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Kayla is joined by two, he is tied to a tree.

Rohith continued to torment her for several minutes, sucking her breasts, squeezing them in his hands, rolling the hard *mangalsutra* across her nipples. He knew that her breasts are hypersensitive and that she is having tiny multiple orgasms. At last, he released her breasts and, smiling in pleasure, moved lower, kissing her rounded belly, running his tongue through her navel. He sank to his knees on the floor and slowly pushed his head between her thighs. Sheela's cunt has started streaming now.

Rohith spread her legs, letting the stream of water clean her soapy, juicy pussy. Rohith dragged his tongue up one thigh, then the other, slowly moving to her slit. Sheela groaned and pulled her cunt-lips wide. Rohith could see the beauty of her cunt, the delicate cunt-lips rimmed with soft black hair framing the tender pink flesh within which glistened her juices. He could see the quivering stem of her swollen clitoris and the darker opening of her cunt channel. Slowly, he dragged his tongue up the wet crack. Sheela gasped and arched her back, her head tilted upward.

"Ahhhhhh ... yes!" she groaned.

Rohith licked her pussy, moving his tongue up and down both sides of her swollen lips. Sheela lifted one leg and hung it over his shoulders, giving him better access to her hot hole.

She groaned and clawed her cunt-lips open for her young hubby. Her cunt was sticky and heady; her cunt-juices tingled on his tongue. He lapped at them gently, flicked his tongue delicately around her cunt-lips, and darted around her gorged clitoris. Her hips writhed and bucked. He moved his tongue up and down her slit, twisting it this way and that, curving it to a sharp point and jabbed it in and out of her cunt-flesh. Sheela pulled her cunt-lips wide open.

"Yes ... c'mon ... do it ... lick me, Rohith Darling ... lick my slit ... come on .... yes ... ohhhh yes ... there ... ahhh yes ... ohhh god yes yes ...there ... ahhh yes there!"

Rohith whipped his tongue at her clitoris, flicked it rapidly back and forth, and inserted his thick, long middle finger into her cunt-hole. It was hot and wet and tight and it convulsed frantically on his finger. He rolled his finger around in her cunt, arching it deep inward, masturbating her slowly while he tongue-fucked her. She clenched his head and bucked her hips up and down. Her head was tilted to one side, her chin on her shoulder, her mouth open. Her chest heaved. Her body rocked and jerked gently as though she is being fucked. Her hot, heavy, swollen breasts wobbled and jiggled. Rohith pushed his face deep into her cunt and sucked on her clitoris. Sheela cried out, her head jerked back, her breath shooting from her throat in an wailing moan.

"OHHHHHH! Oh ma uhhhh *hanh* uhhhhh OHHHHHHH!"

It wasn't long before her knees shook, and she began to cum, Rohith's tongue was buried deep in her cunt. Rohith nibbled the hard knob of her clitoris and his finger ran rapidly in and out of her cunt, masturbating her furiously. Her body jerked and writhed frantically. She arched her back, lifted and squeezed her breasts, her hands clapped over the large, fleshy mounds, pinching and tweaking her rigid nipples. Faster and faster he moved his hand, while his mouth sucked and nibbled her clitoris and she hissed wantonly. Later when Sheela came back to normal her young hubby asked.

"Are you going ... to do the same for me now?" Rohith panted anticipating a blow job from his new bride.

Sheela looked at him and wetted her soft lips with her tongue

"Yes, Darling" she said in a whisper.

Small anticipatory whimpers of delight was already coming from between his tightened lips as he watched her sink to her knees and draw herself up between his thighs.

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