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Carol takes her husband's dare.

That's right. Don't talk, just listen. Here's what you're going to do - you're going to play with yourself, you're going to do it how I tell you to. And if you do as I say, then I'll show you what you want to see. Now, I want you to keep playing with your pussy with your right hand, and take your cock in your left. Don't stroke it, just hold it. Oh yes, that's good. I'm looking forward to fucking that thing later, it's nice and big. And your pussy looks tasty, I'm going to bury my face in there and have a little banquet. Put a finger in there for me, why don't you... good girl, good girl... I can hear how wet you are! Move it around a bit. That's good. You can start stroking your cock now - just a little, though. Not too much. That's good. You're imagining me naked, aren't you? You're desperate for me to take my hands away so you can see. You want to rip these knickers off of me and sink your cock inside me, I know you do. But you're not going to. You're going to keep masturbating, you're going to keep stroking your cock and fingering your pussy, and then when you're about to ejaculate you're going to tell me, you're going to tell me that you're about to cum. And then... and only then... then I'll let you see me. That's right, keep moaning. Stroke it harder. Feels good, doesn't it? Now, there's one more question, isn't there? It's the question of how I'm going to help you finish. Maybe I'll take your cock in my mouth, and you can cum into my throat and I'll swallow every last drop. Or maybe I'll grab your cock and point it at my tits, let you finish all over me, would you like that? Heh, maybe I'll just stand in front of you, and watch your cum landing on the front of your top."

Kelly managed to splutter out "I'm... cumming!" True to her word, Siobhan dropped her hands from her body, but Kelly was only able to appreciate the wondrous sight for a brief moment, because just a second later Siobhan was on her knees between Kelly's legs, planting her lips around the head of Kelly's dark green cock, and using her hands to help in any way that she could. And just in time too, as Kelly came hard between those red-painted lips, her hips thrusting upwards off of the sofa, delivering a generous load onto Siobhan's tongue. After three strong pulses, she relaxed back into the cushions.

"Mmmm," said Siobhan, before pausing to swallow, "delicious."

She climbed up onto the sofa and curled up next to Kelly. She reached for their wine glasses, and the two of them lay there for a short while, enjoying a companionable silence as Kelly got her breath back. Siobhan watched Kelly's cock with intrigue as it returned to softness.

"So, is it always vegetables?"

It took Kelly a second to realise what Siobhan meant.

"No, it can be various phallic things. Vegetables included, of course, but sometimes other household objects, like bottles and stuff."

"Is it soft enough to... y'know... put away yet?"

Kelly flexed the muscle and the green cock disappeared back inside her body, the slit closing up over it, and only a little extra roundness betraying where it was tucked away. Siobhan traced her fingernails over the area.

"That's so cool. So next time you get it out, it'll be something different?"

"Yep. Or it might not be. I very occasionally get the same thing twice in a row."


They sat quietly for a few more seconds, listening to the sound of each others breathing. Kelly turned her head to Siobhan's and they kissed tenderly, Kelly tasting the strong flavour of her own cum mingled with the wine in her lover's mouth. She looked down at the body draped alongside her, at Siobhan's smooth breasts tipped with perfectly circular nipples, and onwards down to her hips, still framed in black knickers, and beyond, following the length of those slender legs to elegant feet in red shoes. She'd recovered from her orgasm by now, and started to stand up.

"Come on, I haven't shown you the bedroom yet."

Kelly led Siobhan through to the other room, which was fortunately in a reasonably presentable s

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