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Whether to fight or flee.

But the water, the water was good. She sucked it from the sponge. God, it was good.

"Nice, jes terrorist?"

Sarah nodded her head. And sucked greedily. A little more water and her stomach growled. How long had it been she had last eaten? It felt like she couldn't even remember her other life.

"Jew like better than makeup and oil, jes?"

"Yes." The water made it not so difficult to talk.

"Jew kill for this, maybe I understand," Faiza said, showing Sarah the glass of water. "Jew kill for other," she pointed to the various things she had tried to force the American to eat or drink. "It make jew evil. Make jew a terrorist."

"You don't understand," Sarah said. "Your country harbored terrorists and Saddam Hussein had very bad weapons." She did her best to keep her language simple to make the woman understand.

"I think on this," Faiza said. She left the room for a few minutes. Maybe, must maybe I've gotten through to her, Sarah hoped.

However, when Faiza returned it was several newspaper clippings, which she placed on the floor. Then she picked Sarah up and helped her to her feet. But it wasn't to freedom that Sarah was led, it was to several chains hanging from a wench attached to the ceiling. When Sarah realized what was happening, she struggled anew. But, she was weak and still bound. Faiza had no problem securing her and then hoisting the newly bound girl up. Lastly, she positioned the articles so that Sarah could read them below her. "And jew should think on it too," she said before leaving.

It was horrible. Sarah had never felt so weak and helpless, so at the mercy of someone else's whim. Her arms were bound behind her, and her weight was being supported by her shoulders and knees. Within minutes her back was killing her. A little later, her knees began to separate, and the pain settled into her thighs and sex. It was then that she noticed the rings in her sex. Oh God, they had ruined her. She broke down crying, sobbing, and praying for rescue. She read the articles. They were from the Washington post and they said there were no weapons of mass destruction and there were no Al Quada links. Things she knew already. She knew she was going to have to be much more careful with what she said. Faiza was much smarter than she gave the woman credit for.

When Faiza returned, Sarah hung limply. There wasn't even a spark of fight left in her when she was let down.

"Jew eat and drink," Faiza said. "Maybe relax before we talk again."

That was fine by Sarah. Especially if talking led to being bound like that again. She lay in Faiza's arms, and let the Arab woman give her sips of water. Faiza's robe was untied and her breasts swung pendulously above Sarah's face. It was a little disconcerting, but the American dared not to object, not when the woman was singing a foreign song and wiping Sarah's forehead off with a wet sponge, instead of hurting her or starving her. How could the woman be so motherly one moment and so cruel the next? She even accepted the little morsels of food Faiza fed her.

There was only one thing. The food - it tasted funny. Must be different seasonings, she first thought. However, Faiza was making little faces, faces that could only be described as sexual. Sarah tried not to look, but her eyes were drawn to Faiza's hand. Watched as she picked up a new morsel of food, watched as her hand traveled beneath her robe. Oh God no! And then with horror as it was presented to her mouth. Tears flowed anew, but Sarah opened her mouth. Not only was she hungry, but she was terrified of the Arab woman.

"Jew know why I'm doing this?" Faiza asked.

Sarah knew she shouldn't utter the words, but the lack of sleep and everything else made it impossible to lie. They just spilled out. "You're brainwashing me."

"No child," Faiza said. "Un-brainwashing jew."

No, it couldn't be.

"Jew don't believe me?"

No, not really.

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