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Will Chris allow Lorelei to be Cindy's Surrogate?

Now remember my goal was not to seduce him or have sex with him, but just to let him look at me naked. So there was not going to be any strip tease.

I simply took off my robe and I stood directly in front of him while he sat at the kitchen table.

I turned around slowly and I told him, "Now Tim, be sure to look very carefully at every detail of my body, because that is part of Michael's fantasy."

He was holding his chest like he was having a fake heart attack. It was quite funny actually and that made it so much easier for me to do it.

He gladly obeyed my conmand to 'look closely'. (Back to my naked, sexy woman rule: Every man will do WHATEVER a sexy, naked woman tells him to do.) It's true, admit it!!

I swayed side to side while facing him so he could see my breasts sway and bounce. As a woman that is a very sexy feeling to shake and sway your breasts in a man's face who is basically drooling at them.

I even put one of my feet way up on the kitchen table and let my pussy open up for his close inspection.

I couldn't believe I was doing it and I even ran my fingers up and down my wonderful delicate little inner lips a bit.

He sure loved my sweet, shaved, smooth little perfect pussy. But then what guy wouldn't?

He was wearing sweat pants and he got an obvious, huge hard on and he had to reach down and adjust it.

I laughed and said, "Did I do that?"

He said, "Ooooohhhh Yeh, you do that even when you aren't around and I just think of you, you do that."

I laughed a lot. Then I said, "I promised you breakfast so you can watch as I make it if you want to,"

"Ooooohhhh YYYYYEEH!!!!", was his response. I made him sit there and he got to watch me bend over to get pans and my stuff from the fridge and he got to see my nice boobies and nipples shake, bounce, jiggle and sway as I stirred the batter and got things ready.

I hammed it up a bit to make sure everything was shaking and bouncing a lot.

It was fun because if I shook my titties, he's sort of shudder like he was getting an electric shock.

A couple of times I 'spanked' my bottom and once I even 'spanked' my bare pussy and he grabbed his chest and feigned another heart attack. I laughed a lot at him.

I cooked and served him while I was completely nude. I remained naked for a full hour too, and let him look at me while he ate.

I teased him by placing my feet on the edge of my chair, with my knees up and open, so he could see my pussy spread right in front of him.

Again, I just could not believe I was doing it!!! It was like I was watching myself from above or something.

When he was done eating he asked me to Pretttty Pleeeeease,(as he put it), sit on the table in front of him.

So I had him slide back and I moved all the plates out of the way and I sat directly in front of him right up on the table. He asked to see Miss Clitty.

He said, clitoris, but you know my name for her is Miss Clitty. So I made him ask to see Miss CLitty and he did it again and got it right. You see how the naked women rule works?!?

This was the most outrageous thing I ever did. I opened my pussy lips apart and let him see right inside my vagina for a minute. YIKES!!!!!

Then I pulled Miss Clittys' hood back and she popped out and I let him see her. He asked to kiss her but I said, "No! And don't ask again!" ONLY Michael kisses her.

He saluted me a good Marine salute and said, "YES MAAM!!!!!" Then I laughed some more.

I did one crazier thing. I got on my knees and stayed on the table bent over on all fours in front of him letting him see my perfect little bare bottom and my super fine, super sweet, hot, and now wet, little pussy. And I know he could see my boobies hanging down and swaying too.

I said, "Michael just loves seeing me like this, so I know he'd want me to let you see me like this too."

He put his face so close I could feel his breath. Your good buddy was that close to your sweet little wife's naked pussy!! Are you getting hard reading this?!? I'm guessing ........... YES!!!!

I reached under myself and covered my fine pussy wit

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