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Romance gained and lost and gained.

I took a jug of lemonade with me and was glad I did, Griff immediately came to me with his tongue hanging out. "Do you want to take another quick shower?" I asked, thinking about how I'd love to suck his tongue into my mouth.

"Ohh, pulease, don't tempt me," he said, holding his glass out for a refill.

"Show me your hand, Griff, and I'll show you a trick," I said, reaching for his hand. I turned it palm up and helped him to press his longest finger back as far as he could. I visually measured the distance between the spot he'd touched and the tip of the finger. "Oh my god," I exclaimed, "Your dick is almost eight inches long,"

"That's awesome," he said, wide-eyed, "I've got to remember that, he said, grabbing my hand. I knew mine would show slightly longer than seven. "You're a seven?" He asked, confirming his ability to perform the trick.

"Yep," I told him, "It's never wrong." He laughed and returned to the job. Now, he'd left me wondering whose cock he'd be measuring.

I couldn't understand where the crew was. I watched the site all morning looking for Griff. Amongst other things I wanted to get his opinion on my new messy hairdo. I felt terribly disappointed when it dawned on me that there hadn't been any activity at all on the site that morning. The day was much too hot for me to remain outside, considering Griff wasn't around. The emptiness I felt astounded me.

I quickly lost patience with the Rubick's Cube and threw it across the room. Television wasn't any better. I was polishing the porcelain in the bathroom when there was a knock on the door. Having rinsed my hands, I opened the door to find no one. I had no patience for people knocking on the door and then leaving, either. I pushed the door with more than sufficient force but it swung back open. Griff smiled. "Can I come in?" He asked, laughing. Wearing only white, short-shorts and unlaced Nikes, He was again glistening with perspiration. "Can ya believe it?" He asked, "My air conditioner is blowing hot air and the car is practically new," he said, disgustedly as he came into the cool with his lunchbox.

"Griff, I'm so surprised to see you," I told him, but I'm sure happy you've come." He looked even sexier in short-shorts.

"Your messy hair looks super, Dean, my Good Fairy must've been around."

"Thank you, it's the first styling I've ever had for free. How come nobody's on the site?" I asked, confused.

"We didn't get material. It'll be delivered some time later this afternoon, so we won't be doing anything before tomorrow morning." He explained. Though I'd been relieved as well as delighted by his lunchtime visit, I was struggling to understand why he'd come. After we'd eaten he asked if he could shower. My reply, of course, was of course. I picked up the Rubick's Cube and began trying to solve it. It was something I was able to do without having to think. My thinking facility was being utilized elsewhere.

I really got off visualizing Griff's naked body with water dripping from the tip of his foreskin. I was about to dig my tongue into his foreskin's puckered opening to lick his knob when I heard him call, "Hey, Dean, where's your soap?" I thought I must have forgotten to put it back after cleaning the porcelain. "C'mon in," he shouted in reply to my soft knock.

I was nervously gasping for breath when I opened the door. Through the partially open shower curtain the soap was in full view, not more than ten inches from him. Surely, he had to have seen it, I thought. Griff was laughing hilariously as he hummed a Broadway show tune and slowly opened the curtain. "Look," he said, smiling from ear to ear and twisting his fist around his soaped knob. Time stood still. My body shook excitedly when he effortlessly picked me up placed me, still in shorts and sneakers, into the shower with him.

"Griff, my hairdo!" I shouted, stupidly, not knowing what else to say.

"Screw yer hairdo, Dean, all you gotta do is go back to bed," he said, laughing loudly, and adding, "I'll go with ya and help, but for now, just hold my cock."

We were both shaking ner

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