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Then she took the blueberries and whipped cream and covered my chest and balls... and licked a little off.

"What should I do with this?" she asked, holding up the 2 feet of Kilbosa. "I know!" she said, as she started running the sausage up and down the crack of my ass... and then poked the end into me!

"Oh Ellen... what are you going to do! Are you going to fuck me with that? Oh baby.. slide it in... as much as you can!"

I spread my legs as she fucked me slowly with first 2 or 3 inches... then 5 or 6... then 8 or 9! I'm so full and still she kept sliding it in more 10... 11... 12! A foot of that sausage is deep in my ass and she has been stroking my cock at the same time.

"Now for me!" she said as she climbed on top. "I want your cock in me and that long sausage up my butt hole!" She fed it in and soon she was riding my cock. She started riding up and down on the two "sausages," one in each hole and fucking my ass at the same time. I felt my cum building as I tightened around the meat in my ass and the pussy on my cock. I scream as I cum... and she slid off and pulled it out of my ass. I can't believe how much she had buried in me.

"I owe you one Ellen!" I said. "I hope so!" she responded.

A little while later the Billy and Susie returned. Susie headed off to the barn while Billy and I decided to have a beer on the porch. King, our German sherperd was laying on the porch, resting while we talked and drank.

We heard a car coming... then one stopped. A women got out, all dressed up in a business suit, hair in a bun, very formal and proper. With her was a younger girl, about 20, in a pretty summer dress. They got out and came to the porch.

"Hello, my name is Ms. Dotty Prim and this is my daughter Sally. We are collecting money to control the over-population of cats and dogs in the county and wondered if you would help?"

"Well how do you plan to do that?" I ask.

"Well, strays are captured and either fixed or destroyed," she replied.

"Well, that seems like a waste of a good animal," I told her. "Maybe you should sit down and we can talk about it" So they did.

We offered them a beer, but they both had some iced tea. Ms. Prim sat with us as Sally sat on the front step. Billy of course, could smell the scent of sweet pussy and went over to Sally to find where it was coming from. When I heard a moan, I turned my head and say that Billy's head was under the front of her skirt... Doing what he liked best... his tongue up a girl's cunt.

I noticed that Ms. Prim was trying not to notice but by the way her nipples were poking through her blouse, she was wishing it was her. I was betting that this was not the first time she had watched her daughter getting eaten. My beer bottle was near her leg and I started to rub it by the inside of her knee... and as I rubbed... her legs started to slowly spread.

Soon she was turned, watching her daughter, her legs spread as I ran the cold bottle of beer slowly up and down the inside of her legs... up until it touched her panties then back down. Her daughter was leaning back against the steps, trying to be quiet but her moans were getting stronger... when she lifted her skirt and told Billy, "Oh boy... put your tongue deep into me... Oh yes... fuck me with it!"

Her mother just moaned. She reached down and pulled her panties aside, saying "Rub that cold bottle on my hot pussy... while my slut daughter gets eaten."

"I've got a better idea!" I replied, as I took the bottle and taking the head tilted it back, pouring the cold beer into her pussy and sliding the whole bottle in too... and then pulling her panties back over it. Her hips started arching back and forth as she tried to fuck herself on the bottle... pulling her blouse open and freeing her hard nipples... twisting them with her fingers.

By now Billy had stripped, his cock rigid and waiting for Sally to turn around.

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