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A contract is made for Mike's wife to enter sub training.


After her subordinate left, Eve left the holding cell area and reported to the chamber of the trial judge. After having seen the frightened captive for a second time she was more determined than ever to buy her. Eve was on good terms with the judge, so she wanted to see what support she could get from him in her effort to purchase a servant. At the very least she hoped to get his official approval.

The judge's legal assistant accompanied the cop into the sentencing chamber. She stood at attention until he ordered her to relax and explain the purpose of her visit. After exchanging a few comments about the airport and the damaged plane that was still stuck next to the terminal, Officer Bousquet nervously got to the point:

"Your honor, will the American cocaine courier still be put up for sale this week?"

"Yes Officer."

"I've been thinking. With your permission, I'd like to place a bid on her."

"You want to buy that prisoner?"

"I believe so, Your honor. I've wanted a collared criminal for a while, and I think she'd do better under me than under anyone else. I'm confident I can work with her and make her into a good servant. Anyhow, I'm sure it would be an interesting challenge."

The judge smiled slightly, wondering what the policewoman's real motive was for wanting to buy the American. However, he liked her. She was a good cop, never drank or got rowdy, was never excessively rough on prisoners, was honest, and didn't do anything to upset civilians. The National Police needed more officers like the one standing in front of him, so the judge was determined to help her as much as he could. Besides, it was very likely she was right about the American; that she'd be much better off being owned by her than being owned by anyone else. Yes, he would do what he could to assist the officer's plan to purchase the prisoner.

"Very well, Officer. You have my approval. I'll put you on the list of bidders. If you want the girl badly enough, I'll give you a double discount: the police officer's discount and the public official's discount. How much have you saved up?"

"I think I can pay 1,500 Florins."

The judge reached into his desk, pulled out a stack of currency, and handed it to the officer.

"Here. Let's make it 2,500 Florins. Remember, I'll need the money back if you change your mind or don't place the winning bid."

"Thank you, your honor. Thank you so much."

After pocketing the money, the officer saluted the judge and left the chamber.

Well, that turned out a lot better than she had expected. Now she had almost twice as much cash for the auction. The two discounts were equally important: each discount would add 500 Florins to her bid. The judge's generosity meant that instead of only 1,500 Florins, she'd be able to offer up to 3,500.

Now that the policewoman was much closer to actually owning her detainee, she felt that she needed to start taking some responsibility for her. Knowing that Trish had not been given anything to eat except a single bowl of leftover rice, Eve exited the courthouse and bought several pieces of fruit and a loaf of bread. She returned to the cell and asked the jail-keeper to open the door.

Trish immediately cowered in the corner. The officer yelled at her to stand straight and show proper respect. With tears flowing down her cheeks, Trish complied, struggling keep her hands at her sides and to avoid covering herself. She glanced longingly at the food.

"How would you like to eat, Trish Bousquet?"

"I...yes, uh...Officer...I'd like...please...so hungry..."

"Yes...you would indeed like to eat. To eat, you must display proper respect. Are you ready to do that, show respect so you can eat?"

Trish sobbed, but managed to say: "Yes, Officer."

"Then I am instructing you to kneel. You will stick out your hands, palms up, and you will thank me after I hand you each item."

Trish complied and got on her knees. There was no hint of reluctance or resistance. Amazing what hunger can do to resolve "attitude".

Just three days before, Trish never would have imagined that she'd be willing to kneel

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