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Never to walk on the earth again.

The very highest notes played loudly and the lowest played pianissimo,___ ___sent the Phallus rapidly through its full range and then as the music reached a climax the audience heard her own climax,___ "___Aaaaggghhhhh.___" ___and yet she continued fingering the strings and drawing the bow back and forth even as the pleasure coursed through her veins the music flowed more smoothly and suddenly she was six bars into the second half,___ ___seamlessly unknowingly picking up the composers score,___ ___and the phallus gradually withdrew as the rising cadences played quietly,___ ___pianissimo were followed by dramatic stacatto falling arpegii until finally the chair rose once more,___ ___and as the final slow movement in___ ___5/4___ ___time changed the mood once again the final centre section of seat clicked into place once more.

The final A flat sounded,___ ___and the hall remained still,___ ___the audience mesmerised,___ ___not a sound emitted,___ ___not a single cough.

M.___ ___Gerard stepped forward and as he draped the bathrobe around Michelle's shoulders he announced___ "Michele's ___finest performance,___ ___do you not agree Ladies and Gentlemen.___"

The spell was broken,___ ___the audience erupted into wild applause many standing for a standing ovation and as Michelle stood to take her bow she suddenly realised that she had performed naked,___ ___and worse,___ ___climaxed naked before a audience,___ "___And Ladies and Gentlemen a big round of applause for Monsieur Albert Farraday the genius engineer who created La Phallus Electronique,___ ___Albert s'il vous plait,___ ___join us please.___"

Michelle realised she had performed not for the composer but for the mechanic who made the sex machine,___ ___she had been publicly violated,___ ___not for art but for pornography and engineering, she had been betrayed yet in her betrayal the evidence of her own deceit,___ ___that secret of her lost virginity was finally safe.

Mechanically Michelle put down her Cello,___ ___folded her music stand,___ ___and as she had done a thousand times before, she left the stage.

Part___ ___2

Michelle lay on her bed at Chateau Mirron munching her toast and thinking of the evening just gone,___ ___she lay naked,___ ___she felt different somehow,___ ___her abused private parts a constant reminder of the evening before.___ ___She remembered how as she left the stage naked the previous evening carrying her Cello and music so the chairs had been whisked away then neatly stacked and to her astonishment the audience had begun to undress,___ ___an audience of perverts the numbers swelled by gigolos and harlots,___ ___M.Gerards friends from the dark side of high society.

She remembered her fear that M.Gerard would require that she remained,___ ___to be violated by any as chose to,___ ___but he merely called,___ "___Well done.___" ___as she passed.

She had bathed,___ ___red liquid had streaked her legs,___ ___she feared it was blood but on examination had proved to be red lubricant,___ ___ejaculated by the electronic phallus.___ ___She did not bother to dress,___ ___nakedness was cool and modesty seemed pointless knowing the whole household had seen her naked on stage as the electronic phallus had violated her as she played Stainforth's La Defloration on her Cello.___

She thought of the music,___ ___trying to remember the cadenza,___ ___she wondered what she had played,___ ___as her own climax had engulfed her as she improvised,___ ___had she continued seamlessly___? ___or had her professionalism seen her through,___ ___she would listen to the recording later,___ ___work out how to replicate her performance in the cold stare of the paying audience where the stimulus of the phallus could not reasonably be employed.___

She mused on such weighty matters as between bites of toast___ ___she waited___ ___for the call that would confirm her arrangements for the evenings performance,___ ___Her battered old high school

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