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Julian has captured her.

I thought, she's either going commando or she's got a thong. Traveling over to her ass crack I discovered it was the latter. Her thong felt silky. I let my fingers slip underneath and felt for her pussy lips. Bingo!!! And she was already wet! I lived that feeling of sliding my finger over her wet pussy... I let my middle finger penetrate just a little bit and she let out a gasp.

I looked at her and said "I need to get to get you a little more comfortable." I stood up and pulled her legs over the side of the bed. I knelt down and reached under her shirt for the sides of her thong. Kissing her on the inside of her thigh, I hooked my fingers under her panty and started pulling down. Angel lifted her ass to allow them to slide down. Mmm, yeah I could smell her aroma.... Teen poon tang. I pull her panties off the rest of the way. Looking up I could almost see her pussy lips glistening at me. I ran my fingers over her thighs and eased myself between her legs. My hand reached under her skirt to her hips. Slowly I lifted back her skirt...whoa paradise! There she was, smiling with her braces down to me. I moved in close and marveled at the sight before me. Like most Asian girls I've seen, her bush was not dense but it looked like she trimmed it. I spread her knees a bit more. The lips of her pussy spread open like a beautiful flower. Her pussy was beautiful, a tiny pink slit. The inner lips, just a little darker than the center. Her clit, hiding away in its hood.

I took a few minutes to tease her by blowing softly on her pussy. She used her hands to rub the hair on my head. Her pussy crinkled up a little bit. I started to kiss around her inner thighs. Reaching under her legs I eased them over my shoulders.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Going fishing" I joked.

"Come on up here" she said, trying to pull me up.

"No, no... you're gonna like this" I said. That's when I moved in to kiss her pussy just to the side of her lips. Her aroma had me hard now. It took all my effort not to reach into my shorts and start jerking off. I licked one lip ever so gently, and then moved onto the other.

"Mmm... that feels nice... she purred. She started running her fingernails softly through my hair. Finally I took my first lick of her slit. Her nectar was sweet and tangy, mmmm. I used my tongue to stroke her slit while my nose rubbed against her clit.

I felt her sit up and watched as she crossed her arms and pull off her halter top. That's when I almost blew my load. Her black bra was very sheer and I could see her nipples poking through. The areolas were small, not bigger than a quarter and very light in color.

Angel stood up and pushed me around so my back was to the bed.

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