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Brunette at costume party has sex with stranger.

She then sat on the coffee table and grabbed AJ by the hair and forcefully pulled his head to her eagerly wet and waiting pussy.

AJ's nose and mouth was fully up against Bonnie's pussy He could taste the sweet juices seeping from Bonnie's pussy and smell the sweet heavenly yet musky aroma and inhaled deeply.

"Now eat my pussy and I have no preference as how you do it. The choice of methods is yours until I say otherwise but be forewarned, you better do it right and totally satisfy my insatiable wonton desires or I will flog you. Understood?"

"Yes my Mistress I only live to please and serve. AJ again humbly replied

Bonnie was fully getting into the role of a dominatrix and enjoying every bit of it.

"Very well slave, you may begin to please me until I command you to stop."

AJ wasted no time and dove into his mother's pussy like a starving mad man. He used his fingers and his tongue like a little cock as he worked to bring Bonnie off to countless orgasms.

Bonnie let go of her inhibitions and gave into the lustful pleasures that sought to consume her, allowing them to control her and as she no longer fought them.

"OH god yes slave," Bonnie moaned, as she stripped and laid back on the coffee table as she sprawled her body out and spread her legs wide. "Devour me ravish me have your way with me. Your mistress is a common naughty trashy whore and desires to be treated as one. Think of me as a filthy cheap common tavern prostitute and act accordingly."

AJ gave into instinct as he recalling what he had seen from the porn videos he watched. He went at Bonnie with everything he had and soon had her screaming at the top of her lungs.

"Oh god yes slave make your mistress cum," Bonnie exclaimed as wave after wave of pleasure rippled through her body.

Bonnie took AJ's head and held it there as she bucked up and fucked AJ's face grinding her cunt against his face. AJ inhaled the musky womanly scent of his mother's sweet nectar and it wasn't long until Bonnie gasped as her body tensed up then relaxed and her sweet cream flowed all over AJ's face mouth and tongue.

"OH God yes mommy is proud of her baby boy," Bonnie panted as she succumbed to the pleasures that were cascading through her body. "Suck me more slave! Make your mistress cum again!!"

AJ continued to tongue fuck and finger fuck Bonnie for another 15 minute and brought her off to countless more orgasms. It was the first time in a long time that she had experience such a release as this.

Bonnie continued to gasp for breath as he body writhed from the pleasures she was feeling. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her body tensed then relaxed as she came again flooding AJ's mouth with her sweet honeydew nectar.

For a brief time Bonnie passed out lying unconscious from the extreme pleasures which had gripped her body then about ten seconds later she stirred and moaned as she slowly regained consciousness.

"Oh God slave you have performed your first act well but your mistress desires more, much, much more. Now I want to feel your hard pulsating cock deep inside me as I fuck you and I want you to cum in my pussy filling me with your hot manhood."

Bonnie rose up from the table and as she did her head swam and she became momentarily dizzy but managed to regain her composure.

"Help me up slave," Bonnie commanded. Bonnie extended her hand and AJ gently pulled her to her feet. "Now sit on the couch and spread your legs a shoulder width apart."

AJ followed Bonnie's command and assumed the position as ordered.

"Pull your cock up and guide it into me as I sit on your lap," Bonnie ordered and as she sat in AJ's lap he guided his erect cock into Bonnie's wet and waiting pussy.

"Oh god yes slave you are so fucking big and hard," Bonnie moaned with a lustful purr. It has been too fucking long since I have had a hot cock inside of me!!"

Bonnie began slowly riding AJ as she sat in his lap and fucked him.

"I want you to place your hands on my hips and guide my motions," Bonnie lustfully moaned

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