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He had them, and she wanted them.

She now blatantly leaned in against his chest like they were a couple, resting one of her hands on his hard abs and lazily grazing her fingers across them. All the while, the tent in his boxers was on full display. "Besides, you're clearly enjoying this."

I looked down again and saw that the tent in my own sweatpants had become clear as I was sitting in my chair. I tried helplessly to hide it, but there was really nothing I could do. They had seen it now anyway, so what was the point? "I'm not enjoying it," I tried to explain, "We were just talking about eating you out and fucking you, how could I not get hard? And weed always makes me a little horny anyway."

"Man, I hear that," Chris said. He reached down with the hand that wasn't around Riley's shoulder and started lightly touching his cock through his boxers, making it clear exactly what he was working with. I could tell it was definitely bigger than mine by maybe an inch or so.

"All right, come on man, I don't need to see you jerking yourself off," I said, looking away awkwardly and taking another big gulp of my beer.

"I do," Riley said, staring at Chris touching himself through his boxers. Then she laughed and looked at me, saying, "Just kidding, baby."

"Okay, okay, you're right, let's calm things down a little bit," Chris said, taking his hand away from his cock. "Maybe you could refresh our drinks, Lucas?" Riley nodded in agreement, offering her glass to me for her to refill.

I sighed and took her glass and the now-empty beer cans and walked back to the kitchen. I knew my erection was clearly visible, but there was nothing I could do about it while I carried the glass and cans. Riley giggled a little bit at this. As I made her drink, I saw Chris's arm move a little more tightly around Riley as he murmured something in her ear that I couldn't quite hear. Riley made a sexy little noise. I didn't like not being able to see what they were doing. I quickly finished up her drink and grabbed a couple of beers for Chris and me, then walked back around the counter into the living room. As I did, I thought I saw Riley's hand dart quickly up to his abs from what must have been his crotch, but I couldn't be sure. I also saw that Chris's hand had come a little further down Riley's chest, so that the very tips of his fingers were underneath the top of her tanktop. This was getting ridiculous. I put down everybody's drinks on the coffee table and realized that, despite my raging erection - which was now as hard as it had ever been for some reason - I needed to pee.

"I'm gonna go to the bathroom real quick," I said, looking down at them as Riley and Chris both smirked at my tented sweatpants. I looked at Riley sternly and said, "No fooling around, I'm serious, okay?"

"Oh, baby, of course, I can't believe you even think I would do anything bad," she said. She sounded really earnest, so I felt somewhat reassured as I went down the hall to the bathroom.

With some difficulty given how hard I was, I peed, then washed my hands and splashed some cold water on my face. Despite everything that was happening, I couldn't avoid the fact that I was more turned on than I'd ever been watching my girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend get so friendly with each other. It felt a little fucked up, but I had to admit a part of me wanted things to continue escalating. I splashed more water on my face and made the determination not to let things go any further.

I walked back down the hallway, and when I got to the living room, I froze. Riley was now sitting on Chris's lap, leaning back a little, their lips joined. It looked like they were making out. As I walked in, their lips parted. "Hey, man, sorry, she just wanted to take another hit," Chris said, smiling. She looked at me and nodded.

"I thought we agreed that would be my job from now on," I said, sitting down in my chair.

"Yeah, I'm sorry, baby, but you were in the bathroom, and it's really not a big deal," Riley said.

"Well, ok, but how come you're sitting on Chris's lap?" I asked.

"Oh, it's fine, baby," Riley said,

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