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When it broke, Sarah still clung to him. He held her in silence. He could see her searching his face looking for him to waiver.

"Please fuck me, make me cum." Sarah whispered.

Before she could regret her words, David rolled on top of her and began kissing her neck. To his surprise, she kissed him and ran her hands from his hips to his shoulders, stopping to embrace him.

He sat up and helped her take her t-shirt off. David ran his hands down her body again feeling her softness. He started again by kissing her on the mouth and kissed down to both breasts and further down to her waiting cunt.

Sarah moaned and bucked as he kissed her one last time on her mound. He pushed her legs up and slid his fingers easily into her wet pussy and he heard her moan louder. He fucked her with his fingers while he continued rubbing her clit with his thumb.

"I'm going to cum," she huskily whispered as she ground her hips up while her pussy tightened around his fingers. Sarah felt like she was falling into a black hole as the waves of the orgasm pulsed through her. The room around her seemed to disappear for a brief moment before she felt David's cock sliding into her pussy.

She opened her eyes to see that David was on top of her. His face contorted as he pushed his cock the rest of the way into her tight cunt. Sarah raised her legs to let him go deeper as he began thrusting.

She could feel the friction inside of her bringing her close to cumming again. She clutched his arms.

David fucked her until he felt her cum again. She looked confused as he pulled out of her.

"Did you...finish?" she asked softly.

"Not yet," David said, a little out of breath, "roll over onto your knees."

Sarah quickly rolled over and raised her ass in the air. She was still a little confused; he hadn't had her switch positions before. She felt him grasp her by the hips and his cock, wet with her cum, enter her open cunt.

He began fucking her again, trying to pace himself. David ran his hands over her back and across her ass. He noticed that if he scraped his fingernails down the curves of her hips she would tighten and push against his cock. He made a point to repeat this for a moment at a time.

Sarah cried out in pleasure as he fucked and caressed her. Before this, she had managed to keep most of her moans to herself, but this time he had pushed past her self restraint. Every time he touched her ass, she wished he would spank it. She could feel the twinges of another orgasm starting and her mind was abandoning all of her limitations.

"Please spank me..." She uttered without knowing what she was saying.

David almost came upon hearing her beg to be spanked. He wasted no time in raising his hand and bringing it down on the round peak of her ass. He timed his blows with his thrusts. After only a few swats he could feel her cumming again. His own stamina was at its limit and his cum poured into her.

Sarah's mind had begun drifting again when he spanked her. She could feel herself cumming at the same time as his seed filled her, but it felt like her body was miles away. When he released her hips, her body was unable to support her and she melded down onto her stomach.

David laid next to her and lifted her head onto his damp chest. They laid together in silence, he recovering and Sarah returning to Earth.

Sarah woke on her stomach and found her whole body aching. It seemed like every muscle was on fire. Her pillow had fallen to the floor sometime during the night. She looked over at David who was still asleep on his back. She could see that he was not wearing a shirt. She realized in horror that they were both completely naked.

The memories of what had happened during the middle of the night returned to her. Sarah wished she would die right then. She gingerly climbed out of the bed and went into the bathroom.

She shut the door behind her and sat down against it.

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