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Young man licks neighbor's pussy.

"I know, my daughter told me. But, I like to have some insurance."

- What in hell are we talking about? - "I don't understand."

"I like to think I'm protecting my daughter." Rachel reached over.

"How?" - Why is she reaching over?

"By taking the bullets out of the gun,"

"What?" - Why is she undoing my zipper? What the crap is going on?

Rachel really was doing this to protect her daughter, but it didn't hurt that she liked doing it. Her daughter hadn't brought a boy home to meet her in a long time. The other times the boys and her daughter were too young for her to bother with.

- At least she appears to know what she's doing. Okay, my jeans are open and I'm out. -

"Relax Dan; my daughter will not come down until I call for her." She liked how a soft cock felt in her hand and gave a little squeeze. She wrapped her fingers around his shaft and gently played.

"Mm." - She's going to get me off with her hand so I won't have sex with Gwen. Okay by me. -

Rachel loved the feel of a soft cock and making it grow. Watching his face, she squeezed it again. She liked the feeling of power it gave her.

"Um," - I didn't give Rachel enough credit; she definitely knows what she's doing.

The idea that it was her deciding how and when the guy got hard had always appealed to her, "Slide down some."

- She's pulling my jeans and underwear down. -

Rachel smiled; his cock was hard and standing a good 7 inches. She continued stroking him while her other hand cupped his balls.

- I've never had a girl play with my cock and my balls at the same time. - "Ooh."

Rachel licked her lips to make them wet, and then she bent over. Her mouth was watering at the idea of having a hard cock in her mouth again.

- Now what is she going to do? I wonder if she's...? She's going to suck me! I can feel her mouth on me. - "Oh shit."

Rachel took it back out, "Do you like?"

"Oh yeah, I've never had that before...O-o-o."

A cock felt good in her mouth and against her tongue. She dated and sometimes stayed overnight with someone, but she never could get enough sex, and she loved it all. Plus, she never brought anyone home. She covered her teeth with her lips and went down on him again.

"Mm." - Is she biting me? No, it doesn't hurt. No, it definitely doesn't hurt. - "Ooh, that feels good."

Rachel had always taken pride with how far she could go down on a guy. She sucked on his cock greedily and could feel the heat start between her legs; it was too bad they didn't have more time.

- I can feel my cock sliding into her throat. She's going down so far that her nose is touching my pubic hair. How can she do that? - Why is she's taking me out of her mouth? -

"Do you like watching me do it?"

"Oh yeah." - She's licking me. - "Um hum, especially just under the head." - Damn! - "Oh yeah just like that."

"I like doing this too."

- She is stroking me with her hand again and she's licking my balls! - "Oh man."

"Which do you like better? When I lick your hard cock all up and down, like this."

"Um hum, I like that."

"Or when I suck it in like this?"

"Ah...mm...that too." - She's teasing me even as she doing it, for crying out loud. Her lips grip my cock as she goes down and then I feel the head touch the back of her throat. I know when she eases up sucking that she is going to let my cock slide almost all of the way out. -


Gwen could still hear them talking. She had no intention of fooling around with him on their first official date. So when was her mom going to be done and let them go on it all ready?


"A-h-h." - She's using her hands as well as her mouth now. Both hands are around my cock stroking me as she sucks me in and out, "Mm." Her breasts are pushing against me. I wonder if she would let me touch them? Cool, they give just a little bit.

She chuckled which was difficult with her mouth ful

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