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A couple return to a familiar place.

In the same second his mind focused on that thought, he felt blood rushing back into his manhood.

Louisa gasped out, "Oh, lord yes, Will!" His starting to thrust again after filling her with his seed was completely unexpected. She remembered then that he'd promised to make her remember this morning until the end of her days.

As her body came aflame with intense pleasure, she thought that they were well on their way to making a lifelong memory today.


Curling up and covering her sex protectively, Louisa gasped out, "Good God, William, put that thing away!" She chuckled, following it with a long, deep moan. "I'll not be able to walk for days already. So many times, and so good. I don't deserve you, Will - thank you."

"Thank ye, Lass," Will breathed, collapsing to the bed. When his member had swelled for the fifth time, he hadn't been so sure his back was good for another hump anyway.

After a few minutes, Louisa at last uncurled, moving over to lay her head on his chest. "I don't know where that came from, but I hope it happens again some time."

"Aye, me too, Lass. I'm thinking I'll go to town, and get ye some pretty things. Would ye like that, Louisa?"

Sighing contentedly, Louisa snuggled up closer against him. "I pray this isn't all a dream. If it is, please don't wake me up." She yawned then, and said, "I think I'll sleep in a bit. I don't think I can get out of this bed right now, anyway."

William stroked her hair as he spoke, "I'll take care of the chores, and then I'm going to town. Ye'll have pretty things when I get back, me lovely."

"Don't be long," she replied sleepily, smiling at him before moving to lie down on her pillow again. She started to pull up the blanket, but frowned when she realized it was damp and sticky from their lovemaking.

Will rose and fetched another blanket, covering her up and then leaving the room. She was already drifting off to sleep before he closed the door.

Laresa found it refreshing to have a male Master who's first thought was not the use of her body. William had thought about it of course, but she knew from her connection to him that he was still quite wary of her. As welcome as it was not to be thought of first and foremost as a sex toy, Laresa would not have found such a proposal objectionable at this point. In order to grant William's wish, she had been quite intimately connected to the long lovemaking session, and her pent up passions were screaming at her.

William walked into the front room, where Laresa awaited him, with a wide smile on his face. Quietly, he said, "Ye wouldn't be getting testy if I wished for me woman to not be sore, would ye?"

Laresa smiled at him when she replied, "Though your intentions are not entirely selfless, they are likewise not entirely selfish. I don't believe such a wish would make me testy."

"Aye, do that then."

Laresa nodded and informed him, "It is done, Master."

Grunting in acknowledgement, William then asked, "Well then, while I'm courting Lady Luck, how about if I was to wish that I'd always have the coin to live fine, and give nice things to me woman?"

Laresa saw the flashes of immense wealth in the ex-pirate's mind, but he pushed them aside in favor of more conservative thoughts. His reasoning reminded her of Clint, a Master with a similar background. "You do not wish for the wealth of kings, then?"

"What good's gold ye just pile up? I marked rich men in my time, for prancing about with their fancy things. I'm not for wanting to mark meself that way. I'm just wanting us to live real good," William answered, very much the same as Clint's reasoning.

Producing a pouch, Laresa held it out, "This pouch will always contain coin. It will be up to you to moderate your greed."

"That may take a spot of work, Lass," William chuckled, taking the pouch from her and slipping it into his belt. "Well then, I'm for buying some pretty things for me woman. Ye think ye could tell me what she'd like, ye being a woman yerself and all?"

"If you so wish, I cou

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