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He turns the tables on them, sharing the sins of the flesh

He said he was my area and his cousin was around. I said I didn't mind if his cousin came out with us. Honestly, I expected this night to turn out to be a sausage fest. I had no idea until Mike came in the front door that his cousin was a cute girl. Looking back, I could see the family resemblance a little. Mary had beautiful brown, straight hair that reached down to her mid-back. She was wearing jeans that showed off her curves and yet, left a little to the imagination.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you," said Mary.

"The pleasure is mine," I replied.

To be honest, I was quite surprised by how pretty she was. She was my dream girl, a 10, at least in my mind. Mike snapped me out of my daydream, and we were off to the local bar. We had a few drinks and it was already one in the morning with the bars closing up at two. We decided to pick up a half gallon of vodka and a couple mixers. I was the designated driver since they were my guests. I had one beer, so I was ready to get my drink on.


This is when things started to get a bit hazy. We got back to my place and drank about a quarter of the half gallon to the three of us. Honestly, I spilled some of the liquor and I have no clue how much we had after that point. Without warning, Mary turned to Mike and started kissing him. I was shocked! They must have seen the look on my face. Mary turned to me and immediately stuck her tongue in my mouth.

My thoughts were cut short by her pressing her lips into mine. For a while, I simply enjoyed making out with my dream girl. After a few minutes, she switched back to Mike. When she returned to me, I was getting pretty hard. Button by button, I undid her top. I slowly kissed her neck. I made my way to her breasts-her soft, beautiful breasts. She unclasped her bra. Thank God, because I wasn't very good at that. She had nice firm C-cups.

As I'm kissing her, I spotted Mike out of the corner of my eye. In one smooth motion, he pulled down his pants and boxers, and her jeans to reveal a sexy purple pair of panties. He pulled out his cock. I turned back around and continued to make out with her. I don't really want to know what was going on. Mike backed off for a bit. He shook his head a couple times and from where I was sitting, it was probably a good idea.

Ah, but, we were just getting started. Mike put his cock away, but he wasn't satisfied. He pulled down Mary's panties...she was sopping wet already. I didn't even have time to comprehend what was going on until Mike dove in. He hungrily lapped up her juices. His tongue darted around her clit.

A soft, "Oh," was audible from Mary.

After a couple minutes, I looked at Mary. She knew what I wanted. Eating pussy was my fetish among fetishes. I could feel myself reach three-quarters mast in a heartbeat. Unlike other girls, she didn't taste bitter at first taste. She had a warm, sweet taste, perhaps better than any other girl I had been with. I licked circles around her clit, tentatively at first. Her juices filled my mouth.

I took time to just take notice of all her fleshy folds-it was my fetish after all. She was tight - like one finger-width tight. She had a tight pussy, though no one believes me when I say that. Everyone seems to think a "slut" always has to be blown out. She was hairless from top to bottom. Pulling back her clitoral hood, it was easy to spot her clit. I sucked on it - slowly at first. I could tell she was close.


Footsteps-I heard footsteps. So, what I didn't tell you yet was we were in my parents' basement! My dad was making his early morning cup of coffee. We all froze. It was my house; so I made my way upstairs for an early morning cigarette, which was common for me. My parents hated that I smoked but now was a pretty good time.

My dad barely looked at me over the paper. I could tell he didn't know much or really anything. The next day, my dad couldn't believe what happened!

Apparently, when I went to bed, Mary masturbated on the downstairs couch and continued to moan.

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