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Add Hiromi: a touch of Japanese flavor.

She told me to meet her at her new place. I asked how her husband would feel about that and she said that they met at a voyeur/submissive club and that he gets off watching her jerk off other guys. She said not to worry at all that she knows both her husband and I would enjoy ourselves. We set up for 2 pm and I got ready and headed off.

When I got the place, I knocked on the door. It was a small but well furnished condo. She opened the door, welcomed me, and introduced me to her husband Greg. She gave me a big deep hug squeezing my ass and licking my lips. I looked at her husband, worried he was going to get pissed off, but instead he looked back at me with a warm smile, and gave me a hug too, handing me a margarita, telling me to make myself at home.

June led us to the living room and went off to prepare some more drinks while Greg and I sat down on the sofa and started chatting about our lives. I confided with him about how depressing and loveless my marriage had become before the divorce and how my ex wife would never do anything fun with me. every time missionary. And how she would act like my cum was a disgusting thing she didn't want to touch. He said he had been married before too and could relate. Greg confided to me that his wife divorced him and took half his money after she went to visit him at work one day and caught him with his pants down fucking his young male office assistant bareback on his work desk. She told Greg that she couldn't tolerate this and kicked him out of the house.

I was thinking to myself that he was being very open with me. Maybe a little too much so. Did June tell him about my bi experienced? Why didn't she tell me about his? Was Greg just baiting me? At this point I was feeling pretty horny and saucy so I took a chance and told him about the night I had come home late after telling my wife I had to work longer and I really met up a guy and bottomed for him. I told Greg I ended up going home with my ass full of a strange man's cum and my wife didn't notice a thing.

When he heard this, his eyes lit up and he got closer to me, started feeling my dick and gave me a long deep passionate kiss. We were licking each other's lips and feeling each other's dick and it felt so good we both started getting real worked up until June walked in on us and broke us up screaming HEY WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING??

I jumped back and looked at Greg and June embarrassed not knowing what to say. June looked at Greg and me like a punishing parent saying NOT YET. She told Greg "We're working on his collection and we're not going to mess this up. This is a serious hot project and I told my friend we're going to help him add to it"

June ordered me to open up my small backpack and take out the little empty liquor shot bottles I brought with me. She Grabbed two of the empty bottles and told us we were going to play a game where both me and Greg are each going to cum in one of the little bottles and whoever fills their bottle with more cum wins.

She started by taking our clothes off, shirts and pants. She kept her clothes on while she told me to kneel down. she knelt down next to me and started slowly jerking my cock as her husband was watching. I got hard pretty quick as she was whispering in my ear how she's going to make both of us shoot so much cum. She said she will only do it if I follow her instructions and act like a good assistant and I agreed.

She unbuttoned the top of her shirt and exposed her breasts.

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