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Ancient magical artifact used in chain of seductions.

"Eleanor, Eleanor," he replied, "don't even go there, you are the most precious woman I have ever known, ever met. I'm sorry this happened too, but I have to say, I'm sorry from a different perspective from yours."

"What do you mean?" she asked, somewhat confused.

"I have never wanted someone as much as I have wanted you," her father in law said, "I have kept it inside of me all this time, the desire for you. But today, well, what happened, it was pure chance, complete opportunity, so I took the risk, the chance. And I got what I was looking for, and you, if I may be so bold, got what you wanted, and I think, obviously needed!"

The wind went right out of Eleanor's sails, she couldn't argue with it, he was right, he had done for her what she had always wanted, total and full satisfaction when she was in this mood swing. She needed to be fucked, screwed, given a hard ride, and Dennis, 'bless him,' she thought, had done just that!

"So, is that it then," she suddenly yelled, her womanhood had been offended, "you have got what you wanted, fuck me, give me a seeing to, and then off you go, another notch on your belt, is that all I am Dennis!" A huge slap landed right on his face, it knocked him away from her. Eleanor jumped on him, knees either side, she slapped him again.

He knew better than to respond, or hit back, he lay there as she slapped him some more, and they hurt too. "Come on then Dennis, you've had your son's wife, you've screwed her silly, now just get up, get dressed, and fuck off why don't you!" Then she burst into tears.

She was kneeling over him like a wonderful goddess, her red faced anger made her even more beautiful, and her flashing eyes sent jolts of desire for her cascading through him. Even he, after all these years had never been confronted this way. Her soft tangled hair swaying, her eyes ablaze, her lips blood red, her cheeks flushed.

"Have you ever had it up your back end Eleanor?" he asked innocently, she went from tears to laughter in a nanosecond.

"You bastard, you bastard," she said laughing, "no I haven't!" then she looked at him, comprehension in her eyes, "not yet!" she said, knowing that if this continued, she would certainly do so. Not giving her time to think about any more, he grabbed both of her nipples and rolled them in his knowing fingers. Eleanor's face screwed up into a grimace of utter pleasure, she fell to him.

"Dennis?" she whispered before her mouth got his, how could she fight this with all her emotions racing through her like they were. She cursed this monthly cycle, but she needed sexual relief like no other woman she knew. He broke the kiss and went for her neck; he had to subdue her, so that her sexual urges were channelled to him from her.

Dennis wanted his gorgeous daughter in law to rely on him for what he could do for her. He didn't yet know about the situation he had found her in, the monthly desperate urges that shut down her resistance for sexual gratification. But when he did he would thank his lucky stars that he had come to her house, and found her on her bed relieving herself.

Then Eleanor surprised him, she slid down his body and sucked up his cock. Eleanor had been in the habit of putting her thumb in her mouth, and imagined the delights of sucking cock whilst her fingers were busy in her pussy. Again Dennis was getting the benefit; she needed his cock in her mouth, almost as much as she needed cock in her pussy.

He lay back and let her get on with it, and she was masterful, his prick was twirled and sucked, licked and kissed, his balls came in for the same treatment.

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