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A simulated "cyber chat" where she is tied to the chair

His inebriated mind allowed him to think deeper on her appearance than usual.

She slowly danced into him stealthily, closing the divide between their two bodies. She drifted her body closer to his as the music ringing into her ear changed. His head buzzed and his body swayed to the ever closer glowing warm form.

As the next song mellowed, he moved his lips to her ear, slurring. "O..'kay tell me who now." Lilly's stomach tightened a bit as her lips opened up to tell him. The escalating loudness of the song changed, enough for her to not be heard. Instead she found her lips nearing closer to his than it should have, from an inch to a millimeter to nothing, turning nothing into something as her soft seductive lips covered his.

His head jerked back after five seconds of shocked delay. As couples shacked, grinded and bubbled around them, they stood frozen in place. Lilly watched the cogs turning in his head, his pupils rapidly widening and locking into the blue-gray eyes that now avoided him. She feared the worst, her body tensed up and began to drift away from him.

However, he wouldn't let her go. His disjointed animalistic mind ran wild assessing her endless legs, the smell of her hair and perfume and the sexy black mini that made her flawless full breasts just pop.

Pulling Lilly's sculpted hourglass body close, Alex's lips cruised towards hers meeting like perfectly matched magnets. Her tensed long frame relaxed at peaceful ease.

Now her swimming mind heated up, her heart beating joyously as his tongue entered her mouth. His tongue actively tangoed alongside hers. At that moment he was doing what she had wanted him to do since they were teenagers.

The music began to pulse calmly, mirroring the slow saliva filled kiss. The dance floor darkened as Lilly closed her eyes, taking in the feeling of his swirling tongue. The dynamic between the two of them forever changed. She grinded into him, her hand taking in all of him that she'd admired for so long. Her left hand freely squeezed his firm buttock and her right hand glided over his cloth covered hardened crotch. His eyes widened, her actions not giving him pause, but cause.

His hands roamed her hot curvaceous frame; running over her plump round ass before lowering to her legs where they slipped under her tight black mini dress. He looked into her twinkling eyes as his fingers made the realization that there was no barrier to part. She gave him a seductive grin with her pink lips; she had put her panties in her purse while in the club's washroom. He inserted his middle finger into her wet hot pussy, slowly pushing against its tight grip. This set her tongue wild in his mouth. In a sea of distracted eyes they were alone. His middle finger slid gently into her eagerly accessible wet vagina. She moaned as he added another, her muscles rocking around them rhythmically.

The fingers running through her made her needs run rampant. "Let's go!" she said, pulling him off the dance floor and out of the club and into a cab. Still unable to calm themselves, their tongues clashed and collaborated, around and around and back again.

Long after they had left the cab their tongues were still competing for supremacy, slipping and tangling over each other. Her legs followed this mantra wraping around his waist, unable to wait to exit the elevator. She guided the disoriented Alex to the hotel room where they tripped over each other after having entered it, falling to the floor with a thud. Alex began to laugh alongside Lilly's uncontained giggling.

She rolled on top of him kissing his face softy while her fingers in one swift move unbuckled his pants. His painfully hard head popped out, her hands instantly took hold of his length. Her tongue reentered his mouth once more, stealing saliva.

Her hand slowly moved along his shaft, her body now drifted downwards passing his waist.

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