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A stranger joins in when a couple make use of the elevator.

But one day, late in the afternoon, I waited until Sara had been in her room for a while, and I figured I would burst into her room. So I snuck up the stairs to her bedroom and listened through the door. To my delight, I heard distinct sexual sounds. She must have been masturbating, I was so lucky! I quickly opened the door.

Sara was on all fours on her bed, naked and facing me with her eyes closed, and to my surprise there was a skinny young man not much older than me slamming into her from behind. I just froze, I had not expected to find Sara fucking someone in her room. She opened her eyes when she heard me enter, but she didn't act embarrassed or angry. She kind of smiled at me while I just stood there. The guy stuffing her didn't let up, he looked questioningly at me, and then down at Sara.

"Who's this?" he asked casually.

Sara seemed to really be enjoying herself, and she was obviously approaching an orgasm. Her face contorted a bit.

"My brother," she answered.

The guy kept slamming her, unaffected by my presence. I just stared as he pumped into her, and after a few moments Sara squealed and gripped the bed tightly. She lowered her face into the mattress and cried out into the sheets as she came. The guy was not far behind, and he soon grunted and hunched over her as he shot deep inside of her. After a minute of catching their breath, Sara looked up at me and smiled.

"Hey," she said. "Don't just stand there, come over here."

I cautiously approached the bed. The guy leaned back against the bed, and Sara sat up on her knees. She pulled me over to her.

"You got quite the show," she said.

I didn't know what to say. I felt weird with the guy who I didn't know laying naked next to me. He probably felt the same way, although fucking my sister in front of me didn't seem to bother him, so he pulled the condom off his dick and got dressed and left quickly.

"He comes over once in a while," Sara said.

Sara didn't seem to mind being naked in front of me, in fact she was kind of touchy feely with me on her bed.

"Did you like what you saw?" she asked with a smile.

I looked her up and down. "I like what I'm still seeing."

She leaned back on her elbows, giving me a great view of her body.

"Why don't you take your clothes off too? Then we can be nudie buddies."

I shrugged and quickly stripped down. I didn't feel shy at all, I wasn't worried that she wouldn't like seeing me naked or anything like that, I wasn't even embarrassed about my erection. She smiled when she saw it, and reached out to touch it. I was taken by surprise, and jumped.

She giggled. "Does that feel good?"

I sighed. "Oh yeah. But, why are you doing that?"

Sara cocked her head. "You don't like it?"

"No, I love it."

"Then just let it happen."

Those were the best words I'd ever heard in my life. For the next few minutes, I had my first handjob. Sara was an expert in the manipulation of male genitals. She fondled and rubbed and caressed, I thought I would cum immediately. She lovingly jacked me off, while I relaxed on the bed. Finally, I came in her hands, and it was the most blissful feeling I had ever experienced. She smiled up at me.

"Feel good?" she said cheerily.

I nodded. "I'm a virgin," I blurted out.

She seemed surprised, and then she gave me a big smile.

"How about we take care of that?"

I couldn't believe what she was saying, did she really want to have sex with me? She crawled on top of me and moved her hips over mine. She lowered her face to mine and kissed me very sensually. It was so erotic, and the thought of fucking my sister was really arousing. So I let it happen, as she had suggested.

She rubbed her crotch against my dick, which was rock hard again.

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