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Shopping leads to suggestive dinner for three.

Sheila stood with her back to the three guys while Alex and Seth rubbed lotion on Sheila's breasts. The three guys couldn't really see anything other than maybe the sides of Sheila's breasts but they sure as hell knew what those two "mommas boys" were doing to them!

We all ignored them. Knowing they weren't going to see anything, they got the hint and eventually left. We didn't see them again that weekend.

After that, the boys seemed to be much more relaxed with me and Sheila. She left her top off until it got too cool, then she covered up. The boys had dinner with us and we just sat around and enjoyed each other's company. They were both very nice young men.

That night when we were alone, Sheila and I talked about the day and what tomorrow may hold. Sheila said she liked the boys and felt sorry for them. She said she enjoyed letting the boys see and touch her. Her favorite thing was when they both played with her breasts and sucked her nipples at the same time.

I asked her how far she intended to go with this. She said she was thinking she'd like to get naked for them. She said she was comfortable with them and if she was going to be naked in front of a stranger for the first time, these two would be perfect.

I couldn't disagree. I knew the two boys would love it, hell, even I was going to enjoy it!

Sheila also brought up the hard-ons she had given the boys. While she was thrilled with their reactions, she felt bad at the same time. She knew it could be painful for a guy and wanted to take care of that for them.

Sheila looked at me with a questioning look, almost as if asking, "But are you ok with it?"

I looked at her and said, "I'm good with all this. I love you and the thought of you getting naked in front of them is exciting, go for it, do whatever you want."

She looked at me and said, "Good, don't forget to take pics!"

The next day was beautiful and warm. Sheila and I were both looking forward to what may occur. After breakfast, we asked the boys if they wanted to go out for a cruise on our patio boat and have lunch on the lake.

They said they would and we set out for nowhere in particular. As soon as it was warm enough, Sheila took her top off. She also peeled off her shorts and wore only the bottom of her bikini. She looked good, she looked confident.

Sheila told the boys, "You guys have sun screen duty today. Make sure you keep me covered all day. You don't have to ask, just do it when you feel the need".

"And," she said, "You better not let my tits get burned." The boys smiled and promised they would take care of them.

Seth and Alex being quick learners, jumped up and went to work. I took a few pictures of them with their hands in Sheila's tits and watched in anticipation as they did her legs. She stood with her feet apart and they covered every bit of her. They had lost the shyness.

While we cruised, I kept an eye out for any male boaters coming our way. Sheila was only able to show off for a couple boats. Eventually, we pulled into a long arm and found a secluded cove way in the back. Private and perfect for what we had planned.

As we were pulling in, the boys felt Sheila needed more sun screen and rubbed lotion on her tits and shoulders as I beached the boat and tied us off.

I heard Sheila telling them not to be embarrassed. I looked around and saw she was referring to the tents in their swim shorts.

She told them since she was responsible for their condition she felt she should take care of it. She said she had a cure if they wanted. I don't think they really knew what she had in mind and said, "Ok."

I had a pretty good idea what she was up to so I got the camera ready.
Sheila knelt in front of Seth and pulled his shorts down. He looked horrified! Sheila said, "It's ok honey, it's ok. Mommy will make it better".

Sheila took his hard cock in her hand and began stroking him. I took some quick pics then switched to video. It only took seconds before Seth came. Sheila aimed it at her chest and let him cum on her breasts.

Sheila turned to Alex and said, "Your turn mis

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