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The night's events after Alexis went home with Lanie.

I began to view my intentions as a plan to evolve our sexuality. I wanted to free my wife from the inhibitions that keep her from giving herself completely. To that end, I knew I had to create a comfort level with her nakedness.

My efforts began by suggesting she let me take some digital pictures of her. This wasn't the first time I had broached the subject but this time was different. I wasn't making a random suggestion. I was convincing her.

As before she initially tried to laugh off my request, wondering out loud why I would want pictures of that. After my 4th "suggestion" in two weeks she actually acknowledged she would consider it if she lost a few of those pounds she didn't want to show off.

I think Teresa believed this answer would put the request off until some time in the future and she could just laugh it off again at that time. For me her answer was a door opening and I quickly pushed through.

Days after her comment I broached the subject again. This time however, I let her know that we had a couple months for her to lose the weight she was worried about as we had a picture session scheduled for Saturday July 19th at 11:00 p.m. Teresa was at a loss for words. Finally, following an awkward moment of silence she laughed and said we'll see.

Over the next month I made a point of mentioning the date every few days. I was never pushy and often just brought it up in general conversation and talked about how much I was looking forward to the 19th.

Teresa's reactions were mixed. Sometimes I was ignored, sometimes my comments drew laughter and sometimes her comments were skeptical about us following through. No matter her reaction I was careful to never react and to always approach the situation like it was a complete certainty that we had a pending on July 19th.

I noticed our appointment became real to Teresa as June turned to July. With 19 days remaining I noticed that Teresa's workouts increased from 3 to 5 days per week. She still refused to acknowledge a commitment but I could see she was preparing herself, physically and mentally.

On the Monday before the 19th I brought a surprise home. Teresa found it as she went to bed that night. Laid out across our comforter was a black skirt and white sleeveless blouse. Complimenting the outfit was a silky push up bra from Victoria Secrets and a matching pair of thong panties. A pair of 3" heels laid on the floor in front of the bed. Laying on top of the blouse was my note to Teresa.


I couldn't wait for you to see what you will be wearing Saturday night. We have 7:30 reservations for dinner and I am sure we can be be back at the house by 11:00 for our session. You are not allowed to try the outfit on until after your shower on Saturday. You are not allowed to discuss this with me. Put the clothes away and start looking forward to our evening. You will look beautiful.

Teresa read the note twice before looking back at the bed. Slowly she picked up the blouse and held it to her chest and looked in the mirror. Next she picked up the skirt and held it in front of her. She felt her chest tighten as she knew she had never worn a skirt so short and the white blouse would not hide the black bra. She would look like a slut. She couldn't go out in public like this.

Just as those thoughts flooded her mind her eyes shot back to the note. You are not allowed to discuss this with me. Teresa's eyes went back to the bed and stared until she realized she was biting her upper lip with nervousness.

Teresa shook her head and muttered to herself "Its only Monday and I feel like this?" Teresa took a deep breath, gathered the clothes and the note and placed them on the top shelf.

When I came to bed 30 minutes later no mention of my gifts were made.

Teresa was laying with her back to me but scooted towards me as I slid into bed.

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