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.. And I don't want to hear a No. You are not doing the public transport system thing so tired after such a wonderful evening, and I am certainly too tired to drive.'

She gave me a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and put on her PJs. My mind raced with all kind of fantasies about us sleeping in the same bed, but my body and mind collapsed. It didn't take me more than a minute to fall asleep.

When I woke up, she wasn't in the bed. I rubbed my eyes, and realised it was late afternoon, to judge by the sun streaming in. I heard the shower. I dressed and went to the kitchen, where I saw the pot of coffee brewing. I washed my face on the basin, and sat at the table waiting for her.

She came out of the bathroom five minutes later, already dressed. As she walked past me, she put a hand on my shoulder and smiled. 'Did you sleep well?' she said, and turned to make breakfast

I smiled, but I could have purred. The moment hadn't ended, and I couldn't remember feeling this content, at ease and close to someone. She sat drinking her coffee, lost in thought. 'Where have you gone to?' I asked after a while.

She smiled, and shook her head. 'No, it's nothing... I was thinking that usually I hate sleeping through the day on a Sunday, feels like a waste of precious free time off, but...'


She shook her head again. 'It's silly'

My heart began to pound hard.

'Oh, come on...'

She smiled again. 'Well, I was trying to remember having such a nice Sunday like this one, but couldn't'.

I felt fire melting my face. I smiled, trying to avoid her eyes. When I felt the fire subsiding, I looked up and I met her eyes and smile. I nodded, unable to speak.

I felt the urge to go away, and let the intensity of the moment settle in. The morning light hadn't changed how good I had felt the night before, and now I wanted to get to know this woman better. I wanted to discover her entirely -mind and body, but her character was what I needed to see. And for that, I needed time.

I finished the cup of coffee, and I told her I would leave. I saw a look of disappointment cover her face.

'Well, I said I would release you after some sleep...You may go, ma'am, but on one condition: you must come over sometime again'.

I curtsied mockingly 'Well of course I shall'. The laughter, which had abounded these hours together, rang warm in the room.

'Can I ask you something before you go? It may sound strange, but I meant to ask you last night and...'

'Sure.' I said, while I put on my shoes.

'Well... how come that someone as intelligent, interesting, witty and attractive as you is not involved?'

I thanked my luck to be sitting down. I looked at her while still holding the laces of my shoes, and she was smiling softly, her eyebrows slightly arched with the most innocent look ever. I laughed.

'Well... I'm not so sure I'm all that.... But thank you. And besides, I don't see why you may be surprised. You are definitely all of that, and not involved either...'

I grinned and raised my eyebrows in a 'gotcha' expression, and we laughed. She opened the door, and I bent slightly forward for the customary two kisses but ended up -not knowing how- hugging her. I loved the way she smelled and felt in my arms, and had to force myself not to extend the hug too much, although I didn't feel her backing away either. She took a deep breath, and as I felt her breasts press onto mine, I felt the familiar but almost forgotten heart pounding between my legs, and had to control a gasp.

I broke off the embrace before plunging into her. I felt I wouldn't be rejected if I did, but I needed to be sure. This woman felt special, and it wasn't just physical. I wouldn't allow myself to be trapped and blinded by lust, when I felt there could be so much more...

The ride back home, usually dead time spent sleeping and which dragged to what seemed an eternity, was the shortest ever. As I got home, my mind was still replaying every little word, every gesture, every laughter...

I headed straight for the shower, and as I took off my und

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