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"I've seen you around here before." I`m not sure I could have rehearsed a more ditzy thing to say. Of course I`ve seen him around there before, he only works in the building! I really do have a special way of making any sort of intellectual ability that I have seem incredulous to anyone I`ve spoken to socially. Any time I feel some pressure my words come out all wrong.

He didn`t answer the open ended statement right away, perhaps there was no good way to answer it. It certainly gave me time to feel the proverbial dunce cap on my head.

Then, as if composing himself, he said, "You don`t know my name, do you?"

I paused for what felt like a minute, and then started laughing uncontrollably. The truth of the statement, in that moment, felt so funny to me. I was laughing so hard that I felt tears in my eyes as I managed to say, "I have no idea!" Now he was laughing right along with me, I'm not sure why I found it so funny, perhaps it was relief that he mentioned it and that we had an ice breaker.

He told me that his name was Deeb, and that was my que for my next, and most spectacular, of social blunders. "Is that Greek?" I asked with my ditz on full and open display. He explained to me, in good humour, about some of the historical animosity between the Turks and the Greeks in the Anatolian peninsula. And about how certain members of his family may have taken such a question as a mortal insult. Now I was laughing even more and leaning on his arm to keep my balance; the no contact rule had unconsciously been breached. My arm stayed on his as we got to the end of the lab building corridor and I opened the link to the office building.

Talking was coming naturally now. It felt like after learning his name, and "mortally insulting" it, that we were now friends. It didn`t feel like flirting anymore, just that we were having a good time walking down the narrowly lit corridors and carrying on nonsense. We stopped when we got to the restrooms.

"Just a minute." He said as he motioned toward the door.

Being silly, "Be quick about it, I'm scared of the dark," I said in an attempt to keep up with my ditzy pace that I had set.

"Just come in." The way he said this was almost mocking and almost daring. Like a kid promising you that you would be cool if you just went along.

"That`s a men's room, I can't." All of my emphasis and intonation was on the hard "t".

"Never seen a urinal? Come on, nobody will catch you." He was half laughing with a mischievous smile.

I actually never had seen a urinal, but that was hardly what was drawing me into the washroom. There was that sense of danger too. That's really what I had been flirting with all along: danger. How far could I push myself to the edge without going over? I wanted just enough to see the other side, to feel the electric feeling of being somewhere I shouldn't be, with someone I shouldn't be with. In no way was this an indictment of my life, my comforts and my family, just an insatiable need to see through the window. As if I was drawn to the complete darkness, I walked into the washroom behind my new friend Deeb.

"I'm just looking for the light." The washroom didn`t have emergency lights, it was completely dark once the door closed. I stood still and let Deeb grope the walls looking for the switch. I felt some sort of anticipation building, until suddenly the light went on. I was still standing beside the door, close enough to exit if need be. The washroom was small, just like the women's across the hall, but instead of two stalls there was a stall with a single urinal beside it. It was just hanging on the wall, as I imagine they always are, but there still was something alien about it. Beside the entrance was a single booth sink with a large mirror starting from the counter, making it so no matter which way I looked the urinal was visible.

Deeb stepped up to the urinal, undid his pants and starting to go.

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