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A Wednesday evening after work, I walk into the house from the garage. Lori sits on the couch talking with Rose. I give them a glance, and offer a polite hello, then go to the bedroom to change out of my suit.

"Sorry, just had to change," I say, standing near the end of the couch where Rose sits.

Rose waves a hand towards one of the matching overstuffed chairs facing the couch. "Join us, Lori just got here."

"Nice to see you again," Lori offers, a pleasant smile lingering. She wears a loose fitting black skirt and tan blouse, a medium heal shoe on her foot without stockings. I study her for a few moments, finding her much more attractive than I remember from the prior meeting.

"I thought it was time," Rose says. "You know, to chat with her. I haven't told her anything."

"Oh," I say.

"Other than we are interested in knowing more about her."

"Well," Lori begins. "What would you like to know?" She pauses and smiles, glancing between us. "Let me cut to the chase. I am happy having one leg. It's something I dreamed of most of my life. Is that too strange?"

"No, no-o," Rose stammers. "Though, it is interesting you 'dreamed' of this, and now it is real. I've had such dreams for myself."

"Yes, somehow I knew that." She looks at me. "How do you feel about me, about her? Am I a 'dream woman' for you?"

"Until recently, no. I've been reading, learning. Now I know that for some men, even women, a person with an amputation can be strongly erotic. Some, rather than wanting to be with an amputee, wish to be one. Rose is the later...I don't mind."

"Good summary. I congratulate you for being so, so enlightened regarding the person you love. I dare say; most spouses do not react like you. Sad, but true."

"Their loss. Right?" I chuckle. "How did you decide how much to remove?"

"Purely a personal preference. I had it amputated near the hip. Others choose all manner of stump lengths, even both legs the same or different lengths. Same with if to use crutches or prosthetic legs." She smiles at Rose. "What's your preference?"

"Feels so strange to be discussing how long a stump should be when I don't even know if the amputation is possible for me. I don't want to get my hopes up falsely, only to have them dashed." She sighs. "Guess that's why I took so long to speak with you."

Lori patiently waits for Rose to finish. "Darling, last I researched this, there were two surgeons willing to help. Neither ask questions other than if you have the money and how much to amputate. In that order even." She chuckles. "Of course, neither is close by, or easily accessed. They both use good hospitals, so this is as safe as doing it here."

"How long does it take to arrange?" I ask.

"Not long. You seem ready for her to do this."

"I am. I understand how important this is to her."

"And you my dear?"

Rose laughs. "Is today too soon?"


Rose strolls across the pool deck at the resort. Tropical breezes cool the guests with perfectly tanned skin lounging there and sipping tall island drinks. A few watch her moving on the crutches, the left leg removed. The one-piece thong hides none of what happened almost a year ago.

"Here?" she quizzes me, standing beside a padded lounge chair.

I nod, watching her lean down, laying the crutches on the cement. I love the view, the wonderful shapes of her hips, rounded on bottom where the leg was. I ignore the growing erection. I can't help my reaction to her body.

"Hubba," I tease, taking the lounge chair beside hers and pulling it closer. "We may have to make an emergency run back to the room."


The dark skinned woman with the revealing outfit hands us each a drink, wishes us a pleasant stay, then wanders away with a few drinks remaining on the tray. We sip and feel the warming sensations as it washes down our throats. "Hits the spot," I say, sipping again.

She holds the bottle of lotion up. "Put some on me, please."

"Guess I can't put it all in 'one' place." I laugh.

"Some extra there might be fun." She turns over and wiggles her hips.

The waitress retur

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