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Jane closed her eyes as she fucked Albert, loving his ready acquiescence to her being in control. She loved sex and especially when she was running the show.

"Ummmm. That feels so good." She whispered in his ear. "I love having your mouth on me. I want this one to last. Your cock feels so good inside of me; so hard, so full of life."

Albert's mind was blown away by the events that were unfolding. He had never been seduced before and it was a nice feeling to just let Jane take charge. Her hot, wet, soft, tight pussy around his cock was the most wonderful thing he had felt for years. His body began to shudder as another climax began to build.

Jane licked and kissed his ear, murmuring to him. "I'm almost there baby. Almost. Hold it a little longer. Mommy wants a little more of your cock before you shoot off."

Albert used all his self control to keep from unloading. He felt loved to be called baby, soothed by her tender motherly voice.

"Now, baby." Jane told him, her voice cracking, hoarse with the sexual feelings that filled her body. Her pussy throbbed around his shaking cock as she pressed herself down against him.

She closed her eyes, loving the way his cock shook and then exploded, filling her with his hot load. Her pussy grasped and released his cock spasmodically as her own orgasm shook her body.

A low moan of animal pleasure escaped Jane's mouth as she climaxed. Her body became rigid, and then shook, then slowly, very slowly, her body slowed its movement until she was still in Albert's arms.

Albert held her to him tightly as they both shook through their second climax. When their bodies finished their sexual dance, Jane pulled some tissues from the box on Albert's desk.

She shoved them against her crotch as she lifted herself off Albert's now flaccid cock. "Don't want to make a mess of your pants, sweetie." She told him. She pulled her dress over her head and gave him a quick kiss as she unlocked the door and left the office. "Be right back lover."

Albert wiped his cock and wrapped some tissues around it to keep from filling his shorts with aftercum. He was still shaking a little from the unexpectedness of what had happened.

He licked his lips, replaying every moment of the past thirty minutes. God. She is so damned sexual, he thought. I hope this was not a one shot event.

When Jane returned his fears were allayed. She sat on his lap and kissed him, a long, passionate, sexually-charged kiss. "That was wonderful." She told him when she had pulled her lips from his.

Albert caressed her body with his hands, kissed her on the neck and cheek, telling her. "Wonderful does not begin to tell how I felt and feel." He buried his face between her breasts. "I can't get enough of you."

Jane ran her hands over his head, massaging and scratching his scalp with her fingers and nails. "There's more to me to love, baby. More for you to get into your mouth."

Albert's cock stirred at her words. Did she mean she was agreeable to pussy licking? He hoped so. One of the major bones of contention between him and his wife was her refusal to let him eat her out.

She called it disgusting and absolutely refused to let him tongue her pussy.

Albert licked his lips and lifted his head from her breasts , looking at he face, he told her. "I'm a great one to explore, Janie."

Jane hugged him, planted a lingering kiss on his lips, and rolled her hips suggestively, rubbing her pussy against his crotch.

"Here's to explorations." She told him, handing him a key with a tag with her phone number and address attached on a tag. "Call me when you are in an exploring mood."

There was no class for Albert on Friday, who was on a Tuesday/Thursday schedule, which allowed him to spend concentrated time on his book.

By Saturday Albert was horny and hungry for pussy. He called Jane and was excited to hear her voice.

Albert's voice was trembling when he asked Jane if he could come by. "Of course. I'm so glad you called." She told him. "Use your key. I'll be in my bedroom. It's to the right when you come in."

With shaking f

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