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Man finds he has an unexpected visitor.

" I saw a light dawn in her eyes.

"So, it's not because you don't think I can be funny?" She looked really worried now.

"Why would I think that? I KNOW you can be funny, but we have to make everyone else realise it too, and I think this is a nice subtle way to do that. The next film we do, you can be a complete clown if you want, but for this one I need you to be 'Emily' or the scholarship girl." I brushed her hair from her face.

"Okay, now I understand. I'm really, really sorry about the strop: I don't know why I didn't just come and ask you." She bowed her head in shame.

"I think LC has been rubbing off on you." I laughed. "What he wants, he gets. From both of us. Just remember, on set, I'm in charge; off set you are, or LC." She grinned at me. I took her hand and we went to find Little Clint and Maria.


Interviewer; It seems to have been a really serious misunderstanding between you?

DG: Our first argument in a long time. (Cuddles Karen.) I should have seen she wasn't happy about something and asked, but in all our work together Karen had been such a professional I'd assumed she 'got it' from reading the script.

KG: It wasn't just that. I was really nervous about being in front of the camera's again and stupidly I hadn't read the script properly. I knew in my heart that I should have just told Dave quietly about my worries but I didn't. I did something I never would have done with Clint directing. So when I thought about what I'd done later I was totally embarrassed. I'd shown Dave and myself up. It made the next morning very tense.

Interviewer: So what happened?

KG: I just stood on the set and apologised to everyone.

DG: (Hugs Karen.) It was very brave, but exactly the right thing to do. I suppose it helped that she, we, had known most of the crew for a long time. Some of the other cast members were a bit surprised I suppose, but if anything it served to bring us closer together. We were all on the same page from then on.

Interviewer: But from what I gather, that wasn't the last of your problems?

KG: No, something from our past came back to haunt us. Well, me particularly.


The filming had almost finished, just one or two scenes to complete before we went to the editing, when I saw Karen looking moody, or upset. Not wanting to repeat the earlier incident I took her to one side and asked what the problem was. At first she said nothing was wrong, that she was fine, but I persisted and she broke down and told me.

"It's my former manager, you remember him?"

"I'm not likely to forget the man who almost broke our marriage, who did force us apart." I said.

"Well, he...He sent me a message this morning."


"Dave, there's something I didn't tell you back then." She looked down at the ground for a while. I waited patiently until she spoke again, looking back up with tears in her eyes. "I told you a huge lie back then, about that first picture that was taken of me with that guy. I said it was all my manager's idea, but that first one wasn't, it was mine. I was hurt and I wanted you to feel the pain I had felt." She burst into tears. "I'm sorry." She sobbed. "I didn't expect you to come out to see me, and, and, things just got out of hand after that."

"But only that first picture?" I asked as kindly as the shock would allow me. "Everything after that was him?"

"Yes." She nodded, still crying. "He arranged all the other escorts after I told him I would never divorce you. He thought he could get you to divorce me." She looked at me, fearful of how I was going to react. She reached up and brushed my cheek. "I swear Dave; I never realised what would happen. I was going to call you after a day of you feeling like I had, but you came out and we argued and then..."

"And then I disappeared." I took her in my arms and held her close. "Both our faults I suppose." I kissed away her tears. "Doesn't matter now. It's long forgotten."

"But not by him.

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