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Karen's return to films is almost derailed by the past.

The look in her eyes was undisguised wantonness.

"I don't want no half-assed little kisses where your lips barely touch my dick. I'd just as soon jack off!" he replied.

Carrie again surprised herself. The thought that he might actually refuse unnerved her. She found that she wanted this man's cock in her mouth . Not for Ben, not because she feared being turned out, but because she desired him.

"Oh no, I want it deep in my throat. I want to lick and suck it thoroughly."

Seth approached and positioned himself so that when he unzipped his pants his half-hard cock popped out within an inch or so of Carrie's face. She looked up to Seth's eyes for a moment before leaning forward to take him into her mouth. She was careful to continue her fucking of Ben's cock.

Seth watched Carrie carefully. The sight of her pretty face at his crotch, of her full lips engulfing the head of his manliness, excited him mightily. It took only a moment for him to harden. When he was stiff, and Carrie was taking his rod in and out smoothly, lips wrapped tightly around his fleshy pole, Seth looked over to see Ben smiling broadly at him.

Ben had paid close attention to Carrie's reaction to his command that she service his father. Her acceptance of her role was not a surprise to him, but the totality and ease of her acceptance was. Though it seemed to Carrie that Ben was almost blas__ about her servitude to him, he was anything but. The sight of her pussy slowly swallowing his cock and sliding back up was erotic enough. When he looked across her back to see her head bobbing obediently at Seth's crotch it was almost more than he could bear. The physical sensations were incredible, yet they were only a part of the total sexual experience. Ben's mastery of the traveling beauty gave him at least as much pleasure. When he caught Seth's eye he couldn't help but grin smugly.

Carrie was finding the going difficult! Her difficulty stemmed from the flood of sensory and emotional input. There were so many wonderful feelings she could not concentrate on all of them at once. One second she'd tune in to the sensations emanating from her cunt being so deliciously fucked, then the taste and feel of Seth's big cock in her mouth were cause for her to moan in pleasure. Then a sharp slap to her ass would bring a gasp of masochistic thrill from within her. The words of exhortation that pierced her haze of comprehension also spurred the raging flames of lust within. Carrie heard bits and pieces such as "Next time you suck my dick I want lipstick on your lips. You're gonna pretty yourself up real good, right?" and "We need to keep Carrie full of cock. She loves fuckin' and suckin' big, hard ones, don'cha woman?" and "Come on, baby, suck his cock real good. I want to feel your cunt throb while his sperm runs down your throat!"
As Ben uttered this last encouragement, Carrie could feel him begin to insert one of his fingers into her ass. It was too much to bear without release. She felt as if she were a flesh and blood volcano! She felt a convulsive pressure deep inside that seemed to radiate outward in wave after wave until Carrie thought she would explode! Whether they received signals consciously or not, neither Ben nor Seth could have told, had they even thought about it, but when Carrie began to combust orgasmically, so did they.

Seth had continued to soak up as much of the experience as he could after he and Ben exchanged their look.

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