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Her lesbian fantasy becomes real.


"Well go do it and stop harassing me!"

"Oh no you don't. Come on. Either you drop your trousers, or I go blab to the office that you wear nylon stockings under your clothes. It's your choice."

"You wouldn't dare."

"Oh, I'd dare," she said with a chuckle.

What was I to do? I'd got myself into the pickle. I stood up, walked around to the front of the desk, unbuckled my belt, unzipped and let my pants fall to the floor.

"Ooo," she smirked, "I like your choice." She walked over to me. I was standing there looking at the ceiling, trying to control my embarrassment.

"I want to touch," she said. Did I really have a choice?

"Okay," I stated.

My cock was on fire.

Sally knelt down at my feet and ran her hands up and down my stocking clad legs.

"Did you shave?"

"Yes," I sighed.

She giggled and continued to fondle my legs. Before I could adequately react, Sally pulled my briefs down and my cock bounced into view. I reached for my underwear to pull it back up, but Sally took hold of my cock and popped it in her mouth. I froze. Here was Sally, a woman I had worked with for seven years, a woman who I thought had the highest moral standards of any of the girls in the office, sucking my cock.

"Oh shit, Sally," I managed to say. I grabbed the edge of the desk for support.

She took in more of my cock. Her head was moving so fast, ramming down on my cock, the pleasure was too intense. I had masturbated twice and so I was really enjoying this blow job. I knew I wouldn't cum for several minutes, maybe even longer. I glanced at the wall clock, 12:22. Sally sucked and licked my cock like a real pro. 12:32, her movement was slowing but she didn't stop. By 12:38 I was feeling the urge to cum building up in me. At 12:42, I let out a groan and shot my remaining semen into her mouth.

After swallowing, Sally let my dick out, licking the last vestiges of semen from my half-hardened cock as she sat back on her legs and looked up at me.

"Well boss, I approve of your choice of stockings and for having one fine looking and fine tasting cock."

I pulled up my underwear and placed my cock back into position, then pulled my pants up.

"Thank you, Ms. Sally, I appreciate the fact that you like my cock enough to suck it. I always thought you were unapproachable."

"I am for most of these slobs that work here. I service one or two of the executives from time to time, but I just couldn't resist a guy who wears nylons." She got up, brushed off the front of her skirt, turned and headed for the door.

"Hey, wait," I said. She stopped. "Do you want to have lunch or supper together?"

"Sure, mark your calendar for February 30th at 7PM," she smirked as she unlocked the door. "See you later boss."

I sat back down in my chair and just marveled at the turn of events during the day. I don't know if wearing nylons to work was a wise choice, but it turned out for my benefit. It had caused a chain of events that culminated in me getting a blow job from Sally. Prissy, goody two shoes, Sally!

That afternoon, I was getting greedy. I locked my office door, took my pants, socks and shoes off to masturbated, shooting my wad into the trash can. I felt much better. My stockings kept my mind on sex all day long. I reminisced about being sucked off by Sally as I rubbed my legs together and squeezed my limp dick of its last drop of jism. I wonder if I could get any more out of her. I dressed and unlocked the door.

About an hour later there was a knock at my door, it was Sally.

"I noticed you had your door locked earlier so I didn't want to disturb your, ah, work," she said as she walked over to my desk. She had a stack of papers.

"Mr. Rogers sent these folders down for you to review. He would like your comments before you leave today."

I looked over at the clock. It was 4:20.

"Looks like it's going to be a long evening," I sighed as I pulled the first folder off the top of the pile.

Sally came around to my side of the desk.

"Do you need me to stay and help?"

My first impulse was to say, 'No, go on home.

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