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Hotel room meeting for tandem masturbation.

"That's how you want it?" he breathes, looking down at you.

You have relived that moment in your mind countless times: That moment of panic. His cock in your throat, you unable to breathe, call out or move. On your knees before him, your eyes bulging, pleading, as he towered over you. It was the frightening, primal panic of a creature in fear for its life, coupled with the incredible arousal of his complete domination of you.

And as scary it had been, it had also been too much of a thrill to never experience it again. But now he would be the one who initiated...

His hands knotted in your blonde locks, he plunges his cock into your mouth. He pushes quickly and with force. You struggle to accomodate him, taking him down your throat, almost gagging. Then your face is pressed against his stomach, the hair around his member grazing your nose. He pushes still harder, though there is nowhere left for you to go.

"You like that?" he husks. "You want it shoved down your throat? You like my cock down your throat?" You would moan if you could, but he is blocking your airway. But there is no denying the heat his words generate between your legs. He pulls you up and pushes you back down again several times.

Then he pulls you back and tilts your head up to look at him. Your eyes meet and you quiver as you see that look... that fierce animal stare that says you are but a piece of meat.

"You like it on your knees, don't you?" he asks. You can't meet his eyes as you nod, your hair falling in your face. "On your knees with my cock down your throat," adds for emphasis before grabbing your hair again and pushing you back down his slick shaft.

He forces you all the way down and holds you. The fear is there. You've been in this position before--on your knees, impaled--and you know. He must release you... you cannot escape. Remembering that sensation brings back some of the fear, but not all of it. It's not until your body, desperate for air, begins to involuntarily push him away that the real fear--and arousal--sets in. The muscles of your throat try to expel him. Your body arches as your stomach heaves.

But his grip is too firm. Nothing can remove him. Once again you know the terror--and euphoria--of being completely at his mercy. Again you find yourself pushing and slapping at his thighs in a vain effort to dislodge him. Your arms and hands move of their own accord, frantic and ineffective. Your lungs attempt to function, but nothing can get past the thick shaft blocking your airway and your body spasms with the effort.

As it happened before, your eyes are bulging wide in panic. He is looking down at you, clearly enjoying the terror on your face and in your eyes. His nostrils flare in satisfaction as he watches your frantic, futile attempts to save yourself. There is an arrogance on his face, the look of a man who has subdued a woman in the most primal of ways... with his cock.

Did he do this last time? Did he hold you this long? He is going to let you go, right? The world around you is melting away and your reality is becoming the burning in your lungs and the pulsing of his cock, which feels like it is growing larger and larger.

Oh God, oh God! I can't breathe!

Then he pulls back and his sudden withdraw leaves you retching for air. As he did last time, he does not let you recover before grabbing you again. This time though, instead of putting himself back into your mouth, he pulls you to your feet and pushes you face down across the table. Roughly, he hikes up your skirt and tears at your panties, dragging them part way down your legs.

He steps up behind you and thrusts himself inside you. In your state of arousal, he penetrates easily, his thighs and stomach slapping against your ass. His hands on your hips, he pounds you hard against the table. You can feel it banging against your thighs.

With no warning, he grabs a handful of your hair and pulls your head back. You shriek in a mixture of pain and pleasure, more fiery warmth exploding between your legs.

The hard, deep pounding and the pulling of your hair have y

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