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A visit to my sister in law's takes an interesting turn.

So far he had missed the mark. Now with another potent man in me bare cock it could just happen?

"Mmmmm! That feels good Chuck." I moaned as he filled my void.

Slowly we began that primal practice of procreation.

Chuck's cock slid in and out of my channel as if it had been custom made for me. My pelvic muscles contracted as my hips gyrated tugging his buried cock in an orbit around his balls.

I gazed into my lover's eyes and we kissed.

"Do it!" I demanded, "Come in me."

Chuck accepted my dare with delight, driving his cock into my cervix with all his ability. I knew he was about to blast my scavenging fallopian tubes with his seed.

He had triggered the drive to breed deep within me and I felt my orgasm welling up. I wanted his sperm and I wanted it now!

We climaxed in perfect synchronism, my cunt spasming and Chuck's cum gushing into me to quell the flame he had ignited.

"Oh fuck, yes, yes, yes!" I groaned as my world spun out of control.

"That was great!" I congratulated my new found lover after the waves of thrills had subsided.

"That was the best piece of ass I have had since I was twenty." Chuck smiled.

"I think we should do it again sometime?" I winked.

Chuck left a happy man that afternoon leaving me with a belly full of his sperm.

It was a couple of weeks later when Chuck called on the phone. I had seen him a few times in the yard but we had not spoken since that hot afternoon on my couch.

"I have a good friend here that wants to meet you." He said, "Can you come over for a while?"

"Is it O.K. if I bring Sam?" I asked.

"Sure." Chuck replied.

I wondered who this mystery friend was that Chuck was so anxious for me to meet? It was the middle of the afternoon and a mild day so I was dressed in a cotton sundress that was cute but not provocative.

I brushed my hair, touched up my face and grabbed Sam and headed next door.

Chuck greeted me at the front door and welcomed me in.

Sitting on his couch was a rugged looking man of about the same age as Chuck.

"This is John, an old friend of mine." Chuck introduced the stranger.

John stood and we shook hands, John's eyes checking me out.

Sam followed Chuck out to the kitchen as he went to get me a beer.

"Chuck tells me you're quite a girl?" John remarked.

I immediately wondered how much Chuck had told his friend about our relationship?

"Chuck's a great guy." I answered noncommittal.

Chuck returned with my beer.

"I told John how much you like cock." Chuck said.

I was humiliated, my face turned deep red, he had told John about us fucking!

"John was wondering if he could try you out?" Chuck continued.

My neighbor was soliciting me to fuck his buddy!

"How about we tag-team you?" Chuck persisted.

Two guys together? My mind flashed back to the weekend fucking my brother and Glen together.

It had been a wild time, one fresh cock after another bringing me to orgasm after orgasm.

"Let me out Sam in your bed for a nap first." I answered.

It took about fifteen minutes for Sam to drift off. Carefully I tucked her in and place a pillow on each side of her so she wouldn't roll off the bed.

Then I slipped off my dress.

I pranced back into Chuck's parlor in my bra and panties where my two lovers were waiting for me.

"Very nice!" John murmured gazing at my overflowing bra.

"Who wants to go first?" I brazenly asked taking my place on the couch.

Chuck deferred to his guest. John approached me with is cock in his hand. Both guys had stripped down to their underwear while I was putting Sam to bed.

John was holding a good size erection that I knew I was going to get a lot of pleasure from.

"Chuck says you're a terrific cocksucker?" John said, as his cock got closer to my face.

I reached out and took his cock into my hand. I could feel it throbbing in anticipation of entering me. I opened my mouth wide and took him into my head.

My lips sealed around John's shaft and my cheeks sunk in as I formed the wet vacuum of a cocksucker's mouth.

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