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Tucker's descent continues.

There was a fence along the freeway and all along the back of the complex was a tall wooden fence with bushes and various trees lining the fence. This area seemed to have some potential.

We went back to the house and unpacked some more of the things and got them put in place. The sun had started to go down and we went for a walk around to the service road to take a closer look at what was back there. It was a short walk from my apartment to the street that ran along the complex and over to the service road. The area along the service road was well kept and the bushes and trees were placed where they had open areas in between them. About halfway down the road there was an area that had two trees with very low branches where you could just walk right up and have a seat. There was also a small alcove behind the trees and bushes with benches set on the wall.

Tina and I looked at each other then walked back to take a better look. It was a perfect little hideaway where we would be able to have some fun. We looked around a little more and it was a great spot. It provided a nice place where no one could see you unless they came right in there and close enough to the freeway where you could flash drivers and have a safe place to hide if need be. My pussy was getting wet thinking of all the fun I could have here and Tina agreed with me.

It was still light out and you had a good view to the side streets along the apartment and across the freeway you could see other houses lined along the freeway on that side. So trying to do any flashing would be a little too risky during the day but when night time came it should be safe. There were no lights on the service road and none really close that were on the freeway.It was perfect for flashing and having fun.

It was still light out so we sat in the alcove together to wait and see how busy the access road would get and began kissing and fondling each others body. Once in a while we could hear some voices on the other side of the fence but not very well which let me know that making some noise over here wouldn't interrupt anyone on the other side. I stood up on the seat to see if I could look over the top of the fence and when I did Tina lifted my skirt and started kissing and licking my ass. I turned around and parted my legs for her and help my skirt up and she went to work sucking my clit and tongue fucking me.

I stood there holding her head to my pussy as she continued tongue fucking me. I was so wet being out like that in daylight getting fucked in the open like that. I opened my blouse and started squeezing my tits and pinching my nipples loving the feel of her tongue working it's magic in my pussy. There were only a few cars that passed by during the time she was eating my pussy which made it all that more exciting. I was moaning loudly but I didn't care I was in heaven and Tina soon brought my body to an orgasm. I leaned back against the wall and waited for my body to stop shaking.

I kissed Tina deeply tasting myself on her lips as I open and pulled at her shorts. She helped wiggle them off and I then I moved her back towards the tree trunk which was just outside the alcove. The sun had gone down by that time and I had her spread eagle on the branch as I started sucking and pulling at her clit. We in the open and I was loving it. I was pressing my tongue deep inside her and licking at her inner walls loving her sweet cream filling my mouth.

"Vicki! A car is coming."

I wouldn't let her move I pressed my tongue into her wet pussy even deeper and her response was a louder moan. I watched as the car sped by as if they didn't even noticed and my pussy got even wetter. Tina climaxed filling my mouth with her sweet cream and I stood up giving her a deep kiss sharing her flavor with her. Then I pulled her T-shirt off over her head and her nipples were still hard. She leaned in and started sucking on my nipples and pulled my skirt down leaving us both standing in the open naked.

The lights on the freeway came on and none of them gave of

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