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Scott visits his married sis.

Lisa had her hand on the door. I stopped her and leaned toward her, giving her a very passionate kiss. "I love you so much", I told her.

She smiled, "I love you too", she said back, then she opened the car door.

I got out and together we went inside.

It's darkened inside, lots of red lights everywhere, so once you walk in, your eyes have to adjust to the environment.

The whole first floor of this place consists of coin operated video booths, all fairly new, and as non-seedy as a jerk-off palace can appear.

Up the stairs are the cinemas. I got some change from the machine and we went up. Walking up to the cinema you have to enter $5 in change, which unlocks a massive turnstile. Each of us did this, and walked into the darkened theatre.

Looking around, I saw there were only 2 other people in there, one toward the front, one in the back corner.

We sat down in the second row, right behind the one guy.

I went into the row first and sat nearest the wall; there is only one aisle, which Lisa was closest to.

We sat in the dark, taking in the movie... it featured a big-titted blonde on her knees being fucked behind by some guy with a mammoth cock.

I leaned in to Lisa's ear. "I can't believe we're doing this", I whispered.

She kissed me, I put my hand on her left breast and squeezed.

Her kiss was hot and frenzied, and just made me that much harder.

I put my hand on her leg and she parted them for me.

When we walked in, the two guys inside watched us attentively; I had the feeling they'd never seen a woman in there before.

The one in front of us appeared olive --skinned, a thin eastern European. He had turned and was watching us make out and fondle each other.

He stood up and I broke our kiss. We both stared as he stroked his cock in front of us. I couldn't believe the balls on this guy (granted, they were right there).

"Can I touch it?" Lisa asked.

"Yes", I said.

She reached her hand up and he pulled his away, she stroked the cock in front of her, the first new one she'd touched in several years that wasn't mine.

Lisa leaned forward and licked the tip. The man groaned and she opened her mouth, taking his cock in, and slowly moved her mouth up and down on it.

I was playing with her pussy again, and she was sopping wet. I noticed some movement, and the guy in the back corner had moved. He was now behind us, watching her suck off this stranger.

The stranger getting head reached down and pulled Lisa's breasts out of the top of her shirt, playing with her nipples.

She kept sucking him, moving a little faster and then without saying anything, he came, his cum filling her mouth quickly.

She swallowed some, but some also dripped down onto her tits.

"Thanks for the warning", she said, annoyed. He just grunted, closed his pants and walked out.

She seemed irritated at the time, but I was so turned on about how he'd just used her like a slut.

She leaned back, I kissed her again, tasting an odd mix of cum and vodka.

With her leaning back, her top still open, Lisa looked just hot... I was watching the guy behind her and his eyes bugging out, taking her image in.

He had a chubby build, similar to mine, dark blond hair and was wearing a white t-shirt.

I nodded at him, and he reached his hands forward, and immediately placed them on my wife's breasts. She spread her legs wide for me to continue playing with her pussy, and moaned in ecstasy.

The mystery man leaned forward, Lisa turned her head to face him, and planted a long, deep, wet kiss on him. His hands never left her tits.

He broke their kiss and stood up, a huge tent in his shorts.

He walked around the row of theatre seats and sat down next to Lisa.

He kissed her again, his hand now joining mine between her legs. I couldn't see, but the way he groaned, I imagined that her hand has found his cock.

She broke the kiss with him and turned to me.

"He has such a big cock", Lisa whispered.

"What do you want to do with it?" I whispered back.

"I....", she hesitated. "I want it inside me".

"Then stand up and bend over", I

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