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He sees mother-in-law in a new light.

.. fucking! Jon, would you be interested in helping us out. Elaine and I would be very grateful and I would make it worth your time".

I was speechless! HOLY SHIT. A million thoughts began racing through my mind. Not only did he want me to fuck this gorgeous creature who happened to be his wife. He was going to pay me! Unbelievable! I looked at Elaine and said, "I would love to apply for the job but how do you know I have all the necessary qualifications?" Grinning ear-to-ear she said, "Your right, I would first need to examine your equipment in order to make sure your tools are in good working condition. But I like what I've seen so far". What a fan-(fucking)-tastic bitch!

Although these two had me really heated up, I was working on my 2nd 'Screw Driver' and began feeling a littly 'buzzy'. I took some slow deep breaths (but acted as thought nothing was out of the ordinary). I was beginning to mellow-out. The lighted pool cast rippling reflections on the surrounding patio walls. Soft music from the stereo drifted out onto the patio: it was all mixing together with the alcohol...and the thought of getting Elaine out of that Sarong and sliding Fat Ol' Albert out of my shorts and into her long legged pussy. I was getting more and more turned on by the minute. Elaine dimmed the lights; walking in shadows, she started comming closer to me. Just how and when she had removed her bikini bottoms I couldn't say. But as she approached, I could see the silhouette of her long legs and her pantyless pussy now back-lighted through her gossamer Sarong.God, she smelled so good. "Jon, come dance with me". I looked at Frank and he nodded a smiled. We were all in tune with the moment. I took Elaine into my arms and she melted into my body. As the music continued, we began a slow sensual dance. A few minutes later she whispered, "Would you like to touch me? You can touch me anywhere you like. I know Jon, why don't I take off my Sarong so you can see whether you like my equipment?"

As she stepped back and began removing her Sarong and bikini top, Frank said, "Jon isn't she something so very special?. Why don't YOU take off YOUR clothes and the two of you get more comfortable". I was real nervous about getting naked in front of Frank, but I was'nt about to start an arguement and ruin this sexy party. So when in Rome... After removing our clothes, Elaine said, "I see your equipment is in magnificent condition. I like the way your screw driver is ready to go". I looked down and realized my cock was pointing upward while I was staring at Elaine's pussy and her 'little-girl' titties. She turned around, showing me that beautiful ass of hers. "Is this what you wanted to see Jon? Do you think you would like to try a free sample?"

Again we began dancing or should I say we began fore-playing to the music. We were locked in a tongue swirling kiss, while finger fucking each other's genitals. My left hand was kneading her right breast while the fingers of my right hand were fucking her drenched pussy; and all the while in front of a willing husband. It was something new for me and yet VERY erotic. Elaine began gently squeezing my testicles with one hand while stroking my hard cock with the other. Non of us could take anymore of this intense foreplay. I was about to blow and I suspect that Elaine's husband Frank was having an emotional shit-fit knowing his wife was about to get laid inside their very own; home-sweet-home! But God O Mighty, you would-of-had-to-have been there. Elaine must have been anticipating this scene a l-o-n-g time because her perfume by now, was all but swallowed up by the smell of her drenching pussy frangrance wafting through the summer's night air. I didn't know what to do next. Elain's beautiful little titties, her fragrant pussy, my raging boner...and Frank! I know; 3 out of 4's not bad but..come on!

Frank said, "Honey, why don't you take Jon into the bedroom while I e

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