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A hot college intern helps out with a project.

.. it was like a 24 hour orgy ... "

A violent shudder passed though her, "And then there were the things she made us do ... to ourselves and to each other ... it was sick ... disgusting ... she made us perform for her ... and we were into it. We were so messed up in the head we used to fight each other to do all the perverted things she thought up. Oh God!"

Tammi bolted from the table, heading for the bathroom. They listened in silence as she coughed and gagged, everyone taking pains to avoid looking at anyone else. Eventually, Asha left the table. They could hear her soothing her friend. They came out from the bathroom a few minutes later.

"Sorry," Tammi said sheepishly, though she did sound a little better. "My point is we were able to do all those things because she'd fucked with our heads ..."

"... her and Leslie, that little cunt!" Tammi muttered with enough heat to burn the air out of everyone's lungs.

"... and that's the way you have to act. Whatever she says, you do it, without hesitation. I don't know how a normal person could do that. If you do hesitate, she'll know you're faking it, and I don't know what she'll do then. She's capable of anything."

Bridget nodded. Tammi's point was irrefutable, "I don't doubt any of that. If anyone has a better idea, believe me, I am all ears!"

No one had a better idea. Bridget snatched the hearing aid from off the table, in case someone tried to stop her that way.

"Then it's settled, I'm going tomorrow," she said.

Maura sighed, long and sadly, "I'll go with you."

"Absolutely not," Bridget insisted. "We only have one nullifier. In fact, as soon as I leave, you all need to check out, get out of this hotel, and don't tell me where you're going. If this doesn't work .."

Her voice caught.

"... if this doesn't work," she continued, "you'll have to assume I've told them everything. And then they'll come for all of you. It won't be safe here. Just get out and try to put together a Plan B."

For a long while, no one spoke. Cynthia found her voice first, "Is there anything we can do for you right now?"

"As a matter of fact, there is," Bridget forced herself to smile. "I've been cooped up in this room for almost a week. I want to go to Little Italy tonight and have a really good dinner. Then I want to go to the Knicks game and I want GREAT seats."

Cynthia smiled and dipped her head modestly, "I can do that." * * *

Prof. Karen Sawyer didn't like loose ends, and that is what this Bridget character had become. The thought of the girl gnawed at her. Her plan, her dream, was so close to fruition, so close to being reality. Because it was so close was precisely why it needed her undivided attention. But thoughts of Bridget were a constant distraction.

Sawyer assumed Tammi's sudden and complete disappearance was Bridget's doing. She'd wasted too much precious time on whether The Association, working through Bridget, had somehow figured out a way to deprogram Tammi. She decided it was unlikely before deciding it was irrelevant. Losing a single girl was nothing. But it hinted at other, nasty surprises The Association might spring, so it continued to weigh on her.

She flipped through the latest progress report from the engineers at Mericon. Her calculating side knew this was the real solution to the Bridget problem. The latest version of the control sphere, one that would work over a radio and TV signal, was almost ready. And once she had that, there'd be no stopping her. She had her people on the broadcast side already in place, all they needed was a working sphere.

But the little problems cropping up on the engineering side were vexing. They needed help ... they needed her. And she was wasting her time on a redheaded college sophomore with a talent for soccer and getting out of tight spots. It was maddening.

Chicago was looking more and more like a dead end.

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