse, and at every step, his dick being moved from his stomach to straight up and back to his stomach, it was quite a sight. Regina couldn't stop giggling but also couldn't take her eyes off it. We got him into the guest room and onto his back on the bed, snoring away yet hard as steel.

Regina quipped, "There's gonna be some happy young ladies in Madison the next few years."

I laughed and agreed and I said I was going to get some clothes to put on him. I went and got a pair of boxers and a tee shirt and I headed back to the guest room. As I walked back into the guest room there was Regina, one hand stroking up and down Christopher's incredible erection, the other between her legs furiously rubbing her pussy. Fucking hot!!!

I slowly walked in and she opened her eyes, way far past the point of being embarrassed. I pulled her skirt up and pulled her underwear down. I took my rock hard cock out and pressed it against her ass. I started talking to her.

"You like that big cock don't you," I whispered in her ear, Christopher still snoring loudly.

"Oh my God yes," she gasped rubbing her pussy harder.

"I bet you'd love nothing more than to stuff that big dick right in your pussy right now wouldn't you Reg?"

"Oh FUCK," she cried out. Thank God the kids were upstairs! She was on fire. The next thing she said shocked me!

"Honey, how would you feel about going and getting a condom?"

Holy shit!


"We'll only if you are okay with it, but I think I'm too drunk to cum just from my hand, and if you don't mind... I think I might make it if you know..."

"You want to?"

"Do you mind?"

"Ummm, I guess not. As long as there are, you know, no long term ramifications."

"Did you just say ramifications?"

More hysterical yet nervous laughter.

"Honey, this will never happen again. I know that and you know that. It's more like a sex toy than anything else. But if you are okay with it, I would love to do it. I have never, ever, had anything like this. And I'd kinda, just this once, sorta, ...would like to see what it would be like? Ya know? But if you are not 100% cool with it, we can stop right now. But if you say it's ok, I swear I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you."

Well how could I say no to that.

"I'll be right back."

Off I went to see if I could even find a condom. I actually wasn't sure I had one. I remember thinking, I'll let fate decide. If I don't have one, then it wasn't meant to be. If I do...so be it. Sure enough I had one left, from a long time ago.

When I got back to the guest room, Regina was up on the bed, skirt and panties on the floor, Christopher's dick in her hand, only inches away from her

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