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A darkness comes over the land.

Her eyes were at half-mast and she seemed to be having trouble keeping them open.

'She really is turned on,' I realized happily. But when I saw her start rubbing her thighs together and curling her little toes inward as if trying to make them into a fist, I got so turned on I couldn't help but take a chance.

I slowly slipped my right hand down between Billie's legs and began pushing it up between her legs. Moving her legs apart to give me access, she couldn't help letting out a very soft moan as my fingers slipped between her soft thighs, under the leg of her baby-doll panties and onto the slippery wet lips and folds of her sweetly bald little puss.

My head was lying in the crook of her neck and her hair smelled wonderful. I thrilled to her soft skin that caressed mine like warm silk. So hot!

When my finger finally sipped inside her, she shuddered and couldn't hold back a sweet, tiny little whimper and a soft but audible groan. As I began gently playing around just inside her wet little puss, her girl-scent came sweetly up to me.

I closed my eyes and gasped at the little jolt of electricity that shot through my tingling little clit and went straight into my womb. I felt another little spritz of girl-cum flow into my pussy and further coat my neither lips. She smelled delicious-all sweet and earthy and oh so sexy. We were both on fire, so hot and horny for each other.

Mom slowly turned her glazed eyes to us. "You guys okay over there?" she inquired in a husky, rather breathless voice.

"Y, yess - Mom," I replied desperately trying to sound normal. "Ja - Just getting . . . comfy. I lovvvve this ma - movie. Muh, makes me feeelll so ha - happy," I added with a very shaky voice.

'God,' I thought, 'I must sound like an idiot.'

"Well, I'm getting pretty tired-long day I guess. I think I'll heading up to bed," she said shakily getting to her feet. "Don't stay up to late you two, okay?"

"Okay . . . Mom. Sweet dra - dreams. Lovvve you." I said with a voice that was still too shaky for comfort.

"Good night, little Billie." She said, with a knowing, fairly happy smile. "We love having you here with us. You're almost like one of the family."

Billie was lost in the magic my fingers were giving her aching, soaked little puss. But she gamely tried. She sort of half mumbled, "G'night Msssss Younggg. Thank ya - youuuuu." I should have known we weren't fooling anybody.

When Mom finally had gone upstairs, Billie pulled me into her arms and gave me a French kiss that made my head swim. So hot! Her lips were so soft and sweet and they slipped deliciously around on mine. Our tongues began their warm, soft dance and we gloried in it!

'Can't wait to get her sweet little pussy into my mouth.' I thought. 'She smells so delicious.'

So, for a sweet little slice of the evening, we just held each other lovingly and continued to kiss and touch and kiss and touch and kiss some more. We were so hot. I managed to pull Billie's pajama panties off and down her shapely legs. They must have ended up on the floor somewhere.

I carefully began to explore her sweet, juicy pussy. I've never touched another girl's puss before but I was delighted to find that I loved the silky-wet feel of Billie's. Maybe it was just that I loved Billie but I think it was probably more than that. The wonderfully slippery-wet feel of her soft bare lips and the creamy warmth of her tender vagina I found wonderfully compelling in their own right.

'Girl's bodies are so beautifully sexy. I wonder if I really might be bi-sexual,' I mused a little shocked but also delightfully surprised, 'because I was really turned on by the two girls I was with tonight.'

At one point, I said breathlessly, "Billie, I think this is your clit. It's . . . just . . . about . . . here."

As I lightly caressed it, Billy gasped, arched her back and couldn't hold back the sexiest groan I've ever heard before in my life.

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