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She's been waiting for you.

As Cheryl felt this she let out a yell, "Faster, Polly, deeper, god I'm so ready for it.. harder," and she ground towards Polly's mouth and fist. I could not hold off any longer and reached behind the bent over Polly and lifted the red lycra skirt. As Polly started to pound away with three fingers and her mouth I slipped the duo balls from Polly's well used cunt, and slipped my sensitive, straining cock in between her wet lips and drove home. Polly barely let up as she felt my cock fill her up, concentrating on licking out the juices from Cheryl's flowing cunt.

I couldn't believe the sight - as I was screwing Polly, fishnet stockinged legs splayed and pert ass cheeks in the air, she was tonguing and fingering her sister to a loud and stormy orgasm. I didn't last long and the fast pace of my thrusting into Polly's already well used cunt started the familiar tingling in my balls. Polly started to jerk and clamped her cunt around me as I exploded into her, spasming time and again as my second load of cum was shot. Polly tensed and ground back, but as I continued my powerful thrusting I could see the results - it pushed her mouth and fingers into Cheryl and the rhythm for both sisters was too much. Cheryl clamped her thighs tightly round Polly's mouth and hand as she let a long, low moan and shuddered to the most powerful climax I have ever seen. Her body bucked and strained against the bonds as the climax swept through her, and her cries became unintelligible. Polly too came loudly, briefly releasing Cheryl's cunt and clitoris from her mouth to yell "Yes, yes, yes," over and over. Her body thrust back to meet my pulsing flesh, before finally collapsing forward, spent, onto her sister.

After a few quiet moments Polly slipped forward and my slowly subsiding cock slid out of her very full cunt, our combined juices starting to leak slowly from her red and well used lips. Polly stood up and used a towel to gently clean herself up, all the time smiling at me.

"One more forfeit, are you up to it?" she teased.

"Why don't we ask Cheryl to do it?" I retorted, hopefully. Polly's grin broadened, and she passed the last slip of paper to her sister, still tied and spread-eagled on the bed.

Polly released Cheryl from her bonds, and she sat up to read, "Polly will choose 4 items of clothing, you may choose any more you feel you need to wear, but your penalty will be 10 spanks on your bare ass for each extra item. You will then go for drinks from the bar wearing these clothes. On your return you will have your holes filled and Polly will cum in your mouth."

Polly looked around and asked me to choose the clothing. I picked out Polly's fishnet stockings, which she was still wearing, her latex knickers and Cheryl's own suspender belt, knowing that this would entail Cheryl choosing more and needing to pay for them.

Cheryl smiled and slowly peeled off her red cotton dress, revealing her fantastic full breasts for the first time. Her light brown nipples and aureole were still standing proud from the teasing and sucking that Polly had given them, and her bare mound was framed by the black leather suspenders. Cheryl reached forward and slowly unclipped the first of Polly's fishnet stockings, sliding it sensuously down her leg, before slipping it off. She carefully rolled her own seamed stocking off, and the slid Polly's fishnet one immediately back up her own leg, and clipped it in place, smoothing the net against her tanned thigh. She repeated the movement with the other stocking, teasing Polly as she brushed her inner thighs just below her very well used pussy lips. Last of all, she slid and stretched the small latex knickers up over her round, high cheeks and into place, just covering her own labia and bare mound.

Looking around, Cheryl selected Polly's mini dress, and squeezed into it.

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