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The family group grows.

Installations and service calls. Real service calls with regular customers, ranging from laid back and easy-going to unapologetic rageaholics with a bone to pick with "Big Cable."

I got home on Wednesday night to a full house. Ryan and Jack were making dinner, and Stacy, Sarah and Melanie were drinking wine and playfully getting in the way.

It was becoming normal for either Stacy or Sarah or both to spend the night three or four nights a week with Jack and Ryan respectively. I was glad to see Melanie had accompanied Sarah this time. All three of the girls hugged me when I came into the kitchen to grab a beer.

"You're just in time," Jack said, stirring the spaghetti in the pot. "Matt and Tina should be here any minute."

So it was going to be that kind of night then.

* * *

We cleaned up from dinner as a team.

"Hey Jason?"

I turned to Tina after I turned the dishwasher on. The others, with the exception of Matt, had moved to the living room and turned on the TV.

I smiled at my new friend. Had it really been less than two weeks ago that I first met Tina and Stacy at their apartment? "What's up?"

"Can I talk to you in private for a minute?" she asked.

"Sure thing," I said. "My bedroom?" I looked at her and then Matt to see if "in private" included both of them. They both nodded and followed me down the hall to my bedroom.

I sat on my bed, and Matt sat down in my desk chair. Tina closed the door and crossed the bedroom to sit down next to me.

"So my birthday is on Saturday," Tina said.

"No shit! That's awesome!" I said. "We should throw another party. Twenty-one, right?" I had suspected Tina was roughly my age. She nodded, confirming she was a couple of months older than me.

"Yeah, I definitely want to have a party, but I was hoping we could do something a little different."

"What did you have in mind?" I glanced over at Matt and he raised his eyebrows and smiled.

"Well," she said. "I love these big fuck parties we've been having, like, a lot. Cocks and pussies and cum..." she closed her eyes and smiled. "I love it. But I was hoping maybe you, Ryan, and Jack could help Matt gangbang me."

My mouth dropped open. "Wow, okay," I said. "That sounds fun to me. Are you cool with this, Matt?"

"Of course!" he chuckled. "My baby gets what she wants."

"I actually don't mind if we invite all the girls too, I just want a little while to hog all the cock for myself," Tina grinned mischievously and patted the growing bulge in my pants.

"So you want to have the party here?" I asked, knowing our house was quite a bit bigger than the apartment Tina shared with Matt and Stacy.

"If you don't mind," Tina said.

"Of course not," I said and gave her a smile. "I'll talk to the guys."

Without another word, Tina unzipped my pants and fished out my expanding prick. She sucked it into her mouth and I gasped as a jolt of pleasure cascaded up my spine, momentarily dimming my vision. Matt stood up from the chair and joined us at the edge of the bed, pulling his massive cock out of his pants as he walked. Tina reached over and wrapped her fingers around his growing shaft and popped her mouth off my cock, which was now fully hard and coated with a film of her saliva.

"My two favorite cocks," she said, slowly stroking both of us.

Then she stood up and left us there with our throbbing erections sticking out of our pants as she opened my bedroom door and skipped back to the living room, pealing off her shirt as she went.

"I love that girl," Matt said, and followed his girlfriend, his huge cock swaying from side to side as he moved.

I followed a few steps behind Matt and strode into the living room with my fully erect prick sticking up in the air past my belt buckle. The scene that I found was not much different from the one that I had walked into nearly two weeks ago, the first time Tina, Matt and Stacy had come to our house.

Stacy was lying naked on the coffee table, and Ryan was leaning over her, shirtless, happily sucking her pussy.

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