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You order her not to masturbate.

My nipples were so hard from the cold that his soft touch actually caused pain. I whimpered softly.

I kneeled with one leg on each side of his body and fed him the olives from my martini. I sipped the drink as I felt the fluid motion of his hand sliding up and down his shaft, his head only inches from my pussy.

Mike closed his eyes and leaned his head back. I placed the glass back behind him. I kissed him lightly on the mouth and brought my hands to cup his cheeks. I kissed him again, this time a little harder and a little deeper. He kissed me back, shivering as the hand stroking his cock increased its rhythm and took on a quicker stroke. The tip of his thumb brushed against my clit, causing me moan softly into his mouth.

My tongue danced with his. I sucked on his upper lip, stroked the tip of my tongue against his. He stopped masturbating and pressed both hands against my sides, urging me onto his waiting dick. I positioned myself over him. As I was ready to slide down onto him, I heard a car door slam.

I froze, panic rising. A house door opened and slammed. I knelt, posed above him, heart pounding fast. I looked at Mike, pale against the moonlight.

"Shawn?" I whispered against Mike's ear.

The look in Mike's eyes was slightly confused. He lifted his shoulders slightly in a shrug that suggested that he did not know. We both waited for what seemed like hours. After a few moments went by, Mike pressed his face against my neck.

"We are okay, I promise. We are okay," he sighed.

Whispering words of encouragement, the hands on my hips guided me to the top of his head. I lifted my body slightly and pressed his head against my clit, teasing him with my body. Bracing my hands against his shoulders, I pressed myself onto him, letting him penetrate me fully, the tip of him pushing against my core. We stayed like that for a moment, him inside me, not moving. I looked deep into his eyes and saw they were dark with desire. I kissed the tip of his nose and moved my lower body slightly into him. I pushed off of him slowly and rammed my snatch back on top of him. His hands on my hips guided me up his pole again and he thrust his own hips, pushing himself back into me. We developed a lovely rhythm, sliding up and down, bodies rubbing against each other as the water splashed around us.

I have heard that sex under water is difficult and will dry a woman out. I don't know if it was the alcohol or the fright of being caught, but I was so wet that Mike had no problems gliding in and out of me.

"Turn around," Mike demanded gruffly, "ride me backwards". I happily obliged.

Standing in the hot tub, I was completely uncovered from my thighs up. My mound, belly, and breasts were completed exposed to the frigid air, turning my nipples once again into rock-solid points that would have cut glass. My gaze drifted to the kitchen window. I could barely make out the lone silhouette. Shawn. Great. His roommate had returned. I debated saying something to Mike. I decided I was too drunk to care. Let him watch.

Immediately turned on by the prospect of an audience, I raised my arms above my head in a fake stretch. My tits thrust out against the cold, giving Shawn an amazing view. My body shielded Shawn and the window from Mike's view. I was afraid that Mike would want to stop if he knew we were being watched. Shawn leaned a little closer against the window. The lights on the deck and kitchen were off but the soft moonlight bounced off the water and illuminated the hot tub.

Mike gave an impatient slap to my ass and I whipped around to him. I leaned in to kiss him, baring my ass to Shawn and giving him a teasing view of my slit. I ran my tongue over Mike's jawline, nipping softly as I spread my legs further apart. Goosebumps exploded onto my skin, but I did not care. The ice and wind whipped around me, but I was determined to give Shawn as much as I could before submerging my body back into the water.

Locking lips with Mike, I felt his hand lift out of the water as he inserted

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