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Two girls in PVC and latex.

He heard himself groaning as her lips moved down the shaft of his cock, taking more and more into her mouth as she continued to draw circles with her tongue.

Every so often she switched to licking, up and down the length of his cock, then taking his balls into her mouth while stroking his cock. Over and over, she licked his cock and then rubbed it against her face, making her face wet and slippery. Then she took it into her mouth again and tickled the tip with her tongue, tasting the salty pre-cum oozing out.

She started to suck, short bursts of sucking, and she realized that with each suck, each time her lips tightened round his shaft and her tongue pressed hard against the underside of his hood, she, too, would give a little groan. She shifted the way she was kneeling so the heel of her foot pressed against her pussy. She started rocking back and forth, back and forth, and realized she was surrendering too. He was rocking too; they were both rocking with a tempo that was slow and peaceful, but irresistible. They were possessed by something rhythmical, moving to a beat they could both feel. It felt as if it could go on forever and then, it felt as if it had been forever.

Craig had his hands on her head, stroking her hair, stroking her ears and neck. She felt the slightest lift from his fingertips and she realized he was drawing them out of their trance, and on to the next phase. As she rose up, she kept her tongue pressed against him, moving along the top of his penis, then up through his pubic hair and up to his belly button. She drilled into and circled round his belly button and then moved up, one long, slow lick, moving up and up.

When Debbie reached his neck, she started kissing, but these were not ordinary kisses - with each kiss, she let her lips open so that her tongue was touching his skin, and she would tickle and suck and even nibble at him, leaving tiny wet spots. First toward his ear, then toward his mouth, where she hesitated for moment, then teased for a bit, giving him little licks and nibbles on his lips and his nose.

Craig placed his hands on her hips and stroked upwards, following the curve of her hips, her waist, feeling the warm softness of her breasts and moving on, up under her blouse and onto her shoulders. He pushed her blouse back over her shoulders and it slid down her arms and back and fell to the floor. He slid his hands up her neck until they were just below her ears, holding her head, while she took little nips at his lips and nose.
Craig felt himself grinning again, enjoying the teasing, going for a lick or nibble himself each time she planted one. Then something moved inside him, rolling and rising, awakening. Debbie saw his eyes flash, his smile vanish, and then suddenly his hands went from gentle to powerful. Hungrily, he pulled her toward him and their mouths met, their lips pressed hard together. Craig held her mouth tight against his and pushed his tongue into her mouth. Debbie felt an instant response - she pushed her tongue past his, tasting his saliva, tasting his urgency. Tongue, teeth, lips, sliding, smearing, biting, sucking. She felt the thousand lightening bolts race out to the edges of her skin and stay there. She felt like every pore on her body was glowing with electricity, she was on fire. A thousand tiny fires. Their breathing became rapid. This was beyond urgent.

Debbie's heart was beating so hard she could hear the roar of blood in her ears, the sound blending into the sound of his breathing, each breath like an animal, and she knew, she could feel that thing inside him, not just moving now, but driving, taking control. Their mouths were huge, greedy, insatiable. She realized she was pulling her skirt and panties off, practically ripping them off.

In two steps, Craig had his pants off from around his ankles.

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