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Paul sees his friend Roberta in a new light.

Rosalyn staggered drunkenly to her bed.

Raymond's window was slightly open and being a Victorian type balanced vertical sash type I easily opened it and clambered into his room, he was in bed, snoring, I climbed onto the bed, he ignored me. I pulled back the bed covers and undid his Pyjama jacket, I marvelled at his strength and the beauty of his torso, I suppose this was the moment of truth but I just wanted him so badly that I guess I did not think twice about striping off my dress and panties and I slid into bed beside him.

His Pyjama pants were a problem but they came off in the end and his prick stirred as soon as I kissed the tip, it stiffened beautifully, I worried slightly it would be too big for me, but as he slept on I positioned myself above it as best I could, spread my pussy with trembling fingers and as beads of anticipatory moisture dripped from me I lowered myself and made him mine. He shot his load far too quickly, but It would be better next time and the quantity of cum and the mess it made was wonderful, I smeared it in my hair, over my face and dipped all my clothes in it and even tore the dress for effect, then I locked the doors and hid the keys under the carpet in a corner of the room and climbed into bed happy.

He stirred an hour or so later, confused, I held his prick coaxed it to life and he gratefully followed as I guided it between my legs, he nearly crushed me when he started thrusting but, it was better than I could ever have imagined, Ok I only had my dildo to compare him with but wow.

"How much do I owe you" he asked as he woke me.

Owe me, I would have gladly have paid him.

I faked a tear "You said you would take me with you to America."

He went white, "So you're not a prostitute?"

Oh yes I was "No I just help out s a maid and you pulled me down when I came with room service."

He imagined what had happened. "I'm sorry."

I continued "Dad will kill me he is always on about underage sex."

He looked worried, "Underage, how old are you?"

I took a big chance "Fourteen Sir"

He was shaking "Were you a Virgin?"

I smiled coyly "Oh no sir, I used Mums old Vibrator."

"Stop that" he shouted as I stroked his prick to hardness.

I whispered, "You liked it last night when I kissed it, you said something about, Oh I forget now then you lowered me down like this."

I knelt above him and sank down, his eyes widened as he saw his length slide out of sight within me. "Stop, please Stop." he cried uselessly as he put his arms around me and hugged me close, he came too soon again, filling me completely and spurting out around the root of his pick.

"Will you take me to America now please." I asked

"Look the only place I am going is Prison if this gets out, I will pay ten thousand dollars, if you pretend nothing happened."

I looked hurt I hope. "I thought you loved me?"

He blustered, "All right how much?"

I tried my best little girl lost expression. "Will you be my boyfriend?" I kissed his Prick licked some of the lovely salty cum, "Please".

There was a knock at the door, "Come in" I shouted to his dismay, the door opened and a Waiter entered with a silver tray,

The Waiter seemed flustered, "Miss Rosalyn ordered," he was cut short by Rosalyn entering through the connecting door. She started to say something, but her jaw just about hit the floor, "You Bastard," she lunged across the room and I barely had time to swing my foot round to kick her in the face before she cannoned into the bed, I guess my heel caught her nose because there was a crack and blood was running down her face.

She collapsed, in a heap, her breasts and buttocks wobbling obscenely through her transparent negligee. I realised Raymond had put his strong arms around me to protect me.

She sobbed, "J

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